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25 Minute Total Body HIIT with Free Workout Download

American College of Sports Medicine names High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) one of the Top Fitness Trends in 2015

Why does the interval training continue to reign so close to the top? It’s effective and it takes less time than more traditional long duration workouts.

I started using HIIT consistently when I was going through the NASM Personal Trainer certification program. I needed effective workouts in little time and HIIT was the answer.

Now I’m going through Yoga Teacher Training and to keep up with workouts, practice teach, studying and continueing my personal yoga practice, HIIT is, again, the answer. HIIT keeps my workouts consistent.

HIIT is kind of like running sprints. I can can run a pace that pushes my limit to the edge knowing it’s only 200 or 400 meters.

Want more information on HIIT? Check out Benefits of HIIT Workouts.

This workout is challenging, but it’s only 25 minutes. You can do anything for 25 minutes, right.

Perform this workout 3 times through with 40 seconds exercise and 20 seconds rest after each exercise. Remember to warm-up and cool down.
American College of Sports Medicine names High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) one of the Top Fitness Trends in 2015. HIIT alternates between high intensity exercise and short periods of rest, then repeats the sequence or circuit. High intensity, short duration programs have been found to match or surpass results of moderate intensity, long duration workouts. Click the image to download the FREE workout and Exercise Index printables.

Right click the image above to save the workout to your mobile device or download the workout to print.

Workout Download

Download a warm up workout here and a cool down workout here.


  • mat
  • timer
  • dumbbells


  • Brace your core.
  • Use proper body alignment and good form.
  • Reps and rest periods should be based on your fitness level.
  • Modify as needed to meet your fitness level by increasing/decreasing reps, weight and sets.
  • Gradually increase intensity based on your progress.

I am a certified personal trainer, but this workout was not created for your specific fitness level and needs. Make modifications as needed. Intensity and rest periods should be based on your individual fitness level. See your physician before beginning any exercise program. This web site is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice and supervision of your personal physician. Any application of this or any other exercise routine set forth in this program is at the viewer’s discretion and sole risk.

Exercise Index

Lunge to Hammer Curl to Press (1) Hold a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length down by your sides, palms facing each other. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. (2) Step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your front knee is a 90 degree angel. As you lunge curl the dumbbells. Still in a lunge position, press the dumbbells directly above your shoulders. (3) Push yourself back to the start position and then lower the weights. Repeat. Targets: biceps, shoulders, quads, calves

Running Man (1) Stand in a staggered stance with your right foot in front. (2) Simultaneously jump back with your right foot and forward with your left as you swing your right arm forward and above your shoulder and swing your left arm back. (3) Continue to quickly switch your legs back and forth as you swing your arms. Repeat as many times as you can in the time prescribed. Targets: cardiorespiratory system

Push-Up to Side Plank (1) Start off in a push up position on the floor with your toes extended out and arms at shoulder level. (2) Perform a push up and then come back up shifting your weight to one side of your body twisting to one side and bringing the arm on the twisted side up towards the ceiling. (3) Hold this position for a count then return back to the starting position for another push up alternating sides. Targets: core, chest, shoulders, triceps, obliques

Weighted Good Morning (1) Stand with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. (2) Hold a single dumbbell with each hand on the ends behind your neck (do not rest the dumbbell on your neck). Keep your back straight, core tight and shoulders pulled back. (3) Keeping your eyes focused forward; slowly bend your torso forward keeping your knees slightly bent and your back straight throughout the entire movement. Don’t round your shoulders. (4) From this position, focus almost entirely on your hamstrings, and exhale while slowly lifting your body and the weight back to the starting position. Repeat. Targets: glutes, hamstrings, lower back

Renegade Row (1) Get in traditional plank position. (2) Keep your back in neutral alignment, toes on the floor, pelvis parallel to the floor. (3) Place one hand on a dumbbell. Pull kettlebell to the side of your chest, keeping shoulders and hips square to the ground. (4) Lower weight to starting position. Perform all reps with one arm then switch sides and repeat. Targets: upper back, core

Jump Squats (1) Stand with your feet hip width apart with toes pointed outward. (2) Lower yourself down until your quads are parallel to the ground, abs are tight, shoulders over the hips. (3) Then, from the mid-point position, exhale and explode upward as high as you can. Imagine pushing away from the floor with your feet. (4) Land back down in a firm stance, reset quickly and repeat. Be conscious of keeping your spine straight. Keep you eyes focused on the ground in front of you. Don’t arch your back. Pull your belly button upward. Targets: quads, calves

Tricep Dip (1) Stand with your back to a bench or chair. Bend your legs and place your palm on the front edge of the bench. (2) Position your feet in front of you so that most of your body width is resting on your arms. (3) Keeping your elbows tuck along side your sides, bend your arms and slowly lower your body until your upper arms are parallel with the floor. (4) Your hips drop straight down toward the ground. (5) Hold for a beat, then exhale and straighten your arms back up to the starting position. Be careful not to lower your body too far. Do not lean forward or away from the bench. Targets: triceps

Full Sit-Up (1) Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your fingertips behind your ears. Your elbows should be wide and in line with your body. (2) Raise your torso to a sitting position. The movement should be smooth. (3) Slowly lower your body back to start position. Targets: rectus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques

Download to print the exercise index.

