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How To Curb Mindless Snacking at Work

Office snacking adds a unique challenge to healthy eating habits, temptation is everywhere on a daily basis. And, have you noticed it’s not typically a bowl of veggies or a fruit bowl that is readily available?

 Office snacking adds a unique challenge to healthy eating habits, temptation is everywhere on a daily basis. And, have you noticed it's not typically a bowl of veggies or a fruit bowl that is readily available? With so many options it seems impossible to resist the urge to mindlessly snack. So what can you do about it? Click through to find out how you can resist the urge to mindlessly snack at your desk. Pin it now to have easy access to the tips later.

Candy jar on a co-worker’s desk. Vending machine. The boss rewards the staff with donuts (Anyone know why is it always donuts?). The break room. A co-worker that loves to bake AND share. That’s not including the office snack fest otherwise known as the holidays. Sound familiar?

With so many options it seems impossible to resist the urge to mindlessly snack.

What can you do about it?

  1. Begin with Breakfast Start your day with a satisfying [not bland] breakfast that includes a combination of healthy fat, carbs and protein.
  2. Love Your Lunch Pack a healthy, flavorful AND satisfying lunch.
  3. Don’t Skip Lunch It’s even tougher to curb bad snacking habits when you’re hungry.
  4. Stock a Healthy Snack Stash Make healthy options easily accessible.
  5. Go for a Walk Find a distraction from snacking and after about 20-25 minutes the urge lessens or stops all together.
  6. Ask Yourself Why With an understanding of why you have the urge to snack, and it’s not physical hunger, can make it easier to find an alternative to raiding the candy jar on your co-worker’s desk or making a trip to the vending machine. Possible reasons for the urge to snack at the office: stress, feeling overloaded, boredom, thirst.

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Most importantly. Even when you’re armed with the best of intentions and tips you’re going to give in [occasionally] to the urge to snack. When you do, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy. Move on. Beating yourself up will only create a situation where you’re more likely to continue indulging.

I would love to chat:

Are snack in abundance at your office? How do you resist the urge to indulge in a co-worker’s sweet treats? What is your favorite healthy snack to keep in your stash?

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  1. Going for a walk is such a good idea to avoid mindless snacking at my desk. I’m so horrible with snacking constantly at work. I try and keep healthier snacks in my drawer but it’s still not good to snack when I’m not really hungry.

  2. I am a kindergarten teacher so I have no time to mindlessly snack:) I always pack my lunch and I don’t leave extra snacks in my classroom because then I’ll eat more than one at a sitting.

  3. I once had a coworker who kept a jar of Hershey Kisses on her desk. In front of it was a sign saying she had unwrapped one of the kisses, licked it, rewrapped it, and put it back in the jar. Co-workers were welcome to take their chances. No one bothered her jar. So that’s another tip. 😉

  4. This is a great post. I tend to snack when I am bored or stressed, but I have found that putting a few drops of essential oils into my water helps a lot! It gives just a touch of flavor, but gets my mind off of the snacking. I do, however, absolutely agree that you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you overdo it; I used to do that which made me eat more.

  5. Not just work. I feel like this is anywhere LOL. I have a computer corner desk in my home, and I have a drawer full of some candy like Tootsie Rolls and Lemon-heads and of course I snack on them, but they are hidden so I never really go in there to see or munch of them only rarely few times LOL, but I get what your saying! HEALTHY SNACKING!

  6. awesome tips! i never worked in an office (i’m a teacher) and we DID NOT have time to snack! unfortunately because of this, it resulted in BINGE EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT once the kids were dismissed.

  7. I work with all men in my office and we have a full kitchen with stove and oven, so they are always cooking something delicious and not healthy. It sometimes is sooo hard to resist!

  8. These are all great tips! I always keep a pack of almonds in my desk or I have a protein bar. I always go on a walk during my lunch break!

  9. Breakfast is super important but I frequently don’t get it like I should. So I started doing the protein smoothie thing. It works better for me and keeps me from snacking!

  10. I just don’t bring snacks, haha. If i don’t have it, I won’t eat it 🙂 My lunch is packed with whatever I need for the day (including snacks). But, I am a baker and haven’t baked for the fact I know I won’t have self control! lol

  11. i love these tips, thanks for the reminder! 🙂 i’d say 2/3 is key for me. I try and pack my lunch on certain days, whether i will be eating at home (my dorm between classes) or taking it with me. this way, even if i eat in my room, i still don’t get distracted by preparing lunch, an i also have a full meal ready and am less ready to eat a part of lunch and eat small extra few bites, then a snack, and snack, etc.

    also, can i like my weekly workouts here and for ITBF?

    1. Thank you. Do you mean link your weekly workouts here and ITBF? Yes you can 🙂

      Have a fantastic day!

  12. I am absolutely loving your tips! I tend to snack a lot at work and wish I could curb that habit! Thanks for this post! Now I have something to be mindful about!

  13. Great tips! My problem is coming home from work being ravenous – since it is hard to get the time at work to eat a few bites.

  14. These are good tips for anyone. Even someone like me who works from home and isn’t much of a snacker.

  15. I struggle with this so much! I love to snack while I am at my desk. The solution has been baby carrots, I have a snack but it isn’t unhealthy!

