Simple Things You Can Do for a Healthy and Happy Life

There are simple things we can do to live a life of fitness, health and happiness.

There are simple things we can do to live a life of fitness, health and happiness. No matter what your fitness preference is or your nutrition philosophy, there are some things that I think we can all agree will lead to living a healthy and happy life. Click through to read the full article and download the FREE tips on what you can do to live a healthy and happy life. Pin it now and read it later. @jillconyers

A big takeaway from a journey to recover from an eating disorder is realizing AND believing there is no magic and no one-size-fits all to lifelong sustainable health and fitness. I will sing the praises of a gluten free plant-based diet and yoga to anyone that will listen. I will swear to the benefits and how good those choices will make you feel. I bet some of you would disagree. Right?

When it comes down to it you have to find what you love and what works for you where you are in life right now. Maybe your body is much happier and performs better with animal protein. There’s a good chance your body is fine with gluten. Maybe you prefer a crossfit gym over a yoga studio.

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With that said, there are universal truths to health and fitness. No matter what your fitness preference is or your nutrition philosophy, there are some things that I think we can all agree will lead to living a healthy and happy life:

  1. Be mindful of your time so you don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s ok to say “no.”
  2. Get enough sleep. When you’re not getting enough sleep it affects everything, from mood and productivity and even your waistline. Have you ever noticed being more likely to snack mindlessly when you’re tired? Or is that just me?
  3. Be forgiving of yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for the workout that didn’t happen, the sweet treat you ate or the dishes that were left unwashed. Forgive yourself for past choices that you’ve labeled “bad”. They don’t define who you are.
  4. Make your health a priority.  Make time to workout, plan a menu and meal prep and destress with a little “me” time. It’s ok to sometimes put your needs above the needs of others. You certainly deserve it.
  5. Be mindful of mindless eating. Instead of losing yourself in a bag of your favorite snack ask yourself what’s going on emotionally and deal with those emotions first. and, then, see if you truly want that snack.
  6. More fruit and vegetables in your diet is always a good thing.
  7. Move everyday. Even if it’s just 10 minutes that time will make a difference in your physical and mental health and how you feel. Find ways of being active that you enjoy and you’re more likely to make active living a permanent part of everyday life.
  8. Spend time with the people you love. Give them your undivided attention.
  9. Eat clean whole foods instead of processed foods.
  10. Make time everyday for things that calm your mind. Give yourself the gift of inner peace.
  11. Give back. Kindness and helping others makes huge impact on other people’s lives and it becomes a source of happiness and fulfillment for you.
  12. Be wholeheartedly grateful everyday. Not passive gratitude. Make it an intentional thought everyday.
  13. Find what works to manage your stress. Stress has far reaching affects on our health and happiness. Even more than people realize.
  14. Know that you’re the expert of you. Listen to your body and you’ll know exactly what you need.

Try these tips. One, two or all of them and you’ll notice a change in your outlook on life and how you look and feel.

Download Easy Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life. Print it and hang it where you will see it often. A little reminder never hurts.

UNIVERSAL TRUTHS FOR FITNESS, HEALTH & HAPPINESS | There are simple things we can do to live a life of fitness, health and happiness. No matter what your fitness preference is or your nutrition philosophy, there are some things that I think we can all agree will lead to living a healthy and happy life. Click through to read the full article and download the FREE tips on what you can do to live a healthy and happy life. Pin it now and read it later. @jillconyers

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Who knows? 2017 just may be your healthiest and happiest year ever!

I would love to chat. What universal truth to health and fitness would you add to this list? What is a big takeaway from something you’ve done lately?

be the best version of YOU



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  1. Jill,
    hello my friend! your website is so different – i love LOVE it’s crisp, clean, look and your total gratitude and happiness focus, i loved your tips – ESPECIALLY SAYING NO that is so true. we are so similar I had so many o fyour “truths” written down for myself – today I planned on going to the gym, but when push came to shove, my body said “no” so I listened 🙂 wishing you well my friend

  2. These tips make me SO happy , Jill! Saying “no” to more things and getting SLEEP has been huge for me staying away from burnout. Or at least delaying the next bout 😉

  3. #1 was one of the best lessons I have ever learned! I have really focused on spending focused time with my family and husband. They deserve it!
    Stress will kill us all- that is a huge focus for me!

  4. These are great tips! I need to be more mindful of my health, I know that I can be really slack over it.

  5. #4!! I am all over it! I’m taking control of my family’s health this year, one recipe at a time. I am also blogging about it every step of the way. First recipe is live tomorrow. Xo

  6. I really wish that I could get into things like yoga, pilates and meditation. I’ve heard so many good things about them for the body and mind. My Mom says that I’m just not doing it right to appreciate it.

  7. I need to be so much better about so many of these! I spread myself too thin all the time and then my poor family gets to suffer!

  8. All these are very important. I like number 7 a lot. I sit in front of my laptop for a long time, so I make it a point to get up every once in a while to do a few minute of short burst exercises.

  9. More fruits and vegetables is a definite! I think that it is so important to listen to your body when it comes to food, if you get rid of the junk, you can tell when you need more of something. Over the past several years I have become accustomed to recognizing when I need more of something in my diet.

  10. Great list! #3 made me laugh out loud. I feel like my kitchen is always a disaster zone. Making everything plant-based sure makes a lot of dishes…

  11. Love all your tips. Number 6 and 9 are things I’m really working on this year to be healthier.

  12. I had a stroke, actually multiple at age 48, and I thought I was healthy at the time! So you can imagine how I love your post! I love them all and I really love 2 and 4,. That being said, the rest are just as wonderful. So important to find what YOU ENJOY AND DO IT FOR BETTER HEALTH

  13. my big takeaway is the fact that I wish I would have realized how easy it would be to stick to a clean eating lifestyle as I would have started sooner than I did. I love it and it’s not as hard than I thought + it makes me feel so much better!

