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Let Go. Find Joy, Calm, Peace and Purpose

When you experience peace of mind and contentment, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. There is a certain detachment, a sitting back and letting go. Buddhist philosophy suggests that to be happy we simply choose to let go of that which makes us unhappy. It sounds so simple doesn’t it. Simple? No. Is it true? Absolutely. 

When you experience peace of mind and contentment, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Click through to http://jillconyers.com to find out what I let go of and found joy, calm, peace and purpose. Not enough time to read it now? Pin it to read later.

I’m a different person than I was 2 years ago. The beginning of a downward spiral leading to a destructive relationship with food that became a journey of wellness and finding purpose.

In the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how I got from being who I was 2 years ago to who I am today. I came to the conclusion that a big part of that journey was letting go. It wasn’t a single grand moment of an epiphany with a glowing bright light and clouds parting away to reveal sunshine. It’s been a long challenging journey of questioning and self-study. It’s been a journey of good days, bad days, highs and lows.

Let go of what is holding you back.

Let go of limiting beliefs.

We put limitations on ourselves everyday, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Give up your limiting beliefs about what you can or cannot do, about what is possible or impossible. There’s freedom and empowerment in changing your thinking from cannot do and impossible to yes I can and possible!

Let go of perfection.

Perfection is an illusion. Letting go of perfection doesn’t mean letting go of yourself and wanting to learn, improve and grow. Letting go of perfection means letting go of an unattainable goal and thoughts that detract from life.

Let go of negative self-talk.

Think about it. How does negative self-talk serve you? It doesn’t. When was the last time negative self-talk made a situation better or made us feel better? Never. Negative thoughts make it impossible to boost your feelings of self-worth.

Let go of your need for control.

Give up your need to always control everything that happens to you and around you. Sometimes allow everything and everyone to just be as they are. Accomplishing this feels like a breath of fresh air and warm sunshine on your face.

Let go of your fear of failure. 

How many times have you made decisions, avoided something or not tried because you were afraid to fail? Imagine the possibilities of what we can accomplish without that fear. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen if you do fail? How does that compare to the amazing things that can happen if you succeed.

Let go and Find Joy, Calm, Peace and Purpose. When you experience peace of mind and contentment, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Click through to http://jillconyers.com to find out what I let go of and found joy, calm, peace and purpose. Not enough time to read it now? Pin it to read later.

Let go of comparing yourself to others.

This never leads to anywhere positive or productive, so why do we do it? They say comparison is the thief of joy. It is. Guaranteed. Focus on yourself and the wonderful things you have to offer in the world in your own unique way.

Let go of beating yourself up for making a mistake.

Don’t wait 2 years! I lived with an eating disorder for almost 2 years before finally giving myself forgiveness for allowing it to happen. Honestly, I was beginning to believe that recovery wasn’t even possible. I was beginning to accept that I would always have a negative relationship with food. It wasn’t until I forgave myself that I thought recovery was possible.

Let go of giving your personal power to others.

How often do we allow someone else’s opinion of us or the way they treat us to affect our day, our self-esteem or what we think of ourselves? Giving someone my personal power was what I now see as the beginning of my journey down a very destructive path.  Take your power back and don’t let what others say or their opinions about you define who you are.

Let go of allowing your physical appearance to define you.

Have you ever wondered where your standard of physical beauty comes from? Are those standards even realistic? Your value rests in who you are and what you bring to this world. Appearance is far less important than we’re lead to think.

I am not perfect and sometimes life feels overwhelming and long gone habits attempt to become habits again. But each time this happens it becomes easier to stop negative thoughts and reframe irrational thinking. Each time it becomes easier to let go.

Let go and Find Joy, Calm, Peace and Purpose. When you experience peace of mind and contentment, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Click through to http://jillconyers.com to find out what I let go of and found joy, calm, peace and purpose. Not enough time to read it now? Pin it to read later.

Everyday I wake up in the morning and say that today, right now, right this second, I am in control of my happiness and I love the way I am.

I use a combination of being active, meditation, mindfulness, and healthy eating. It’s a daily practice of positivity, self-love and surrender that nurtures the mind, body and soul.

