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12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Plan your Thanksgiving Menu. 12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #healthy #vegetarian #thanksgiving @jillconyers

The holiday season is practically here. In our house that means Chad works A LOT (thank you to all the Amazon shoppers), plans are being made to celebrate Alec and Alyssa’s birthdays, plans are being made with family that travel to visit, registering to run a Thanksgiving Day race and one of my favorite things, special menus are being created.

I love menu planning for the holidays. The anticipation of family visiting with lots of talking, laughter, wine and good food.

This year I’ve decided our Thanksgiving menu is going to be a combination of  traditional family favorites and trying new things. A compromise with the family, a few of their preferred traditional favorites with a few recipes that are likely to show up on our menu during non-holiday times of year.

Plan your Thanksgiving Menu. 12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #healthy #vegetarian #thanksgiving @jillconyers

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad – image and recipe by Creme De La Crumb
Shredded Brussel Sprout and Kale Salad – Making Thyme for Health
Chantrelle Mushroom and Kale Salad – recipe by Dishing Up Dirt

Plan your Thanksgiving Menu. 12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #healthy #vegetarian #thanksgiving @jillconyers

Roasted Vegetable Galette – image and recipe by Cook Your Dream
Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake – recipe by Laura Friendly
Poblano Cornbread Stuffing – recipe by Love and Lemons

Plan your Thanksgiving Menu. 12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #healthy #vegetarian #thanksgiving @jillconyers

Mini Pumpkin Pie with Crumbled Crust Topping – recipe by Jill Conyers
Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes  – recipe by Leslie Durso
Vegan Mushroom Chestnut Cranberry Tart – recipe by Jamie Oliver

Plan your Thanksgiving Menu. 12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #healthy #vegetarian #thanksgiving @jillconyers
Mushroom and Stout Pot Pies with Sweet Potato Crusts – image and recipe by the First Mess
Mushroom Spinach and Scallion Tart – recipe by Martha Stewart
Butternut Squash and Kale Tart – recipe by Passports and Pancakes
Roasted Carrot and Red Quinoa Salad – recipe by Food and Wine
Plan your Thanksgiving Menu. 12 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #healthy #vegetarian #thanksgiving @jillconyers
Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Lentil Salad – image and recipe by Running with Tweezers

It all looks so good it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to 2 or 3. Oh, and I realize there are more than 12. I included a few bonus recipes because they looked too good not to.

I would love to chat:

Have you started planning your Thanksgiving menu?
How would your family feel about a non-traditional Thanksgiving menu?
What are your traditional family favorites?

be the best version of YOU

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  1. These look amazing!! we are pretty traditional in our Thanksgiving dinners although I’ve tried to healthify (is that a word?) a lot of the side dishes over the last few years!

    1. Healthify is a word. Isn’t it? It should be. I healthify the traditional favorites and my family grumbles.

  2. So many inspiring recipes. The roasted vegetable galette looks incredible. I just love foods during the holidays!

    1. The food is one of the best things about the holiday season. So good and yet a lot of the recipes we make once a year. Maybe that’s why they’re so good. Thanks Sandra.

  3. What a great round-up of Thanksgiving recipes! I might be hosting at my home for the first time this year, and my dad is vegetarian {occasionally vegan} so I’m going to keep this list close by. Pinned to my Thanksgiving board 🙂

  4. Hard to believe that its already November and that its time to start planning a Thanksgiving menu! If we were hosting this year, I’d definitely be looking into some of these recipes.

  5. Thank you for a great round up of recipes. This Thanksgiving will be my first as a Mrs. so I am looking for some good recipes to add to my repertoire. I haven’t been blogging in a while and I have to say I love the new site look. I think it goes beautifully with where you are right now in your fitness journey.