  14. Forgiveness is so important for mind and body. I find when I acknowledge my misstep, and then forgive myself it is easier to get back on track, relieve feelings of guilt and generally feel better.

  15. Great advice! So funny i just posted about sleep too! Great minds think alike!! Im working on make an effort to stay positive and grateful no matter the situation. work in progress!

  16. I agree gf plant based diet and yoga make me feel great too. Before kids I worked out a lot. Now Im trying to focus on healthy movement.

    1. Hi Wendy. I don’t feel guilty and I don’t think I ever have. But, the clients I have started working with often say they feel guilty about making time to workout. They perceive it as taking away time from what others expect of them and they feel guilty about that. We’re working on a making time to workout makes you better at all the other things you do AND you deserve it mindset 🙂

  17. So much goodness here, Jill! All great reminders. My focus is on being mindful, in all aspects of life

  18. Its a challenge to indulge in simple pleasures everyday, especially with work and kids and different schedules and routines. Beautiful reminder of life’s simple pleasures !

  19. It’s funny how the universal truths are also the hardest to implement in daily life often! Sleep will always be a problem for me and I will also probably always be harder on myself than I need to be. These things are the toughest to change because they’re so ingrained in how I live. Love this list as usual, all great reminders 🙂

  20. I love number one. I constantly need the reminder that it’s okay to say no. Thanks!

  21. Incorporating yoga into my marathon training is helping me to relax and be more centered. Although I still struggle to do it even once a week but when I do it I feel so good!

  22. I’d be on your husband’s side, lol, with the respectfully disagreeing. But I can definitely get behind most of the points you’ve made (there are always exceptions, like people with FODMAP-triggered IBS having to be careful of not just what fruits and veggies they eat but in what quantities even the “safe” ones can be consumed; that’s the trouble with generalities). It all comes down to the last point, though–being self-aware, physically, mentally, and emotionally is the key to making all the other points stick!

  23. Great tips. I am trying to learn to say no so I don’t overwhelm myself.

  24. Wonderful advice. I’ve had to work on saying no to people-it’s hard, but it’s always worth it because it always me to make time for something else that means so much more!

  25. Sleep is so important for so many reasons. I’m realizing that my lack of sleep as a new mom is having a huge effect on so many aspects of my life. I’m very much looking forward to when my sleep patterns can become more regular again.

  26. Love these, Jill. Be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, be kind to others, take care of others. All seemingly simple rules to live by, but often difficult to put in to practice. Thanks for these great tips to help make it easier!

  27. I agree with everything, especially the final one…listen to YOUR body. I think so many people try to do the stuff others are doing…and they fight that “gut feeling” when something doesn’t feel right. Not every diet, exercise program, or training schedule is a perfect fit for every body. It’s important to try new stuff, but be willing to move on to something else if the “new” thing just isn’t working for you. Great post!!

  28. Saying no is the one thing I have the hardest time with. I’ve been trying to be very conscious of that this year and realizing when things just aren’t worth my time. It’s a process for sure.

  29. I love all your tips! Sleep is one I’m personally working on, more specifically, trying to do away with my night owl habits. And saying no…why is that such a hard one?!

  30. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your tips. I’ve been working a lot on not spreading myself too thin this year. I dropped my blogging from 5 days a week to 3 days, and it has made a HUGE difference. I now have time to meet up with friends after work vs having to rush home each night to get my post up. It’s made the posts I do create better quality and has helped me be less stressed. I also always feel happier and more energized when I get some movement in each day :).

  31. Love this list, especially #4! My husband and I were talking about our marriage and one of our strengths is allowing the other person personal time to recharge, pursue hobbies, and reconnect with friends without the other person. It seems selfish, but it’s so important!

  32. I need to print off this list and stick it on the fridge!
    Every single morning I kick myself for staying up too late and having to get up too early.
    Time to change that and get on a decent schedule.

  33. I love this list, especially #11 and #12! Gratitude has the ability to transform our whole lives. And sometimes it’s gratitude for access to healthy food or the ability to exercise that helps us make the healthy and fit choice.

  34. Love number 11, Jill. So true. Slow down and look around and see where we can offer a hand or kind word. Even a smile at a stranger is a great one. Nice job.

  35. I absolutely love this post, jill! So much truth here! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

  36. I love #8 – especially if they make you laugh. And fresh air – even when it’s cold – is very restorative for me.

  37. I LOVE this post. It’s so important to get simple reminders like this. Especially since my life has been so hectic lately! Thank you!!

  38. I love number 14! It’s so easy to ignore your gut instinct or push those subtle instincts aside in favor of accomplishing something or just getting something done. Ever since I left my job due to stress and desire for greater work-life balance, I’ve been deeply committed to my own well-being. Moving often, sleeping well, and acknowledging my feelings have been crucial for me. I really enjoyed this list!

  39. I love #8 and find that leaves me feeling the most happy and satisfied. I’m “plugged-in” most days and love when I can just turn off my phone and talk with someone I love, undistracted, for as long as possible!!
    Another great list Jill. Thanks.

  40. Great tips! I think, especially women, deal with a lot of guilt when it comes to putting their needs first: especially for health and fitness. I still feel guilty sometimes for going out for a run and leaving my husband home win my daughter. But I know, and he knows, I will be a better mother/wife when I am done!

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