I would love to chat.

What are you holding onto that you need to let go?

Have you been thinking about your self-care plan? Have you downloaded and filled out the Body, Mind and Soul Worksheet? Next week I’m giving you the tools to create your personal self-care plan.

be the best version of YOU



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  1. I’ve learned that sometimes, when I’m dealing with a problem I cannot completely control (physical illness, for instance) I need to let go to make any progress. “OK, fine, whether or not I recover, this is where I am right now – let me deal with that.”

  2. I have been learning to let go of controling things. After being diagnosed with MS I learned how unprdictable life is.

  3. This was the post I needed to read today. Been having a rough time lately, I realize it’s really time to let go. Not as easy as it sounds but baby steps are going to get me where I need to be.

  4. Great post! I need to let go of the need to control things. It has been even harder since starting my blog, because I am my own boss, and I want to have everything go a certain way.

  5. Yes yes yes! I love everything about this! I think the hardest thing for me to let go of is control, but you’re right, it always feels amazing when I do. Definitely something to work on. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this! I have so much to let go of…but it’s just so difficult sometimes. I know it’ll do it me a lot of good, but I just need to muster up the courage to let it go.

  7. I loved this. I’m currently reading grace not perfection by emily ley…it’s a pretty great book. I think that letting go of perfection is a big thing because I feel that now a days, everyone wants things to be perfect. You see these tv shows that has these women and their bodies, and young girls want to be them…perfection isn’t everything and it’s not something that is attainable…it’s not something that is going to make you happy because you will do everything to make yourself or your life perfect, and then when something falls apart, you will have a breakdown.This entire post was amazing and I feel that everyone should read this. It’s made me just realize that taking the time to rediscover myself these past 2 years, has been the best decision I have ever made. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Jill,
    Lately, I have been “letting go” and it’s working out well!
    Thank you for bringing your post to Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew


  10. My favorite thing s let go of negative self talk. I was just talking to my son about this.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Letting go of perfection is one of the things that I find the hardest to do. It tears me up inside sometimes.

  12. Ahhh this post gives me all the feels! I need to remember to slow down which is OH so hard for me and when I don’t it’s as if my body says oh yeah and will force me to slow down. SO I’ve learned that in the mist of running about with my 4 kids. A run will bring me back to my calm. That’s how I center myself.

  13. I have to agree with all of this. I am a very type A and empathic person- which is a nightmare. LOL I am nearly 40 and little by little- I have been learning to let things go and it’s been soooo freeing. It’s also helping with my anxiety and depression. It’s a weight off of my shoulders

  14. That negative self-talk gets me ALL the time. I mean… I wish there was an actual switch that I could turn it off with!

  15. I am loving this! I needed a reminder like this today. It’s never easy to let go especially when you’re used to it but it’s always better to let go if it’s not helping you grow and improve anymore. I really enjoyed reading your post, thank you!

  16. I’m really thankful that I found these, I should Let go of my fear to be failure, I really want peace of mind.

  17. This! All of this!
    Such a great post and topic!
    In the world of health & fitness blogs I feel the mind & soul are often forgot about as part of the equation of a truly healthy lifestyle.
    For me my biggest challenge I overcame was similar to yours. Forgiveness. Forgiveness of people who hurt me and of myself. Letting go of the past was not easy be I had to in order to live. I never thought I was going to be able to overcome and recover from 20+ years of eating disorder behavior and terrible thinking, but I did! And have been so much happier and healthier 🙂

  18. Let go of negative self-talk. I just love that. We can be so hard on ourselves…especially us moms. I’ve certainly been guilty of it!

  19. Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com says:

    Great post! I have been working on some of these things myself, so this post comes at a great time!

  20. Jil, you are so wise and inspiring!
    I totally agree with you about the limits and I’d like to add that it takes a lot of conscious thinking to understand where I limit myself and try to change that.

  21. This is exactly what I needed! I’ve been going through some rough stuff lately and CONTROL has me in its grips! Sometimes the best advice is the simple ones 🙂

  22. The need for control is what is hardest for me. I feel like if I can’t control a situation that I’m failing in it. That’s not true!