    1. Thank you so much Maria for your kind words. What fun to plan your first Thanksgiving as a Mrs. Are you hosting?

  6. Beautiful recipes!! I always love talking about Thanksgiving and the holidays. It’s such a happy time of year!!
    We are having Thanksgiving at home this year and I need to start planning. We usually go with old favorites – turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, My Mom’s special mac and cheese, green beans or asparagus, sweet potatoes, etc.
    I always love to mix things up a bit and these recipes look awesome. Thank you for this post – it’s not too soon to start planning! I love to make a fun, new appetizer as well and pair it with a nice wine.
    Have an awesome weekend!!

    1. Hi Natalie! I love this time of year. Family, friends, food and wine. What’s not to love 🙂

    1. Hi Marica. Are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner or traveling. I’m happy to cook/host every year 🙂

    1. Me to and no it doesn’t Wendy. I’m the only one that eats it but I make it anyway.

  7. Ooo these all look so delicious! And perfect timing – I am trying to switch to a more plant-based diet so I am on the lookout for inspo.

    We already had our Thanksgiving last month, but we tend to stick to the traditional turkey dinner with a few new veggie dishes for my mom and I. It’s always really exciting when my boyfriend and my dad feel brave enough to try them!

    1. I love to try new recipes but my family frowns at not having traditional favorites. I’ve been compromising for years 🙂

  8. So many great recipes to pin and try! My husband’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving so even when it’s just the two of us (our families live 2000 miles away) we go all out with lots of Thanksgiving food and then enjoy the leftovers for the whole week! I love vegetable side dishes – I make a lightened up green bean and mushroom casserole every year that is so delicious!

    1. My husband and I have always done the same thing. We go all out and enjoy a feast even if I’m the only one that will eat some of the recipes haha

      Have an awesome weekend Laura!

  9. We are having a very small Thanksgiving this year – in fact, my mom has suggested that we just take turkey sandwiches to the beach instead of having a formal meal. Not going to lie, I am tempted by the idea. Mr PugRunner isn’t on board, so maybe we can do pie at the beach LOL. It’s all about compromise.

    1. I love that idea Jenn! If you can convince Mr PugRunner with a pie then go for it. Let me know if you do 🙂

  10. This is such a great Thanksgiving Menu. Thanksgiving can be so super tasty and healthy at the same time. I always look forward to it – we have a ton of vegetables on our menu every year. I pinned your salad! It looks so beautiful!

    1. Hi Ilka. Staying healthy-ish during the holidays is easier than some people think. Do you cook and host Thanksgiving dinner or travel?

      Thanks and have an awesome weekend!

  11. I’m pretty traditional, even though my meal is vegan, but this year I’m visiting for Thanksgiving, so maybe I’ll step out of my box for the food I bring with me. These recipes all look delicious.

    1. I’m non traditional with holiday menus combined with traditional family favorites. I’ve been compromising for years 🙂

      Have an awesome weekend Debbie!

  12. All of this sounds amazing!! I want that roasted vegetable galette, the mushroom and stout pot pies and the mini personalized pumpkin pies! YUM!

    1. So many yummy recipes it’s hard to pick just 1 or 2. The mini pumpkin pie is a must.

      Have a great weekend Nicole!

  13. This is an amazing veggie Thanksgiving recipe and the most simple ingredients!

  14. Jill, can you set an extra seat for me?? Haha, everything looks so good. I do have to say it’s really hard to break tradition in my family when it comes to Thanksgiving. I hosted a couple of years ago and the menu was nothing like what we’re used to, but I’m glad I challenged myself with some healthier recipes that were pretty tasty!

    1. It’s a compromise Janelle. A combination of new recipes for me and traditional favorites for my husband and kids. Ham and stuffing are 2 things my family will never let me take off the Thanksgiving menu. I’ve tried haha!

      I have a seat with your name on it. Arrive anytime 🙂

  15. I love this! I host Thanksgiving every year and this menu definitely gave me some great recipe ideas for this year! Pinned for later 🙂

    1. I host Thanksgiving for friends and family every year too. It’s my time to try new recipes that maybe someone other than myself will eat 🙂

      Have an awesome weekend Annmarie and thanks for pinning.

