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10 of the Best Solutions For Exercise Excuses

Life hands us ready made excuses to not workout. To busy. Too tired. Too expensive. Too cold. Challenging your excuses will take will power and a positive mind set. Each time you exercise that willpower, the stronger it becomes. 

Life hands us ready made excuses to not workout. To busy. Too tired. Too expensive. Too cold outside. Challenging your excuses will take willpower and a positive mind set. Each time you exercise that willpower, the stronger it becomes. Pin it now for when you start making excuses later and click through to check out the 10 excuse busting solutions. Start working out. Now.

You’ve just gotten home from work or running errands. You still have to make dinner, help your kids with homework and get ready for the next day. Sound familiar? There’s a lot of exercise excuses built into that scenario. We’ve all been there.

The Center for Disease Control analyzed survey date from more than 450,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older and estimates that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week.

There are three basic types of excuses: internal, external within your control and external out of your control.

Internal excuses are based on the internal dialogue going on in your head. “I’m not motivated enough” or “I’m not fit enough to go to the gym.” You negotiate with yourself and rationalize why you can’t or should not workout.

External excuses within your control are the things that happen in life that you have some control over, but you choose to allow them to control you, “I’m too tired” or “I’m too busy.”

External excuses out of your control. Life happens. These are the unexpected things that come up and interfere with your plan to workout for the day. No, you have no control over these situations, but once they’re resolved get back to training. Don’t allow this to be a longer than needed reason not to workout.

Exercise Excuses and Solutions 

I’m too busy.

Even if it’s only a 15-minute workout, we can all find time in the day. Every minute counts and that’s 105 minutes of movement a week, 5,460 minutes a year of calories burned and endorphins released. You might have to skip a TV show or have a little less time on the computer, but it’s worth the sacrifice.

I can’t afford it.

You don’t have to  have a gym membership or a lot of expensive equipment. Try running, walking, hiking, and body weight strength training workouts. All require little more than shoes and a sports bra. And when you do buy equipment, make it multi-use like a stability ball and dumbbells. Both can be used for total body workout and are often inexpensive. Try free resources online and no equipment workouts.

I’m not fit enough.

Everyone starts somewhere. Start where you are and progress from there. Do better tomorrow. Better next week.

I have a baby so I can’t make it to the gym.

Create a tag team workout schedule with dad or a friend, alternating days or times of day of who will be home with the baby with who will workout. Or, Plan B, home workouts and DVDs are great way to get fit and move daily.

It’s too hard.

Begin with basic exercises. As your mental and physical confidence increases try new things and push yourself a little harder.

I don’t enjoy it.

Not enjoying the workout? It’s time to try something new. If you don’t enjoy what you’re asking yourself to do everyday, you’re not going to stick with it.

I’m too tired.

9 times out of 10 movement and working out will energize and refresh you. Try this, commit 10 minutes to a workout. If after 10 minutes you’re still too tired, give yourself permission to stop. No guilt.

The weather is too cold, too hot, or rainy. 

You can’t do anything about the weather, but you can dress appropriately, choose to workout indoors and be selective about the time of day, i.e. don’t go for a run in the middle of the day when it’s the hottest.

I don’t know where to start or what to do.

If you’re just beginning your fitness journey it can be a little overwhelming. Everyone was a beginner once and you have to start somewhere. There are a lot of great books and endless resources online to get your started.

I’m not motivated.

Sometimes staying motivated will take a little work. If the big goal feels overwhelming, break it down into manageable daily tasks. Seriously, there’s nothing more motivating than progress and success. Your motivation will increase every time you accomplish a single task. Still not motivated? Go back to your goal and remember your why. Think about how good this is for your body and how good it’s going to make you feel.

Life hands us ready made excuses to not workout. To busy. Too tired. Too expensive. Too cold outside. Challenging your excuses will take willpower and a positive mind set. Each time you exercise that willpower, the stronger it becomes. Pin it now for when you start making excuses later and click through to check out the 10 excuse busting solutions. Start working out. Now.

I would love to chat:

What solutions for exercise excuses work for you? What other excuses are commonly used for not working out? What ready made excuses in your life make it a little too easy to not workout?

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  1. I am totally guilty of having tons of excuses even though I LOVE working out! My best defense is to make my commitment with someone else. I find it impossible to let someone else down but easier to let myself down (sad but true). I am working on a commitment to myself as being enough to keep me on track. Great post and beautiful photography. Your pics always look so great!

  2. I think you’ve covered it all here, Jill! There are so many excuses that I’ve used too, especially being “tired”. I always feel better when I go and work out!

  3. Love these tips! I find that excuses are often my biggest enemy when it comes to working out!

  4. I almost always use the “it’s too cold and snowy” excuse. Now that it is warm out, I am trying to be more diligent about getting outside, and perhaps when the snow returns, I will be in a good enough routine to pay for the gym membership I always talk about getting, but never do 🙂

  5. I love this! You are so true! If it’s important, you’ll make time for it. I think this applies to all things in life also, not just workouts. We prioritize and make time for what is important to us!

  6. Ahh so many excuses to be had! I’ve definitely used most of them in my past. Lately I’ve been consistent (for the past 6 months) and I decided to make it a priority, and now it’s just a part of my day and I have to force myself to take rest days! For me it was just mind over matter!