  23. It’s such an important topic! I have a hard time letting go of the negativity and self doubt.

  24. What a great post!! Love this. Letting go is so important. As I start to work with more and more people about their health, I see so much of what weighs them down – guilt – reluctance for change – fear. I’m going to pin this and share it!

  25. It is amazing how much better you can feel when you let go of things, but it can be so hard to let go sometimes. Love these quotes.

  26. I spent years caught up in the trap of perfection and a need for control. I didn’t know how binding it was at the time but looking back, I was not a happy person. Constantly be a failure in the eyes of your own expectations is no life to live. Great encouraging post!

  27. Letting go is so difficult for me but definitely something I have to do in order to have more happiness and peace in my life. I struggle with perfection a lot too. Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  28. What a beautiful post. Letting go is the key to finding all this, but it’s not easy for most of us.

  29. What a beautiful and powerful post! I really need to work on the “let go of negative self-talk”. It is just plain detrimental and doesn’t make ANYTHING better.

  30. Very beautiful post about an important topic. Thanks for sharing your personal story in order to help others.

  31. Another great post Jill. Letting go is so important. I am a fan of putting whatever I am obsessing about in a big pink ballon and sending it into the Universe.

  32. This is such an inspiring message Jill! Thank you so much for sharing your heart here!

  33. This is so perfect right now, such great advice to live life to its fullest. I’m a huge fan of the Buddhist way of thinking too and when I look back on life I can pin point exact moments when hanging on and letting go made such a huge difference.

  34. Letting go of perfection is something I definitely struggle with. If something isn’t a specific way, it bothers me. I constantly have to remind myself that neither I nor my life is perfect. Love this reminder!

    1. That you Kendall. Letting go of perfection is big for so many. I can tell you from experience, it feels so incredibly freeing.

  35. This is great! I have a fear of failure but I guess we all do, thank you for the reminder!

    1. I used to have a fear of failure. No more. It doesn’t happen overnight, but t’m proof we can let the fear failure go.

  36. Although I know these things, I don’t always live them. I keep telling myself to be more positive and let go of things, and I do, but they sometimes find a way of creeping back in my mind.
    I can say without a doubt I’ve come along way since letting go of somethings and truly seeking positivity.


    1. Baby steps will get you there. It’s so awesome that you acknowledge how far you’ve come even though you might not be where you want to be. Yet.

  37. Wow! I feel like you wrote this about me Jill. Earlier this year, I finally just let go of trying to control my future and it gave me so much peace. How is it that so many of us have similar or parallel stories? I guess that’s what makes us connect. Love this post!

    1. Thank you so much Megan. Making connections makes us stronger as individuals. None of us are alone in this.

    1. I was full of them too Smitha. Try asking yourself 2 questions, “how does this serve me? and “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” At the very least you start thinking differently about perfection and limiting beliefs.

  38. Such great tips Jill! I am learning to let go of the need to say YES to everything and just prioritize my time to bring the most joy in my life! 🙂

    1. Sarah that is awesome. Saying no is a challenge for a lot of women. Imagine all the possibilities of joyful moments.

  39. Such a great post, Jill! I struggle with letting go of negative self talk. But just being aware of it helps! These are great tips!

    1. Hi LIz. It’s not easy but you can stop the negative self talk by reframing your thoughts and creating new habits. Not easy but so worth it.

  40. I really love this Jill! I am so glad to hear that you have found the skills to make you happier. The past few years, I’ve been learning how to distance myself from some unhealthy relationships with friends and family members and it makes a huge difference in my everyday life.

    1. Thank you Deborah. There were a few times when I wanted to give up.

      Unhealthy relationships are toxic. I learned the hard way. Good for you distancing yourself from them.

  41. Love this post Jill! What a great message to start the day with! It can be tough letting go of the things we know simply because we fear the unknown. I feel like I am a little braver the older I get, seems to be one bright side to aging 🙂

    1. Thank you Mary Beth. It was tough and there were a few times I wanted to give up. I’m definitely braver and it’s opening doors to so many wonderful opportunities.

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