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Blogging Goals 2016

Dream big. Love what you do. Never give up.

DREAM BIG. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. NEVER GIVE UP. Take blogging to new levels in 2016. Planning to blog smarter not harder and accomplish at least 5 big things with Jill Conyers | Fitness Health & Happiness.

Remember last week I said this is the last week of the Fit Dish, but not the last week of the #fitfam. It’s still true, but not exactly the way I had initially thought.

I’ve been thinking a lot about intentions for 2016.

My priorities. My time. My energy. My focus. My passion.

Taking those 5 things into consideration along with my personal training business goals and the fact that [for now] I have a day job. I also have a son in his first year of college and a daughter who is a junior in high school with college in the all too near future. They both fall in the priorities category.

That brings me to blogging goals and the future of the Fit Dish.

My plan for the Fit Dish is to combine Fitness Friday and the Fit Dish. The link-up will be on Friday with 3 weekly topics and 1 open topic week. It makes total sense. For a long time Fitness Friday has been about so much more than physical fitness. All the details will be posted next week.

The name?

A Life of Fitness Health & Happiness

Finding a balance of and a focus on the combination of those 3 things has been a journey to live a life that I already thought was awesome and made it even better. 

I’m going to build a community for sharing ideas, loving, supporting, guiding and living a best life TOGETHER.

In other blogging news.

Blogging Goals 2016 DREAM BIG. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. NEVER GIVE UP. Take blogging to new levels in 2016. Planning to blog smarter not harder and accomplish at least 5 big things with Jill Conyers | Fitness Health & Happiness. jillconyers.com

Jill Conyers | Fitness Health & Happiness in 2016:

  • Go to at least one blogging conference [Looks like that will be Fitbloggin’ in July]
  • Increase newsletter subscribers by 25%.
  • Increase Pinterest followers by 50%.
  • [insert social media that I haven’t decided on yet] followers by 50%. In other words, stop trying to focus energy and effort into all of them. I will focus on blogging, Pinterest and one additional social media. Primarily, focusing on only 3 doing them really well!
  • Publish seasonal 21-Day Healthy Living Jumpstart 2016 programs.

What’s next? Now that I have decided on the goals, I need to develop a blogging strategy and then a social media plan that supports epic success.

So tell me, what’s going on in your life? You will join me for the new link-up, won’t you? What are your blogging goals for 2016? 

be the best version of YOU


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  1. Sounds like you and I are in the same stage of life. One child in college and one a junior in high school. I found you from Because I am Cheap LInk Up. Looks like you have been doing some planning. I have too. I am a health coach and I love to blog about health. I too am trying to figure out where to focus. I know facebook…since that seems to be where most of the women 40+ are hanging out, but not sure of the other…pinterest or stumbleupon. Twitter doesn’t seem to be doing anything so I am going to let that one go. Good luck in your year.

  2. I’ve signed up to receive your weekly link up newsletter and am excited to participate! It sounds like a great way to not only get your blog out there, but to connect with a group of like minded bloggers.

    I also like your goal of focusing on a few social media channels and doing those really well. It’s so easy to spread yourself too thin across all possible channels and not get as much out of them as you could if you focused. This year I will be focussing on Instagram and Pinterest 🙂

    Good luck with your blogging goals in 2016!

  3. Love the idea of honing in on just a few social media platforms and really knocking them out of the park! Pinterest is big for me and then I can’t decide which is a better ROI…Facebook or Instagram…..I push a lot of my Instagram posts to my FB but FB still drives more traffic, although I’m not sure if that’s from my page or from sharing on groups etc. I’ll be interested to see where you land!

    1. Kate, honestly, I still haven’t landed haha! I’m the same with FB driving more traffic (it’s #2 for me) but I’d rather focus on IG or Twitter. #bloggerprobs

      Let me know what you decide.

      Peace and joy to you in the new year. xoxo

  4. Love the goal to attend a blogging conference! I attended my first this year and it was such a huge asset to my blog, both in terms of inspiration and networking! My goal for this year is to attend another, and also to get ahead of my editorial calendar by drafting content a week in advance. Cheers to a fantastic 2016!

