yoga 101 with jill

Yoga 101 With Jill is great for anyone who is brand new to yoga. It’s also an opportunity for those who are experienced on the mat, but seeking to broaden their basic knowledge of yoga to continue to develop and grow their personal practice.


This workshop series was designed to answer some of the most common questions students have about their new or evolving yoga practice. With the benefit of a small group environment, you will take a close look at the most commonly practiced poses and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and find out how to modify poses so they work best for you.


One of the greatest aspects of yoga is that regardless of your experience or level of fitness or flexibility there is a way to modify to match your exact level of ability and this series will teach you how.


Workshop Series Outline (subject to change)

Session 1

  • History of yoga
  • Benefits of yoga
  • Physical posture (Asana) practice
  • Beginner Sequence and Savasana

Session 2

  • Live Your Yoga – Yamas & Niyamas (8 Limbs of Yoga/5 Points of Yoga/4 Paths of Yoga)
  • Sanskrit and terminology
  • Physical posture (Asana) practice
  • Beginner Sequence and Savasana

Session 3

  • Types of yoga
  • How to use props (blocks, strap, bolster, mat)
  • Physical posture (Asana) practice
  • Beginner sequence and Savasana

Session 4

  • Breath awareness
  • Tips for starting a regular yoga practice
  • Physical posture (Asana) practice
  • Beginner sequence and Savasana

Learn all about yoga asana (yoga poses), breathing exercises, and more in a slow paced and comfortable environment. This workshop includes verbal instruction, gentle hands-on adjustments, and practice to help you form good habits from the beginning of your yoga practice.


With this 4-week workshop you’ll discover the foundational practices, techniques and guiding principles to begin your yoga journey on a path of personal growth and wellness.

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Grace Tree Yoga Studio, 8933 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. West Chester, OH  45069


*All sales are final. In the case of inclement weather, the workshop will be re-scheduled for another day. 


My biggest takeaway from the class was the ability to add and modify poses to my existing routine. Also, I was able to concentrate on certain aspects of my form that were a bit lax.  Both of these allowed me to see and feel a difference in how my soul and body was experiencing my time on the mat. 


I would definitely recommend this series to any yoga enthusiast who is just starting out or wants to adjust their current routine. – Meg

Yoga 101 was a wonderful foundation onto which I can build my yoga practice.  Before taking this class, I didn’t even know there were different types of yoga.  Jill was patent, sharing her knowledge, skills, talent and passion for yoga with each of us.  I learned how to modify moves for my body type and limitations, with and without props.  The biggest take away for me was learning about the way yoga can positively influence other areas of my life, such as mindfulness, meditation and breathing.  


I highly recommend Yoga 101 to anyone who wants to learn about yoga for the first time, or to a skilled person, as a refresher! Thanks for all you do Jill! – Chris

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