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The Best YouTube Channels for Yoga

A yoga journey that began on YouTube. From #YouTube videos in my home to teaching class, workshops and private yoga sessions. Click through to begin your yoga journey. You might be surprised by where it takes you. #yoga #youtube #videos #freevideos #yogavideos #bestlife #selflove #selfcare #mindfulness

My love of yoga began with a home practice and YouTube videos. In one way or another each of these ladies inspired me to try, taught me more than I ever expected, helped me create a home practice and quite honestly, irrevocably changed my life.

Yoga was something that was way out of my comfort zone and starting with a home practice felt safe. A way to step outside of my comfort zone and simply try.

  1. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are taking yoga classes with Erin at Five Parks Yoga!  Erin teaches Hatha yoga with an emphasis on personalized attention and detailed information regarding all aspects of a well rounded yoga practice.
  2. Yoga with Adrienne Yoga with Adrienne is the yoga channel for everybody. Yoga is really the art of waking up. Getting back to the true you. It can be that simple. Yoga offers up a way for us to see a world that is working for you instead of against you. Yoga reminds me that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance, breathe with awareness. If the journey really is the reward, then by golly I choose to enjoy the journey.
  3. Kino Yoga Kino Yoga YouTube channel is place where you will find all the tools for your yoga practice. Full length beginner friendly practice sessions, tutorials on almost every posture that work like a yoga pose encyclopedia, yoga lifestyle and philosophy discussions and Kino’s handstand and yoga demo videos for inspiration from all over the world.
  4. Tara Stiles Tara Stiles is the founder and owner of Strala, the movement system that ignites freedom.
  5. Beach Yoga Girl Kerri Verna is a photographer, yoga Instructor, instructional that shares videos to help you learn Yoga. Kerri also hosts monthly yoga challenges on Instagram.
  6. Rachel Brathen Yoga Rachel Brathen is a world renown yoga instructor known for her inspirational teachings both on land and water. Step into their YouTube world for tutorials, full yoga sequences, beach living and more!
  7. Interval Yoga by Ali Kamenova Ali Kamenova teaches strong, creative & butt kicking yoga classes. She offers a variety of yoga classes for all levels. Weekly uploads of strong power interval impact vinyasa yoga flow,. interval training, tabata, HIIT workouts. relaxation yoga.
  8. Do You Yoga Learn and enjoy yoga with certified yoga instructors from around the world with new videos every week.
  9. Yoga By Candace Candace is an international yoga instructor and the writer behind the popular yoga lifestyle blog http://www.yogabycandace.com. These videos range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, and cover a wide variety of themes.

THE BEST YOUTUBE CHANNELS FOR YOGA || A yoga journey that began on YouTube. From #YouTube videos in my home to teaching class, workshops and private yoga sessions. Click through to begin your yoga journey. You might be surprised by where it takes you. #yoga #youtube #videos #freevideos #yogavideos #bestlife #selflove #selfcare #mindfulness

Be inspired by the beauty, strength and grace of yoga.

Who knew that a few YouTube channels would lead me to becoming a yoga teacher? When I think about it, it’s mind blowing.

What type of YouTube channels do you subscribe to? Do you practice yoga at home or in a studio?

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  1. Cassidee Smith says:

    Dylan Werner as well! Thanks for the other recommendations too!

  2. I started my yoga practice recently. I did yoga before as part of my workout but this time its totally different. I found peace and balance in the practice. I actually dream of being able to share and teach this beautiful practice to others. Thank you for sharing this. I actually love Yoga with Adrienne but would like to see others too.

  3. Check out Yoga with Tim. Also a great Youtube channel

  4. I bet these are really good. Thank you Jill. 🙂

  5. Passion the website– extremely user friendly and great deals to see!

  6. Any suggestions for seniors, just starting out? I find so many are directed for people with experience so it’s hard to follow along

    1. Sue,
      You would enjoy Jen Hillman on YouTube. She targets areas of the body like your neck and back, but does everything in between. Her videos are generally very basic, and friendly to ALL ages. Cole Chance is also a good instructor.
      I’m no spring chicken, but in fairly good condition considering with some physical challenges so when I just what a relaxing practice that stretches everything, these ladies are my go to.
      They can be found though Psychetruth or YOGA TX (or just by name).

  7. Leslie Fightmaster should be on this list she is a wonderful teacher for all levels with classes of every length for everything from prenatal to traditional Ashtanga.

  8. Dear Jill
    Please consider my YouTube channel for the future; AnitaGoaTV.
    I offer Yoga, Yoga Inspired Fitness, post-workout yoga stretching, wellness and life Philosohy.
    Anita Goa ?

  9. I have 5 favorites for YouTube Yoga:
    Esther Ekhart
    Maya Feines
    G’Morning My Love
    Gypsy Vinyasa Flow

  10. I can’t believe Ekhart Yoga isn’t on this list!!!

  11. This post is perfect. I’ve been wanting to add some yoga to my at-home workouts, and I figured YouTube would be a great place to start. Definitely going to check these out!