    1. Hi Tami. I’ve attended at least 1 blogging conference a year for the past 3 years. Always an awesome experience.

      An action step for my blogging goals is to use a true editorial calendar and staying at least one step ahead.

      Peace and joy in the new year.

  5. Great goals! I have been so unimpressed with Facebook “like” pages, I’m shutting mine down and sticking with Instagram.

    1. Hi Jen. I’m not a big fan of FB as a blogger. The algorithms and the constant changes. Mind if I ask, do you use social media other than IG for blogging?

  6. So many great blogging goals!! I definitely need to outline mine. I look forward to joining your new link-up in the new year!

    1. Hi Sandra and thank you. I’d love to know more about your goals. And of course I would love love to have you join the new Fitness Health & Happiness link up. I even have a plan to send out reminders each week to those that want one 🙂

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  7. These are some great blogging goals for 2016, Jill! In 2016 I will start focusing a lot more on my Instagram and Facebook page and I will create even better content than I did in 2015.

    Have a great day!

    Hugs from Denmark x

    1. Thanks Mathilde. You’re going to rock blogging in the new year! I hope you will join is for the new Fitness Health & Happiness link up. Details shared next Friday.

      Have an awesome day!

  8. I think that is a great plan for the #fitfam! Love it and can’t wait to see it roll out! I love how you set out your goals 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary Beth. As soon as I came up with a #fitfam vision and a plan it felt RIGHT!

      Much love to you friend. xoxo

  9. I’m still trying to figure out what my specific, obtainable but adventurous goals are going to be for the year! I need to give it a little time and research. These look like great goals for your 2016! – Katy

    1. Hi Katy Rose (or do you prefer Katy)? So nice to meet you.

      I just checked out your latest blog post. I NEED that scarf!

      I’d love to know more about your goals for the new year. Love chatting about blogging stuff 🙂

  10. I Definitely need to have a social media game plan with my blog. That’s a goal for me!

    1. Hi Krista. Nice to meet you. Good luck with your goal! I hope you will join us for the new Fitness Health & Happiness link up. Details posted next Friday.

      Happy holidays.

  11. This is great, Jill! I sortof have goals for 2016…what started as a hobby/journal has piqued my interest further, although I haven’t quantified them. I do like the idea of picking a few things and doing them well. Twitter doesn’t really hold my interest so I should probably just leave it alone – Instagram and the blog are my big things and maybe Pinterest as time permits. Hope to join you next year…I do have to get a bit more organized around my editorial calendar.

    1. Sounds like you’re on the right track to figuring out what you want to do and accomplish with your blog Kelli. Let me know what you decide your goals will be 🙂

      Happy and healthy holidays!

  12. Jill I’m working on writing a mission and goals for my business right now!! I think Pinterest is a must. I think instagram can be a good resource, I just need to figure out how to engage with more people (don’t get me wrong I love our blogging friends) but there are SO MANY PEOPLE out there we can help!! Let’s come up with a strategy and kill INSTA this year xoxo. I’m pretty jealous of this yoga retreat you are talking about. I still remember the post you wrote last year about going to a yoga retreat together as fitfam. I think that still needs to happen!! Happy holidays chick!

    1. Hi Sam. I’m sure your mission and your goals are going to be amazing and life changing for many. I’m still torn between FB, IG and Twitter as a primary social media focus. The more I research the more undecided I am. Mind if I ask, why did you choose IG? That’s the one I would most like to focus on but it is not a big source of traffic for jillconyers dot com. I’d love to know more about your IG strategy.

      I can’t wait for the yoga retreat! Fitfam plans delayed but not forgotten 🙂

      Happy holidays friend. Much love. xoxo

  13. Thank you for sharing this! I’m currently in the process of changing over from Blogger to WordPress, and that is consuming all my time. Once I get that done I can really focus on my goals

    1. Hi Karyl. Nice to meet you.

      Good luck with the change over. It’s not easy but you will be so glad you did it. Let me know when the new WP site is up and running. I’d love to see it.

