Yoga Class Testimonials


“June of 2018, (after working really hard for a year to overcome and cope with my anxiety and depression) when I walked into this warm, inviting, cool vibe yoga studio- Anahata Yoga and was blessed to begin my yoga journey with a teacher named Jill. The moment I stepped foot in the door, I was welcomed; I was appreciated; I was seen; I was important; I mattered. Jill was, and still is, one of the core reasons that I have woven yoga into my everyday life.  I have not, even once, looked back or thought about letting my yoga go. The “Come as you are, all are welcome, let go, smile, breathe, judgment free zone” that is the atmosphere of Jill’s classes and, in fact, the entire philosophy of yoga in general has saved me. 

More importantly, Jill’s style of teaching yoga has helped me find a me that I didn’t realize existed. She is a master of embracing the environment, getting a pulse on what her students need on any given day, and she actively seeks out a personal connection by engaging in conversations prior to the start of class. Jill’s style of teaching has taught me to slow down, even stop. She sets a mindful and intention oriented class from the beginning. Her cueing (physical and verbal), her voice, her modeling, and her variety of modifications makes every class suitable to what I need on any given day. She is even a master of music; her playlists are uplifting, relaxing and are perfect for the flow of the class.  

I am learning every day that yoga, like my life, is a journey of practice, not perfection. And if I have days where I lose sight of this, all I need to do is meet Jill on the mat and she will gently guide me back.

I know I will be knocked down many more times in my life, but the Yogi inside of me (and Jill’s voice) will whisper, or maybe she will roar, “Jodi, Get Up! Get Up! Get Up! And, Get On Your Mat! Breathe.” – Jodi

“My experience with Jill’s class has been nothing short of a game changer for my personal practice. I remember the first day I walked into one of Jill’s classes, she immediately identified that I was a new face and introduced herself and made me feel comfortable.

Jill sets a very intentional tone for her classes. Her classes include burning incense, or cloths with essential oils. The playlists she puts together are also very intentional, helping everyone in the room get into their body and be completely present for class. Jill uses prayer  and meditation in every class which bring up emotions. She uses consistent reminders to connect breathe to movement, and the cadence, pace and timing for her flows are impeccable.

I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years now, and have enjoyed the journey very much, but I don’t think I was completely in touch with the meditative nature of yoga until I set foot into one of Jill’s classes. Her classes have helped me elevate my practice, escape my mind and be 100% present in my body. Jill is a gifted teacher who can effectively help elevate newcomers and show them the true magic that is Yoga.” – Jennifer

“I can honestly say Jill changed my life. When she was offering a workshop called Miracle Morning, I decided to sign up because I enjoy her classes. She taught us a daily yoga routine including meditation and journaling. It has changed my life and I have found the journaling has helped me work through problems in my life. Thank you Jill!” – Parul

“I have been talking to all my friends and coworkers about Jill’s classes and Yoga 101 workshop. I am amazed at how much better I feel mentally and physically. I strongly believe that taking care of the mental and physical health begins with motion and yoga provides that and tied in a spiritual aspect as well.  I have started taking yoga classes and I feel like I have a better understanding of why the movements are done the way they are with Jill’s teaching methods. In Jill’s workshop I loved learning more about how to use props and deeper understanding of the terminology. Lastly, and my favorite, is that it surprised me that I could do things I never thought I could do. I have realized I am stronger than I thought I was. I look forward to taking more of Jill’s workshops and classes in the future as I continue to my practice.” – Julie

“The Yoga 101 series was even more helpful and enjoyable than I thought it would be! Can’t wait to come back and take a class.” – Shannon

“Yoga 101 was a wonderful foundation onto which I can build my yoga practice.  Before taking this class, I didn’t even know there were different types of yoga.  Jill was patent, sharing her knowledge, skills, talent and passion for yoga with each of us.  I learned how to modify moves for my body type and limitations, with and without props.  The biggest take away for me was learning about the way yoga can positively influence other areas of my life, such as mindfulness, meditation and breathing.  I highly recommend Yoga 101 to anyone who wants to learn about yoga for the first time, or to a skilled person, as a refresher!” – Chris

“My biggest takeaway from the class was the ability to add and modify poses to my existing routine. Also, I was able to concentrate on certain aspects of my form that were a bit lax.  Both of these allowed me to see and feel a difference in how my soul and body was experiencing my time on the mat.  I would definitely recommend this series to any yoga enthusiast who is just starting out or wants to adjust their current routine.” – Meg

“I was surprised to learn how grounding yoga is for me. I loved that Jill emphasized that yoga can be whatever the “yogi” allows it to be, whether it’s a form of exercise, meditation, stress relief, or spiritual practice. I really enjoyed the meditation at the beginning of each class, and incorporating essential oils in the practice. I would definitely recommend taking Jill’s workshop. I feel like it’s a great starter course for anyone wanting to learn more and develop a deeper understanding of yoga beyond the physical practice.” – Megan