  12. Great resource for those yoga lovers… or those of us who aspire to be a yoga lover.

  13. Great list! I find that if I’m not in a class, I don’t stick with it, especially with yoga. I think at this stage, accountability is what I need most!

    1. Hi Carly. I felt like I was ready to learn more than I could get from practicing solely at home. Given the choice I prefer the studio.

  14. I’m not a huge fan of yoga, but I need to check out some of these videos. I really need to put in a few minutes each day to balance my body better.

      1. Angie LaVenture says:

        I didn’t know that running and yoga work well together. I will have to figure out a plan for that.

  15. I recently discovered yoga through YouTube too! I currently follow Tara Stiles. Will check out Yoga with Adrienne and Beach Girl Yoga this week. Thanks for this post. 🙂

  16. This is just what I need. I can never seem to make it to a yoga class. Doing yoga at home is perfect but I never know what online classes to use. Thanks for the recommendations!

  17. This post came at the very best time. I haven’t been running and am getting tight right before marathon day so I was NEEDING a yoga class today but couldn’t find one that fit my schedule. I just picked a random yoga class on YouTube because I had no idea where to look! Thank you!

  18. I’m so excited that you created this post! I’ve spend a lot of time on the internet looking for good yoga videos. Pinning for later!

  19. Yoga by Candace is very popular.

    I love youtube for pug videos (because I have a problem with those) and dance choreography. I’ve never tried yoga through a YT channel. Thanks for this great list.

  20. Im determined to get into yoga after this pregnancy. This will definitely be handy.

  21. I am so happy you put this together! I have been wanting to get more into Yoga but want to be able to do it from home! I will definitely be checking these out!

  22. Thanks for sharing. I have tried yoga a couple times (DVDs) and always want to try again to help balance things out with my running.

  23. Typically I go to a studio for yoga but I do enjoy Lululemon’s channel when I can’t make it to a class. I’ll check these out!

    1. I love Leslie fightmaster as well. Yoga fix 90 is amazing! 90 days of yoga all free and challenging for more advanced but also accessible for those starting out.

  24. This is great information! I have always been saying I need to incorporate more yoga into my routine, and now that my final race for the year is coming up this weekend I am serious about it! I’ll definitely be checking these out.

  25. I have only ever done yoga at home, mostly using yogadownload.com or other online resources. Thanks so much for this list! I would love to take a studio class, but time and schedules are tricky.

  26. I am not a Yogi. Mostly because I don’t make the time for it and I judge my practice. I loved the meme of your practice being just that, a practice of you making space for your true you. Thanks!

  27. I’ve being using a lot of these channels to workout recently. They are all fabulous and I love that I can work out for free from home!

  28. Yoga w/Adrienne is usually my go-to for at home yoga. I recently found Yoga by Candace and I’m a big fan. I also like Erin Motz yoga. I tend to go for yoga at home, but I did a few classes at a studio last month and loved it!

    1. Hi Jen. If given the choice I prefer the studio but if I can’t go I’m ok with yoga at home. Love Adrienne. Have you done her challenge?

  29. Thanks for sharing these, Jill. Regular yoga has become quite difficult at this point in my pregnancy, but I’ll have to pin this for later so that I have some new yoga videos to use once my little guy has made his debut. These will be great too for days when its difficult for me to leave the house.

  30. Jill this is such an amazing resource! Pinning for future use for sure! I love doing yoga at home, although I Have to admit I really do miss the heat I’m used to in my yoga studio. I find I can’t get as deep into poses. Maybe it’s just mental thing? I can’t wait to try these, going through and subscribing now!

    1. Hope you’re enjoying yoga with YouTube Sam. I feel the same way about heated yoga. Have an awesome rest of the day!

  31. Thank you for this! I’m a huge fan of you tube yoga videos. I’m still looking for a good yin yoga video….

    One of my favorite channels is Lululemon. Their yoga videos are really high quality–esp. the ones for the SeaWheeze half marathon.

  32. Perfect timing! My Rodney Yee DVD won’t play anymore. I don’t use YouTube as much as I should considering all that is offered there.

  33. I don’t subscribe to any yoga channel, but I’m loving the workouts on Grokker.
    I completely lost my flexibility and even though I cannot call myself a yogini, it has been really helpful to me.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this list!

  34. i only do yoga at home and am soooo tied of all my DVDs.
    I neeeeeeeed these suggestions.

      1. Jill, I just found this post today! I’ve been yoga-ing from home for over a year now ?I love Adrienne and I also follow Leslye Fightmaster and love her too! I’m gonna try some of the channels you suggested!

        Thank you!

      2. Hi, thanks for sharing it with us. Do you know an Iyengar yoga channel? Thanks

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