  16. There’s not much planning involved in our Thanksgiving menu as it’s just the two of us (my son comes from his dad’s later). Basically it’s what do we want to eat for the next month or so LOL

    1. It does fly Deborah. I can’t even believe it’s time to plan a Thanksgiving menu. Happy to do it but it’s crazy how fast the year has gone by.

      Have an awesome weekend!

  17. What a great idea! I don’t have any vegetarians in my family so this never crossed my mind. I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving from Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon this year 🙂 Day 7 of our trip. Should be interesting!

    1. Such an amazing adventure Amanda. I would be happy to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Grand Canyon.

  18. Those photos have me drooling over here! 🙂 Our family has been eating the same foods for years for Thanksgiving, but we always add in at least 1, if not 2 new dishes each year. Last year I made brussel sprouts with cranberries, pistachios and balsamic vinegar. Such a winner! Making it again next year!

    1. The brussels sprouts sound delicious! I have a very similar recipe. Sadly only I eat it. Ham and stuffing are 2 traditional favorites my family will never let me take off the Thanksgiving menu. I’ve tried haha!

  19. Beautiful photos! My sister-in-law hosts Thanksgiving. Every year I bring a green salad a side dish and a dessert. So this post gave me some great ideas! I love the lentil salad and the roasted vegetable gallette! Pinning, pinning it all!

    1. Thanks for pinning Autumn! Lentils will definitely be on holiday menus this year.

  20. I’d forgotten about your mini pumpkin pies! must. have…..
    We always have my pumpkin enchiladas (which are vegetarian if you don’t do them with turkey). And then I get hooked on them again and eat enchiladas for like 5 days straight!

    1. Pumpkin enchiladas? I need that recipe! I could easily eat enchiladas for 5 days straight.

  21. I just started putting together my menu last weekend! I love adding variety and pairing new with traditional flavors! Lentils are a big one for me on my menu this year!

    1. Me too Megan. I’ve cooked a lot with lentils this year and they will definitely be on many holiday menus.

  22. It is hard to believe it is time to start planning Thanksgiving! I do have to have some of the old standing favorites but I love to add a few new dishes each year, that keeps it interesting! What a great collection of recipes and your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Hi Mary Beth. Ham and stuffing are 2 things my family will never let me take off the Thanksgiving menu. I’ve tried haha! The menu is a compromise so everyone is happy and full 🙂

  23. Those pictures are so gorgeous, holy Moses. I’m pretty sure that the turkey and stuffing are the two dishes we eat that are non-Vege. We could probably use some of these instead of the mac n’cheese, beans, potato salad, etc.:)

    1. Ham and stuffing are 2 things my family will never let me take off the Thanksgiving menu. I’ve tried haha!

      Thanks Tiffany and have an awesome weekend!

  24. Love these! I’m definitely looking to spruce up my Thanksgiving menu, and while I’m not vegetarian, I do often gravitate towards recipes like this anyway. I’m liking the sweet potato and black lentil salad! Hopefully my kitchen will be done by then, lol. Thanks for the link up, and have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I thought a lot of these recipes would be enjoyed even if you’re not vegetarian. Have an awesome weekend!

  25. Yesterday I watched Periscope in which said she was taking a vegan break during Thanksgiving because of the turkey. It was funny. I’ll probably be taking a break while in Brazil as well, so no judgement here.
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I’ll checking some of these recipes. That roasted sweet potato looks delicious.
    Thanks for putting this post together, Jill.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Happy to share Debbie. It’s interesting. As I’ve journeyed to find what nutrition makes me feel and perform my best I’ve realized when I give myself “permission” to eat anything, I naturally choose real whole foods because that’s what I enjoy and makes me feel my best. Where am I going with this? If I restrict meat from my diet I crave it relentlessly. I tell myself if you want meat eat meat. Guess what. I haven’t taken a single bite of meat. Never judgement.

      Sorry for the rambling. I love this kind of stuff. Oh. And I’m going to try to remember to join the try it tuesday link up. Fun!

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