Inspiration from the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Yoga is more than just poses. The Asana (physical practice of yoga) comprises just a small part of the yoga journey and the overall Eight Limb Path as spelled out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Find inspiration and wisdom by enjoying one of my favorite yogic quotes. This quote describes perfectly how I feel about becoming a yoga teacher. I’m a different yogi than I was in January.

This journey has shown me that when my heart and mind are open the possibilities are endless and quite extraordinary.

Yoga is more than just poses. The Asana (physical practice of yoga) comprises just a small part of the overall Eight Limb Path as spelled out in the Yoga Sutras. Find wisdom and inspiration to grow or start your yoga practice. Jill Conyers | Fitness, Health & Happiness @jillconyers

I’m sitting in the beautiful mountains of Georgia at a yoga retreat waiting to go on a sunrise walking meditation. How perfect does that sound?

To celebrate the completion of YTT200, I’m excited to announce the kick off of Yoga Week at Jill Conyers | Fitness, Health & Happiness.

I have amazing guests lined up for next week and information to inspire you to start or grow your yoga practice.

Please join me next week in welcoming Wendy, yogi runner, from Taking the Long Way Home, Jess, personal trainer and RYT, from Hello To Fit and Beth, RYT, from Sublimely Fit as they share their knowledge and personal experiences with yoga.

Do you practice yoga regularly? If not, are you interested in starting a personal practice?

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  1. I’ve always been interested in Yoga but I have never got into it! This sounds like so much- I might have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love yoga. I try to do yoga twice a week but I definitely meditate every morning. Sometimes I am so tired but yoga always make me feel better!

  3. Love this and I love yoga, so will be sure to read back for all the guest posts 🙂 very good idea!

  4. i have yet to officially try yoga – aside from my own attempts, i wish we lived closer because i would love you as my teacher, glad to see you in such a state of peace my friend xoxo

  5. I do love doing yoga from time to time. It hurts my back if I do it for a longer period of time, like when I took in college. But sometimes, I need it.

  6. Yoga is one of my favorite exercises because it keeps your mind at peace as well. It’s the perfect exercise if you want to relax and relieve stress and I think it’s great that more and more people are recognizing it. I’m looking forward to your guests for the week!

  7. I used to practice yoga more regularly before I had kids. But now I am making an effort to begin my mornings with a short yoga routine. It helps me stretch out for the day and set a tone of balance.

  8. I used to be a loyal yogi but since I moved out of the city there are no yoga studios and I never practice at home. I need to get in the habit again – I’m excited to see more from your guests.

  9. I have tried yoga many times at many different places to try to find my fit. However, I dont think its for me – but so many of my friends ADORE it and really gain so much from it. I think if it works, do it! 🙂
    Karen |

  10. that is EXACTLY why i want to go through YTT. the time will come, college is now *sigh*.
    i can’t wait for the week ahead! thank you jill for organizing it, and to Jess, Wendy & Beth for contributing!!

  11. I do enjoy yoga. The stretching and quiet motions are amazing.
    As a Christian though I don’t necessarily agree with all the mantra’s and such but have found some really wonderful yoga programs I do feel comfortable using.
    Have a wonderful time at the retreat.

  12. I look forward to following these posts this upcoming week! I LOVE yoga, but rarely practice. It’s one of those “you really need to do this more often, Heather” things in my life. Maybe this will be the kick in the yoga-pants that I need 🙂

  13. Can’t wait to read the guest posts this coming week. years ago, the thought of doing yoga was of no interest to me. But now I look forward to participating every week in class and love seeing the results that it brings both physical and mental.

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