A comprehensive chakra experience. Interactive and practical, this workshop will guide you toward greater understanding and wisdom.

There are seven main points in the subtle body that are believed to be vortexes of energy, each with their own vibration and meaning.


When energy becomes stuck within a chakra, it can manifest as mental, physical and emotional imbalances from physical symptoms within the body to emotional outbursts and feelings.


They affect and influence everything (you can work on business strategy all day long BUT if you are out of alignment energetically, it will feel like you’re walking up hill.)

Hesitant or uncomfortable speaking up? Your throat chakra is blocked

Worried about money all the time? Your root chakra needs some attention

Feel withdrawn or overly critical of yourself? Your heart chakra needs some support

Don’t trust your intuition? Your third eye needs opening

Workshop Outline (subject to change)

Following the workshop you will receive:

  • Introduction to the human energy channels
  • Discussion of the 7 main chakras and their elements
  • The impact the chakras have on different areas of your life
  • Understanding your own chakras
  • Exercises to help you put the the knowledge and understanding into practice
  • Asana (physical movement) to stimulate the chakras

  • Chakra Guide
  • Chakra Focused Yoga Flow
  • Positive Affirmations for Each Chakra
  • Meditations for Each Chakra
  • How To Use Essential Oils with Each Chakra
  • What You Can Do To Balance Each Chakra
  • Journaling exercises

Understanding the chakra system reveals a way of really being able to understand yourself, your body and your energy.

Sunday, December 6

1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Journey Yoga Studio, 424 North 10 Street, Richmond, Indiana

$50.00 with $45.00 early bird discount (register before December 1 for the early bird discount).

In-studio and livestream options available.


*All sales are final. In the case of inclement weather, the workshop will be re-scheduled for another day.


Feel free to contact Jill at (513) 267-0550 or if you have any questions.

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