  14. These are great goals! I’m trying to increase my pinterest and instagram traffic too. I’ve realized that branching out into every single social media channel has been exhausting and not productive at all!

    1. Megan you’re right! It’s exhausting. And that would kinda be ok if it was productive. I’m still debating. Facebook, Twitter or IG? I had no idea choosing which social media would be the hard part.


  15. Great goals! I definitely want to create a plan to be more consistent with everything blogging related in general.

    1. Hi Chelsea. Nice to meet you. Consistency was part of my focus for 2015 and it made a big difference. I love your blog! I hope you’ll join us for the new link up 🙂


  16. Accidental Bloger says:

    My goals?? Build Twitter by 200% build Pinterest by 2000%

    Learn Pinterest.

    Get invited to boards on Pinterest.

    Post one blog a month to a major publication.

    Join niche relevant link ups (whoop whoop!)

    Like you I want to go to a blog conference… Probably Blogher in fall 🙂

  17. These blog goal are perfect good luck you got this !!!

  18. Great goals, Jill! I want to work on growing Pinterest and Instagram. I also want to start a newsletter for the blog too!

    1. Hi Annmarie. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow your blog over the past year. You’ve done such a great job at it.

      I’m having a hard time completing the equation Blog + Pinterest + xxx = Growth. I have to keep reminding myself quality over quantity.

      I think we should collaborate some time in the new year. We would be unstoppable!

  19. Great list! I’m still working on my resolutions myself but I love reading what others have for their blogging goals- as I only really started becoming serious about growing my blog recently. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Meagan. Nice to meet you. Happy to share and good luck with your blogging goals.

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  20. Awesome goals and looking forward to the new linkup! I want to grow my Pinterest followers and email subscribers too. I’m thinking I need to do a ton of reflection on my blogging this year and see where I want to go next.

    1. Hi Janelle. I have done alot of reflecting and I have finally accepted that I can’t do it all. Quality over quantity right?

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  21. Great list of goals! I haven’t even started thinking about 2016 goals. 🙂

  22. These sound like some awesome goals. I would like to conquer pinterest. And I need to look into the blogging conference.

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend a blogging conference. The energy is amazing and you’re surrounded by people who share your passion and just get it. I hope you will join me for the new Friday link up! I’ll share more details next week 🙂

    1. Hi Deborah. Are those the 2 social media you currently focus on or will be? I’m having a hard time completing the equation Blog + Pinterest + xxx = Growth. Thanks!

  23. Great news! Best of luck with your goals!

    So much is going on here. With the holidays and then all the travel and things I have planned in the upcoming months, it’s going to be pretty hectic. However, that’s what makes everything exciting, right?

    1. Hi Jenn. I don’t mind the crazy busyness of this time of year. It’s a fun change of pace from the rest of the year.

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  24. Have you been to FitBloggin before Jill? I went last year and it was so fun. I’m hoping to make it again this year.

    Also, I totally get what you’re saying about focusing on just a few social platforms. I think I need to set a similar goal!

    1. Hi Chrissy. I haven’t been to Fitbloggin but I’ve been wanting to. Any tips for making the most of it?

      Mind if I ask, if you decide to focus on just 1 or 2 social media which ones will it be? I’m having a tough time figuring out Blog + Pinterest + XX = Growth

      Maybe you know the answer 🙂

  25. Those look like great goals! I am still planning my goals, but I think it’ll be centered around narrowing in on my blog’s focus, and reducing my bounce rate.

    1. Hi Andrea. Welcome and nice to meet you. Bounce rate? I understand the concept but I have so much more to learn.

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  26. Lori Musselman says:

    My goal in the coming year is growth. There are a few areas of growth that I want to focus on that I shall now go blog about 😉 And of course, I’ll join your blog link up! I love the vision it’s taking.

    1. Hi Lori. I can’t wait to see what and how you focus on blogging in the new year. Thanks for your support!

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

    1. I can’t wait to see what you do with the cert Nicole! I definitely plan to do the same but I haven’t decided how that will look yet. I need to balance what I’m doing in real life with the cert and what I have time to do online.

