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Holiday Gift Guide

The gift of health and fitness lasts all year

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts jillconyers.com #holiday @jillconyers

This post was, in part, sponsored by Apera Bags and myCharge, but all opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all the brands that support the Fitness Health and Happiness community.

Happy Friday!

Right in the middle of the busy holiday season life is calm and stress free. A stress free holiday 3 years in a row. That’s crazy, right? Well, not totally stress free. There’s stress that is inherent this time of year at work, but when all other parts of your life are calm and focused it makes the stresses in life feel so much less stressful and so much easier to manage. Boom! That’s a game changer!

Where am I going with all of this? Lately, I’ve been thinking. A lot. About how different our world would be if life was lived with less go go go and with more calm and a heartfelt sense of peace. Wouldn’t it. As the new year approaches and you’re looking back reflecting on 2015 and you’re looking forward making plans for 2016, what can you do in your life that will give you more calm and a heartfelt sense of peace? Do you even need to? Maybe you’re already there.

Think about it.

Enough [for now] with the sharing what’s been on my mind a lot lately.

Stress free holiday doesn’t mean missing out on the fun of gift giving. Quite the contrary. It makes it even more fun and rewarding.

Gift giving is easy for the fitness professional and enthusiast in your life.

Or, if your holiday shopping is done. Give the gift of fitness to yourself. Treat yourself to something new to add to your fitness routine.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts jillconyers.com #holiday @jillconyers @aperabags

Apera Bags Every fitness professional and enthusiast needs a bag that is versatile, functional and even better if it looks good. Check out the Apera Yoga Tote that is so much more than a yoga bag.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts jillconyers.com #holiday @jillconyers @bosufitness

Bosu Balance Trainer A great piece of equipment for home (or park) workouts that adds the key component of stability to take your workout moves to the next level.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts jillconyers.com #holiday @jillconyers @auroraeyoga

Aurorae Resistance Bands One of the best ways for convenient on the go workouts. The resistance bands are easy to pack and effective. Fitness equipment that will become one of the most often used for your workouts.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts jillconyers.com #holiday @jillconyers

Contigo Water Bottle Hydration is essential to health and fitness. You should never leave home without a water bottle. I’ve tried many and my favorite is the Contigo Autoseal Cortland Water Bottle. I have to admit.  A minor detail, but, none the less, I love the colors.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts jillconyers.com #holiday @jillconyers @mycharge

myCharge Razor Max This is right up there with chocolate. A wireless charger that adds 27 hours of talk time on your smart phone. It’s small enough to be incredibly convenient to have with you at all times. Did I mention that it’s wireless? Seriously. How cool is that?

ITBF jillconyers.com


Come back on Monday to get the details. You’re not going to want to miss #ITBF!

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What’s on your fitness wish list this year? Do you consider the holidays to be stressful or not so much? Have you made any plans or set goals for the new year?

be the best version of YOU


Fitness Friday jillconyers.com
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  1. Yay for Apera bags! I hope to be able to get one someday! :]

  2. Oh that Bosu trainer would definitely be on my fitness list! And pretty much everything else in your gift guide 🙂 Love it!

  3. I dream of a Bosu ball (preferably pink!).
    I recently got myself some yoga bricks.
    I’m really excited for 2016, Jill. It’s going to be an awesome year.

  4. such a great travel pack too! i need that charger. Thanks for the ideas. LOVE THEM ALL!

  5. I need a new gym bag so terribly. I’m carrying around Dave’s body building bag right now – it’s ridic!! Love this round up!

    1. Thanks so much Sam! Your support and friendship is truly appreciated. xoxo

      Did you ask Santa for a new gym bag? I’m sure you’re on the good list.

  6. I love taking time during the holiday season to just slow down. I spend the school year on the go so much that I try to avoid the business of the holidays and just focus on the present moment, since that is where the memories are made. Great gift guide Jill!

  7. Love this list! I finally got to try a bosu ball last week and I’m in love! Def a great pick!

    1. It really is awesome Elle. I guess I’m going to have to buy one for everyone in my family. They seem to have confiscated mine.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Diatta! I have a very short holiday list. It’s part of my whole stress free holiday strategy 🙂

    1. My heartfelt wish for you Wendy is a stress free holiday. And a myCharge too.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love the holidays, all the stress that comes with it, not so much. Thankfully I have my fitness which keeps me sane. I need to get me some of the resistance bands for travel. It would be so easy to keep in the RV.

    1. Hi Tricia. Keeping up with workouts has been huge in busting holiday stress for me! The bands are ideal for traveling.

  9. I am thinking about adding resistance training so that little band kit is looking good! I have my next appt with the cardiologist on the 29th and then I can carve out my goals for 2016.

    1. All will go well with the doc. I just know it! The band kit is awesome. It has everything you need to use the bands at home or traveling.

      Have a wonderful weekend Mary Beth!

  10. The Apera bag looks so functional and stylish – I never have a combination of both for gym bags! I love the Contigo water bottles!

    1. Hi Sarah. Very nice to meet you and welcome to Fitness Friday! My whole family loves the Contigo water bottles. You would probably laugh if you knew how many we have.

      I just checked out your blog. Love it. Congrats on graduating.

  11. I adore my Apera bag! One can never have too many chargers. Not when there are phone-toting kids in the house!

    1. We’re a phone toting family with everyone wanting the charger 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend Marcia!

  12. I’m working on writing out my goals for 2016. Currently trying to remember what I’ve accomplished this year.

  13. I love the holidays and make it a point to avoid adding stress to them as much as possible. Gift giving is fun for me, and I love your picks, Jill! I’d love to have a Bosu. This year, a new foam roller and of course more running gear was at the top of my list. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yay for stress free holidays! It puts a new perspective on gift giving.

      Have a wonderful weekend Laura.

  14. Great list, I love the Apera bag and I definitely need a new Bosu, mine died.

    1. Hi Toni. I’ve been a fan of Apera bags for several years. They last forever! How did your Bosu die?

  15. I bought a charger like that when I ran Ragnar. Best.purchase.ever. I use it all the time now when I know I’m going to be away from home for a while.

    1. I love the charger and so does the rest of my family. My husband is stealing it for his 300+ mile race next year.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. The pink bosu is just the best! I feel like the holiday’s have been fairly stress free. I’m doing a ton of work, but I think I’m doing a good job of balance, more so than recent years. A new kettlebell (or two) and a speed jump rope are on the top of my list!

  17. Those Apera bags look great and I’ve been seeing them everywhere. I have always loved my bosu -it’s great to have at home! Exciting things coming for you all next month. Thanks for the link up

    1. Hi Deborah. My husband and I use the Bosu a lot. I’ve been a big fan of Apera Bags for a few years.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Jill I’m with you. I pray out world comes to its senses and slows down! I’m so happy you are relatively stress free and have found a balance!

    1. Thanks Megan. If I could bottle some of what I’m doing and the changes I’ve made I would be a wealthy woman. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I have everything on the list but that charger and clearly I need it in my life! Great gift guide!

    1. Annmarie that charger is the best thing ever. My husband is stealing it from me for his 300+ mile race next year.

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