  16. I’ve started using the acronym HALT… am I hungry? angry? lonely? tired? …if I’m actually hungry I’ll eat, but if I’m feeling frustrated, bored, angry, tired, etc. I’ll “halt” and hold off.

  17. This is such a bad habit. It is a trap for those working from home too. I don’t need others to put snack eating in my mind, I can do that all by myself. I am training myself, when I want a snack for no reason other than to snack, I say in my mind ‘choose health’. It does help.
    Thanks for bringing this to the Blogger’s Pit Stop, our bloggers need to keep healthy.

  18. Jill, this is such a Great post & very timely too! I am working a 10 hour shift tomorrow at the hospital where there are always snacks around. I will keep this post in mind, Pinned 🙂 Thank you for sharing at the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up!

  19. I do what you call mindless snacking too! It is normally when I am bored or am tired and cannot be bothered to cook. Such a bad habit!

  20. These are fabulous tips! I work from home but often find myself lingering near the fridge when I step away from my computer. Maybe I should make sure I have a healthy snack on hand to curb my grazing!

  21. Great post. We like to keep a lot of fruit around so if by chance we a very snacky day, it’s at least healthy.

  22. The hardest part for me at work was always lunchtime. I would bring lunch everyday but it never sounded as good as the food at the restaurants and shops nearby so I would splurge and throw away the lunch I brought. So dumb!! These are great tips!

  23. I used to be so good about healthy eating in the office. But, now my office is in my home. All my healthy options are immediately available. 🙁

  24. When I worked at the TV station there was SOOOO much food. There were even full meals sitting around all the time since we had a kitchen set and had a cooking segment. It was the worst when I hosted the cooking segment and really HAD to try the food.
    I had to really only take one bite.

  25. These are some great tips! I work at home, but hubby however, I always make sure I pack him a healthy lunch to avoid him making a fast food run! Nothing healthy about fast food lol

  26. I am weak to the candy dish . . . thank goodness chips and salty snacks don’t beckon me like a bowl of M&Ms. So I don’t have as many vices to battle with – hahah

  27. I usually make my own trailmix raisins, almonds and other nuts in case I need a snack!

  28. Love the “love your lunch” tip! I’m actually pretty good about always having lunch, but I definitely am guilty of skipping dinner and just dining on junk. I’m going to be more mindful about it now

  29. These are really great tips. I don’t work outside of the house, but I do often find myself snacking needlessly. I really need to quit. Great ideas that I will have to incorporate.

  30. i have a hard time during holidays because everyone has peppermint bark..but most the time its candy which i don’t care for. if they started stocking dark chocolate, then it would be a problem 🙂

  31. I am snacking way to much lately. Love your tips. I also think having a fun drink to sip on helps like flavored water or tea.

  32. Ha! I’m the Baker who shares! Ah well. Yes, junk food and snacks are abundant in my office. And I can usually resist, but I do get excited when someone brings in fruit 🙂

  33. I am such a bad snacker at work! I do bring my own and bring my lunch – a lot of people make fun of me too- but if the fire alarm goes off- those people will be the last ones to make it to the door! TGIF Jill!

  34. I am fantastic at work with my eating habits. In fact there is a hot, fresh pizza and fries right next to me in the break room right now that I am successfully avoiding. Now at home I am a disaster. I would eat all day and night!

  35. When I first started at my job I ate all the snacks. We only have healthy ones, like fruit, nuts, and granola bars, but still I snacked on much of it when I wasn’t actually hungry. Now I always pack at least one healthy snack with me, and limit myself to the fresh fruit and coffee in the breakrooms.

  36. I agree with the healthy snacks and the walking. I’ve found when I eat fresh fruits and veggies and fix my own meals, I do not want to each unhealthy snacks. When I do, they just don’t taste right.

  37. Such great tips, Jill! It’s tough to curb snacking when working from home all day! I tend to chose the walk option and make sure I have healthy snacks on hand!

  38. Breakfast is KEY. It also gets your metabolism going, so that is another benefit. I try to do an egg and a little carb for my breakfast to keep me focused and full!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  39. Great tips Jill. I know this can be a struggle for a lot of people in environments where treats are rampant. I always encourage people to work on creating a healthy snack culture where people switch from bringing in in doughnuts and muffins to fruit trays. I also always ask myself, am I hungry? If not, I really don’t need the doughnut and if I am, do I need the doughnut or would i be better off with the trail mix in my desk.

  40. Agreed. Now, write a post for those of us who work from home and snacking is just a step away! Great tips, I tweeted this post for the rest of the world!

    1. Teri you’re awesome.Thank you so much for sharing. I’m adding a home snacking post to my editorial calendar 🙂

  41. Definitely helps to have a healthy stash so you don’t fall pray to the donuts in the breakroom! Also, I find that drinking lots of water helps me!

  42. I remember the temptations well. I no longer work in an office, so I am no longer tempted. However, the key is being prepared and having healthy, nutritious options with you.

  43. I keep a protein bar and some nuts or fruit with me to help with the temptation. Great post thanks for sharing and hosting!

  44. I see this all the time at work. The nurse in my hallway keeps a bowl of chocolates on her desk and it’s so easy just to grab one. I keep healthy snacks in my office and when I get hungry I grab a handful of nuts or an energy bar.

  45. there’s only three of us at the office so this typically isn’t a problem. i also bring healthy snacks from home and keep a pack of almonds at my desk.

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