  7. I need to print these out and put them on my refrigerator. I am so bad at coming up with excuses to get to the gym.

  8. I’ve used every variation of these (except the kid one) over the last year, and then some. Thanks for calling me on my BS, Jill lol

  9. Unfortunately I can always find an excuse not to exercise, so I just don’t make excuses anymore except if I am sick. I find it breaks my routine and then it is harder to get back on track. I guess I just “DO IT” Lol Have a wonderful holiday. xo Lauren

  10. I think for some it’s harder and they need to find their “why”. Exercise and healthy living can’t be a chore or something you do for someone else or it’s a lot harder to stay motivated

  11. You have some great excuses. I keep some of those 10 minute DVD’s around the house for days I just do not feel like doing more. I’ve found that after the 10 minutes, I’m ready to do more. I discovered that if I plan errands for the same errand, I can park the car and walk to the stores withing a three block radius of where the car is parked. I get my walk in and I feel good when I get back to the car.

  12. I definitely have time where I let internal excuses get the best of me when it comes to not working out. I have found if I am really organized (pack my gym bag the night before, plan my workout beforehand, etc.) it makes it easier for me to just get up and go.

  13. Exactly! You make time for things that are important. Exercise is no exception.

  14. Yes to all of these! I am a mom of three, I have chores, a job, and I still manage to find time to workout. There really is no excuse if you really want to do it. But I always say it’s a matter of finding a powerful reason to change. If it’s a truly powerful reason, you’ll find the time, no excuses.

    Blogger’s Pit Stop
    Fabi at wonderfabi.wordpress.com

  15. Truly. Excuses are a dime a dozen. Great tips for overcoming them. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  16. My biggest excuse was that I couldn’t afford it. Now I have figured our great workouts to do at home.

  17. I have overcome most of these excuses over time, but I’ll still let the weather dictate my running. Luckily this evening, there was a 40 min break in rain showers, so I took full advantage of that and got in my run!

  18. I have been my worst at exercising consistently than ever. Even when I had twin 1 year olds I was walking every day. Now that my kids are older my excuse is that my daughter doesn’t like the stroller. Really I think I could force the issue. I need to get with it more.

  19. I love your quote “you’re stronger than your excuses.” I stop my workout for so long, now I want to do it again. Thanks for the motivation.

  20. I have found what works best for me personally is taking the decision making process our of the equation. I put my workouts on the calendar, and that is that. There is no internal monologue about “are we want to workout?” “it is raining.” etc. If it is on the calendar we do it. I think this works so well because will power is like a muscle, and with the thousands of decisions we have to make throughout the day it becomes all to easy to skip it at the end of our day when our will power has been worn down.

  21. This is such a great post! AND it is very timely as I have been lacking in Motivation over the past few weeks, but I am hoping to turn that around. Thanks for the tips!!

  22. I really need this today. I was just thinking this morning that is you are making excuses you really don’t want the end result as much as you think…

  23. I didn’t work out today because I still feel a little stiff from digging in the garden for 4 hours Sunday and I’ll be digging some more this weekend.

  24. The “I have a baby” excuse just KILLS ME!!! I hear that excuse ALL THE TIME from potential clients and new moms. My baby was the reason I started working out in the first place. If I can do it anyone can.

  25. I use to make excuses, and to be completely honest there are times that I still make excuses, but I’m done. I read a quote a few weeks ago that hit me like a ton of bricks…and I’m drawing a blank here but it was along the lines of if you want it bad enough you’d have it. It was so much better than that, I promise. And I thought I do want it and I’m willing to work hard for it. 🙂
    We made our garage the gym because we have kids, but we want to be fit and at home with them. They enjoy our at home gym too.

  26. **hides head in shame** I have said almost all of those and I know that my excuses are pathetic but I still struggle trying to get around them. Especially when I could be using that time to get something done for school or have a little downtime because my day is just crazy. How do I work around that?!?

  27. Great article and I am sharing it with my readers. To answer your question, I haven’t really found a way beyond my excuses. I used to exercise but honestly, I did not feel I changed anything for the better.

  28. I have used more than one of these several times…excuses are just that, excuses! Just do it! I need to keep this list so I can easily talk myself into getting my workout in…instead of finding ways to talk myself out of it!

  29. AND with that I get off of Bloglovin and go do my workout. 🙂 My excuse of the day….I’m tired. Thanks for the reminder that “too tired” is just an excuse.

  30. Once I get into a workout routine I’m unstoppable. However, getting into that routine, especially after a long break is so hard! My go to excuse is that I am tired. I will try your suggestion of working out for 10 minutes and seeing how I feel.

  31. This is why I love my morning workouts! I get up and get moving before the excuses can start! TGIF!

    1. That’s #101 of the benefits to working out in the morning! My favorite time of day.

  32. YES to all of this. So many people make excuses, but in the end only THEY can control their health. You have to make the choice whether or not your health is more important than the couch or TV show. Everyone has the time, they just have to choose whether or not to make use of it!

    1. Well said Kat. it’s all about priorities. It’s not always easy but we always have choices.

  33. girl YES! i’m a single mom who works full time so i can give you a million excuses!! the short times i don’t have william, i go for a run (even just two miles!) and i’ve been REALLY trying at home workouts lately even though i don’t love them – i’m super sore after just a 15 minute weights routine i did yesterday!

  34. I hear these excuses over and over. And sometimes it is tricky to find the time but typically when it’s a priority we find the time. I also hear my family doesn’t want to eat healthy or workout. Or I get bored working out.

    1. Hi Julie, no it’s not always easy to find time but it’s always worth the effort. I hear the family excuses a lot too.

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