Exercise Index Download

Here’s an awesome playlist to help keep energy levels high.

Add a quick ab workout to your training or workout plan:


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  1. Sounds like an intense workout. I’m just beginning to workout.

  2. Thank you! This is really giving me motivation to get moving today 🙂

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  7. Your workouts all get printed out so I have lots of variety when Im traveling! They are always challenging and I love that I know exactly how to perform the exercise by your concise instructions!

  8. CourtneyLynne says:

    Oooo this sounds like a great work out! I just started my home workouts again this week after taking like a month off… I will have to give this a try

  9. Looks like a great workout! I love that you included the playlist. Good music makes a workout go by fast!

  10. I love these types of work outs! They seem so much more manageable when you are looking at one exercise for a short period of time.

  11. Yep I’m a fan of HIIT, use interval training a lot in my workouts. I remember doing sprints once with my garmin and by interval 5 I wanted to throw it under a passing bus 😉 sprint HIITs are HARD!

  12. I think I could handle a 25-minute workout. I think. I know I could at least fit it in my schedule some where.

  13. HIIT is the perfect choice for me too when life get’s too busy. Great workout! 🙂

  14. My husband likes and enjoys this type of exercise. I’m a more of the type to ease into it and slowing go about things. I don’t like to jump and bounce around, but his totally works for him.

  15. If I am being completely honest, I don’t have much more than 25 minutes in me for a workout. This one sounds great! I am going to have to try it!

  16. This is a great guide for someone who wants to try HIIT or just something new. I always try to add in new exercises to my workout routine because I get so bored.

  17. This sounds like an awesome workout! I’ve always liked doing the good mornings an did a new to me variation — handcuffed goodmorning — you hold a kettle bell with both hands behind your bum, and then procede to bend and extend like the regular ones 🙂 Less strain on the neck

  18. We love the workouts you share. LOVE interval work-outs, usually do the Insanity program but have been doing yours lately.

  19. I love doing HIIT. This will be a great workout for me to do once the marathon training is over and my next big training cycle begins.

  20. I love that you give out these quick, intense workouts. It’s so in keeping with people’s lives and every little helps.

  21. I always feel lazy reading your posts because I’m not in shape. You’ll be happy to know that the past 2 weeks I’ve been doing Zumba either in the morning or evening, and tonight I am starting Insanity 30! It’s time to get up and get moving even if it means I’m not as fit as I used to be. I’m getting there. Your posts have inspired me to get moving again.

    1. Diedre you have made my day. Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep moving and you’ll be fit again. Even fitter! Keep my updated on Insanity. That program is no joke.

  22. This is awesome I always need a little something extra to keep me motivated and this is it !!

  23. I used to do HIIT back in college/study abroad when I couldn’t get out for a run. What I loved was that it didn’t require too much space or equipment!

  24. I love interval training! I teach circuit training twice a week at my company–the class is just half an hour but the intensity is high enough that everyone feels they get a great workout by the end of it. Love the descriptions of each move that you provided.

  25. That looks like an intense workout but if it helps me tone up then I am all in. My cards are on deck.

  26. Honestly, my go to workout used to be zumba but then we moved the room around and now I don’t really have any space to get my workout in. I love yoga as well.

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  30. Awesome post! Love a freebie workout AND playlist ideas! Need that to keep the fire going!

  31. You do a great job writing and sharing these great workouts. Best part, barely any equipment needed and they can be done in less than an hour. Only on long run days do I take more than an hour but otherwise, there’s just so much going on. Can’t spend hours at the gym right? Thanks for sharing Jill and have a wonderful week!!

  32. When I am pressed for time I like do something quick in my living room or a HIIT workout at the gym or outside if the weather permits. HIIT it is so effective – I’m a huge fan of it too.

  33. I really have to get myself more fit. My 9 year old can beat me in arm wrestling. That’s bad. I need to save this!

  34. Love how you always offer such change-ups to a workout routine! I think (maybe because its Monday) that I am tired just from reviewing this workout! haha… Lifting the coffee cup up to my mouth is my workout today! 😉
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  35. That’s a serious HIIT training you have there, Jill.
    I still need to get my cardio back to what it was. WODs are killing me. Awesome mix!

  36. I used HIIT with great success during my last 2 Chicago marathon training cycles! We didn’t do it this time because I’m not running Big Sur for time plus I don’t think my PF would have liked it.

  37. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    My go-to is running up and down the stairs 20 times. I know that is kind of lame, but it’s better than nothing, right?

  38. wow! what a great workout and love that you included a playlist. saving this for a future workout!

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