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How To Be Healthy and Happy While On Vacation

While traveling, we often lose the time and/or the motivation to eat healthy and stay active. And you know what, that’s ok. Vacation is a time to relax, escape, and have fun. And, definitely don’t miss out on opportunities to try regional cuisine and local restaurants.

The #1 tip might surprise you! While traveling, we often lose the time and/or the motivation to eat healthy and stay active. And you know what, that's ok. Vacation is a time to relax, escape, and have fun. It is possible to stay happy and healthy on your vacation and return home feeling as good as you did when you left. Pin it now and read later. See what the #1 tip is at Jill Conyers | Fitness Health & Happiness

The #1 tip is to ENJOY YOUR VACATION!

Avoid the mental struggle of trying to follow your regular fitness routine. Allow yourself a little latitude with the foods you eat. And, even more importantly, no judgement and no guilt. There’s absolutely no reason for either.

Who knows? You might find that a quick morning workout before everyone wakes up is the perfect opportunity for a little me time. A delicious meal of local and seasonal produce may be what your body craves and you may not indulge quite as often as you might think.

If you typically workout regularly and your nutrition is healthy and balanced it will be again when you return home.

Allow yourself the freedom to take advantage of all the fun opportunities vacationing has to offer, healthy and otherwise.

There are things you can do to make it easy to enjoy your vacation and feel great without taking away from enjoying your vacation.

Try one, all or none of these tips:

  • Eat before you go to the airport. Avoid getting hungry and having to eat at the food court while waiting for your flight.
  • Pack healthy snacks to eat while you’re traveling. It saves money and it ensures you have healthy foods on hand to hold you over until you arrive at your destination.
  • Take this opportunity to check out the local farmer’s market or a new grocery store. When you arrive do a little grocery shopping so that not every meal has to be eaten out. Check with the hotel before you leave home to see if the rooms have a mini fridge or kitchenette.
  • Go for a bike ride or a walk to see the sights. Some places might offer bike tours. Just imagine a morning walk at the beach, in a new city or a nearby town.
  • When making hotel reservations find out if there is a fitness center in the hotel and ask about safe running routes or park that is close enough to walk to. Whether in the hotel fitness center, a run from the hotel or a body weight workout at a park, they’re all great ways to get in a 30-40 minute workout that doesn’t conflict with plans for the day. This works especially well if the family likes to sleep in and you have some time in the morning.
  • Go on vacation with a mindset of making time for exercise when and if you can.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Have the margarita or have the green smoothie. Either way. Enjoy yourself.

Stay happy and healthy on your vacation and return home feeling as good as you did when you left.

I have 2 trips coming up in July. And you can be sure I will be taking my own advice.

I would love to chat.

Is anyone going to Fitbloggin’ next month? Do you go on vacation with the intention of following a fitness plan? Do you try to fit in workouts? What are your best healthy and happy while traveling tips?

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  1. Hi,
    I dropped by to thank you for coming to last week’s Blogger’s Pit Stop Linky Party. I would have come by sooner, but I am on a cruise, and the Internet keeps going down.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

  2. love this! vacation is a time to enjoy. i say before you go, make a plan depending on the length of stay- if its long, try and get some workouts in. but if you’re too busy, oh well & enjoy! 🙂

  3. Those are some great tips. I like to get out and view where I am as if I were a local. Visiting NYC and seeing all the skyscrapers was amazing and made me so happy.

  4. Oh goodness! I would love to go on vacation and be healthy! I often let all things go out the window health wise 🙂 Although, I do tend to drink a ton of water, I get dehydrated easy.

  5. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I find often times on vacation it isn’t too hard to eat good bc of the local, fresh options or there is always a healthy option on a buffet. Plus all of the walking!

  6. I try to mix it up with the mindset of I’m on vacation, I’m going to enjoy myself, but also not over indulge. I want to have fun, but find that if I stray too far I don’t feel so great. I also try to workout, whether at the fitness center or by going somewhere where I’m doing a lot of walking.

  7. We are actually on vacation right now and it is so nice to be able to have a treat here and there. So good tips!

  8. Love this! I 100% agree! Vacations are meant to be enjoyed! I just got back from New Orleans. I had drinks at a jazz club, I had mimosas at Sunday brunch and ate bread pudding one day for lunch! Loved it! No worries, sucking on my green smoothie today!

  9. I love exploring hotel gyms. Its always fun to see if what they advertise matches reality. Love these tips, enjoy the vacations!

  10. I used to stress out about vacations all the time! I take after my dad more – very Type A personality. But after I met my husband (who’s a very laid back person), I have learned to take it slow and enjoy vacations. In fact, we didn’t even plan anything for our last vacation and it turned out really fun. We just explored and went with the flow. Love it.

  11. I totally agree!! My friend and I took our kids to Florida for spring break and bought bulk snacks and waters with us. We also bought filtered water bottles to avoid spending extra money at the parks. It decreased us getting other more unhealthy snacks too.

