How To Use Essential Oils To Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Yoga allows us the time to tune out the world and go within. When we add the natural, harmonizing earth element of plants into our practice through the use and application of essential oils, we enhance the experience by bringing in the unique aroma and powerful healing energy each plant provides. 

The use of oils to enhance and complement the yoga practice dates back thousands of years and originated in India with sandalwood and vetiver. Essential oils are a component of the holistic Ayurvedic view that addresses the delicate balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Weaving essential oils into your yoga practice can deepen and expand your yoga experience in new dimensions with just a few powerful, healing drops.

Join Jill, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Specialist, and explore two interrelated healing disciplines originating in India, Yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda addresses all aspects of healing and well-being for body and mind. Yoga outlines the principles and methods for developing the meditative mind.

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn the basics of essential oils and how to use them
  • Learn how essential oils support your emotional wellbeing – reduce stress, anxiety, help with better sleep, happiness, energy
  • Learn how to use essential oils specifically for your yoga and meditation practice
  • Learn about the core “home pharmacy” oils for everyday physical + emotional balancing
  • Enjoy a short restorative practice and meditation
  • Make 2 essential oil rollerballs to take home

Come to relax, stretch, and learn how to incorporate the healing benefits of essential oils into your life and on your mat!

Ready to get started?

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: One Love Yoga, 14 N 3rd St, Second Floor,
Hamilton, OH 45011
Cost $60

To ensure your spot in any of our yoga workshops, pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Be sure to reserve your spot early to avoid missing out.