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

      1. I focus mainly on Pinterest and Instagram. I still post to FB and Twitter, but I’m really trying to grow the other two. Instagram doesn’t really drive traffic to the blog, but brands like when you have a strong following on that platform. I pretty much ignore Periscope and Snapchat is more for my personal amusement.

    1. Sue I would love to meet!! I’m thinking about going to both but that would mean 3 weekends of traveling with blogfest, fitbloggin and a yoga retreat to finish yoga teacher training. Not sure if I can make it all happen but I haven’t given up on the idea.

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

      1. I totally get it!! It’s hard to manage all the travel even though we want to! I started out doing ALL the social media and now I just can’t keep up. I’ve turned my game to Instagram. I’ve increased my followers by over 2,000 since September. My only gripe about Instagram is that it doesn’t increase my blog traffic. I would like to work on Pinterest this year though.

        1. That is awesome Sue. I would love any tips you have for growing IG.

          Funny you mentioned that about Instagram. It doesn’t drive much traffic to my blog either and it’s the one I’d like to focus on the most aside from Pinterest.


  27. You know, Jill, merging the two link-ups was a brilliant idea! I have felt torn between linking up on both of them, as I feel like I don’t have time to comment on other blogs in BOTH groups. Having them together will be great 🙂 I miss the Fit Dish but I think there is a great future for the new link-up combo as well.

    Love your goals for 2016 blogging! I’m in the process of establishing some blog-specific goals but they aren’t set quite yet. Currently I feel like I’m just surviving life – trying to keep my house decently clean, keep the kids healthy and somewhat happy, make the meals and have freelance projects done on time – and marathon training starts next week. I’m learning a new season of balance… new mom of 2 in training, I suppose!

    1. I can’t imagine why you feel like you’re in survival mode. Haha! You have a lot going on Amy. And you’re adding marathon training on top of that. You’ll figure out what you want your blogging focus to be.

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  28. You have so many great goals for 2016, Jill, and I’m so excited to follow you as you continue to grow this wonderful blog and your business. Growing my newsletter and Pinterest are big goals for me in 2016. I’m excited for your new link-up – Fitness Friday has become one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you Laura!!

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

      1. I am still a newbie at social media, but right now Pinterest is my main focus. I do Instagram and Facebook but not with the same focus, since Pinterest is the most fun and delivers the best results. I tried Periscope and just didn’t like it – too many social media accounts just divides my focus too much!
        Also, I love your Pinterest boards! They’re so organized and full of such great content.

    1. Thanks Sarah. If only I could decide which one. I want to do them all and do them all well. Not the smartest approach haha!

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle. I find it hard to narrow down to what I have quality time for. I want to do it ALL and do it well haha!

      Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

  29. My goals have bee swirling in my head for days; I just need to write them out! Definitely excited for the new Friday link-up!

    1. I’m curious to find out what you have swirling in your head. You are going to share right? I’d love to chat social media strategy some time.

  30. Great goals for 2016, Jill. Focusing on a few social media platforms, rather than all of them is such a great approach. I think that will help better with sharing quality content and having a consistent strategy for each one. I love Pinterest & Instagram!

    1. I agree. Now. If only I could decide which social media to focus on. Blog + Pinterest + ?????. Mind if I ask, are those the 2 you’re focusing on next year with little to no time on the others? Thanks!

  31. I have 4 of my goals written out and attending Fitbloggin’ is one of them. I can’t wait to meet everyone here!

  32. No doubt you’ll get your goals! I need to write my goals down too, and stop letting the wind scatter me in anywhich and every direction — was just thinking about that yesterday

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I think if I can narrow my social media focus and create a solid social media plan I’ve got this. I’m having a hard time with both of these tasks but I still have time. Do you mind if I ask, what social media do you focus on the most? All or just 1 or 2? Thanks!

      1. Well, personally I like instagram the best and am not giving it up . . . but probably need to focus next year more on Pinterest since it’s where most of my traffic comes from, and I don’t give it much thought

    1. Pinterest is my favorite. I just need to learn the tricks of how to maximize my time with it. What is your favorite social media?

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