  12. I wouldn’t enjoy vacation if I didn’t work out and eat healthy, but I definitely sleep in a little later and enjoy some different foods. We’re usually somewhere that we walk more. I must admit that a lot of vacations are destination runs for me, so it’s planned around an activity. But in the end it all balances out.

  13. These are wonderful tips for enjoying your vacation and having balance. I agree enjoy yourself but keep balance in your life.

  14. We leave on vacation Monday so this post is quite timely.
    We are travelling with 3 kids so we make sure to pack lots of snacks and stuff to do while we are travelling.
    This trip we didn’t really book a lot of stuff to do so we can be spontaneous and really relax. I so need to relax!!

  15. I was just dealing with this last week in Hawaii! I basically had the mindset you described here, and I felt much happier. I did eat a lot of foods that were unhealthy and drinks as well but I took me time every morning to go for a run/walk before everyone else woke up so I felt like I had balance!

  16. I love these tips Jill! I definitely give myself leeway with food on vacay but I pretty much stick to a workout of some kind first thing every morning. Doing that sets me up for a great day and I find myself eating better as a result so win-win.

  17. Healthy snacks for the airport and plane are essential I hate when I land and I’m starving . And some airports don’t have the best food offerings.

  18. I agree! Getting too stressed out about it will never work. Vacation is rarely long enough to get you too off track anyway. BALANCE!!!

  19. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I have two trips coming up this summer, both of which we will be walking A LOT (NYC and Disney), so I am counting that as my workouts 🙂

  20. I think the best advice for vacation is just fitness when you can and DIFFERENT kinds! Take advantage of things like bike riding or hiking or whatever deviates from your “normal” routine. I also try to not wake up early to run but, I usually end up doing that at least one or two days…but, I never regret it!
    Happy vacationing Jill! I hope you have plenty of downtime this summer 🙂

  21. Love these. Especially #1. I always pack snacks for the plane, not so much because I’m trying to be healthy but because a lot of plane food is filled with dairy, which is a huge no-no for me. Especially if I’m going to be trapped on a plane for multiple hours LOL

  22. I love finding fun ways to workout while on vacay. On the last Caribbean Cruise I was on, my mom and I taught impromptu zumba classes in the mornings on the top deck. Every time I go to my friends’ house, I find a new route to go running on. And vacay is a fun time to try different activities, like kayaking, rafting, various sports, yoga in other studios, and running on the beach!

  23. I hardly ever work out when I’m on vacation. I spend so much of my regular work time doing it and thinking about it that all I want to do is relax and sleep 🙂

  24. Vacation affords you more opportunities to walk than when you’re at home. My biggest hurdle when I’m away from home: Drinking enough water. I wish I could live at home more the way I do on vacation, actually.

  25. I love tip #1! Great advice! My runs when I travel are much more casual. Running is a great way to explore a new city, and that involves stopping to take pictures and talking to people. As for food, I’m always vegan, that doesn’t change, but I will slip in a few more desserts than usual when I travel.

    Will one of those July trips be to Blogfest? It will be fun to see you again.

  26. These are such great tips, Jill and I totally agree!! I think for some people, vacation is a time when they enjoy a little more exercise (because you’re not running to a million other activities) but for some, it’s nice to just relax!

  27. Wow. You have some great tips! I too have a hard time eating healthy while on vacation but I’ve learned that planning ahead makes it so much more doable!

  28. I don’t USUALLY plan for fitness while on vacation, but as I leave on Sunday for a trip to Chicago, I’m going to walk to most of my designations, since they are mostly within walking distance. Typically I would spring for a cab. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. These are great tips. It’s so important to enjoy your holiday and not worry so much about gaining weight.

  30. These are great tips and a great reminder. We try to choose vacations that fit our lifestyle so that it is less stressful but there’s always got to be flexibility to schedules while on vacation.

  31. I have really relaxed over the years about vacation. I used to be go go go have to workout and eat healthy, but now it’s just dumb to think like that. I still like to move and run if I can but it’s vacation and happens once a year! I eat the food I want and move when I feel like it, and get back to normal life after 🙂

  32. Great tips Jill! Love the tip about visiting a new farmer’s market. Whenever I go on vacation with my family we always check out the local farmer’s markets and love the tradition.

  33. I definitely did a good number of these while I was on vacation! 😀 Great tips!

  34. Totally 100% agree with this. Just relax and enjoy the vacation! I really just go with the flow while on vacation. I prefer to stay active more than make time for activities. Last time we walked a lot, swam, snorkeled etc. I did do yoga though in the condo.

  35. This is a great reminder. Vacation time is blow everything out of the water for me. But then again. I tend to eat better, because most of our vacation is in our trailer and I make better meals than at home.

  36. To me, going on vacation can cause a lot of stress because trying to eat out gluten free is not that easy depending on where I’m going. I am going to Blogfest, but not FitBloggin. Can’t afford both with school this year!

  37. It is so funny how much people get stressed about vacation. IT’S A VACATION. Enjoy it. Enjoy the experience. Don’t go crazy, but let yourself have an experience!

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