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ENERGIZED Workout Playlist

Heart pumping playlist to motivate you through a workout.

Good morning fitfam! Jess and I have been working hard behind the scenes brainstorming ways to make The Fit Dish even better!

You will feel the energy from both of us!

Now on to the music and sweating it out.

This is is possibly the best playlist I’ve ever created!

60 minutes of the best songs to keep you going while you raise your heart rate, torch calories, and sweat it out! Click on Spotify below to hear my favorites.

ENERGIZED Workout Playlist jillconyers.com #thefitdish #fitnesshealthhappiness #workout #playlist #healthy #activeliving @jillconyers

No matter what order you play this list in general, I highly recommend Let Me Be Myself as the cool down song. Just try it. You’ll see how perfect it is while you absorb the feeling of  the post workout high and adrenalin.

Music can have a massive impact on motivation and energy levels during exercise.

Listening to music while you workout is a good kind of distraction, ups  your effort and puts you in the zone (Huffington Post). Music puts you in the zone and makes you want to move.

Add the Energized playlist to Love Your Body or Viatlize Your Body HIIT workouts and I promise, you’ll feel amazing!

Love Your Body jillconyers.com #workout #HIIT #fitnesshealthhappiness @jillconyers

Vitalize Your Body jillconyers.com #workout #HIIT #fitnesshealthhappiness @jillconyers

The Fit Dish Update

PLEASE READ. I know it’s a lot but it will be worth it.

Ladies, we absolutely love The Fit Dish fit family (a.k.a. #fitfam). Coming together every week is always inspiring, supportive, and allows us to increase the reach of our messages. Jill and I think this sisterhood needs to grow – too many people are missing out. So, we’re amping up The Fit Dish goodness. Here is what you can expect.

More opportunities to share and have fun together.
Every post will feature a fun call to action – whether it’s an Instagram prompt that you can share and hashtag, finding someone new to show support to, or tagging a buddy about TFD (The Fit Dish). We’ll let you know.

Click to tweets in every post.
Thanks so much already for help spreading the word! Now, we’re going to make it a little easier for you by adding a Click to Tweet. Let people know what’s going on, so they can join in the fun.

Increase Your Following
We want to make sure we’re following each other on social media, so we can better communicate with our sisterhood. In your Fit Dish posts, add your social media handles, so we can all see them easily. If you follow someone new, let them know in your comment, or reach out to them on social media. If you see a newbie linking up, check to see if you’re following them yet!

THE HASHTAG! #thefitdish
Our Fit Dish hashtag has been a bit confusing. Is it #dishthefit or #thefitdish? We are committing to one, the simpler one in our book, and it will always be #thefitdish from now on. Whenever you post on social about The Fit Dish, get that hashtag in there, so we can always find it.

November Instagram Challenge 
Jill and I will be hosting a fun, gratitude-based Instagram Challenge. We’re waiting for the other IG challenges to finish off, and then we’ll get started. Look for more details soon. So excited!

Please share your thoughts.
What would make The Fit Dish great or greater for you? What topics have you liked and/or not?

Our goal is to get at least 15 participants next week, and get bigger every week.

Remember, we love when you link-up anything health/fitness related. The topic is always optional – and never feel guilty for not following it.  Our goal is to better support you all, and to get the word out wide.

Next week’s [optional] topic:

The Fit Dish jillconyers.com #thefitdish #fitfam #fitnesshealthhappiness @jillconyers

This is a fun one! If you could be anyone or anything during your workout, who would it be? A celebrity? An athlete? A friend? Let your imagination take over!

Instagram/Twitter prompts:
Share a line from your favorite workout song  OR  share a pic of you working out, and tell us what you’re listening to.

Add the hashtag #thefitdish #powerplaylist and tag a friend if you want them to join! And, if you tag @dishthefit and @jillconyers we won’t miss it [optional of course].

Strengthening The Fit Dish Fit Family
Follow one new social media account from The Fit Dish fit family, and let them know you did.

That’s it! It was long so thanks for making it this far.

Thank you for making the Fit Dish amazing every week. Much love XOXO!

What’s your favorite song from the ENERGIZED playlist? What are the first 3 songs on your playlist right now?

be the best version of YOU


Let’s stay in touch!

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  1. I lived by One Republic is a fav of mine. I really like the glee version of it too.

    Right now the 3 songs on the “spring start” playlist (that is still being created) are:
    Turn Up The Music by Chirs Brown
    Blank Space / Style (feat. Devin Dawson) by Louisa Wendorff
    You’ll Be Mine by Havana Brown

    Until I find (or replace) my iPod I will continue to listen to RockMyRun mixes on my iPhone.

    1. Oh no. How long has your ipod been missing? I like a lot of the glee versions of songs. Have a great rest of the weekend Matilda.

  2. I for one cannot wait for the November gratitude challenge! It sounds like another great way to relate and get to know one another in this community 🙂

  3. Nice list! I think when I’m doing my non-running, some good music would help pump me up! Sounds like The Fit Dish is going to get even better, awesome!

    1. I love how the music adds a rhythm to the strength training exercises. Thanks Janelle!

    1. Jessica can I brag a little and say it’s awesome? I’ve been playing it even when I’m not working out 🙂

  4. Loving your playlist!! I don’t have a playlist right now – I need to work on that 🙂
    I can listen to Viva la Vida over and over again. LOVE Coldplay!!

  5. I’ve been digging “Levels” too recently! I also love a lot of the songs from the Southpaw soundtrack – perfect for hardcore workouts.

    1. Hi Janelle. Nice to meet you. I need to check out the Southpaw. I’m sure I know the songs, but I’m not sure which ones are from that soundtrack.

  6. Love it – especially Linkin Park Bleed it Out. Their tunes are definitely fun to run to and they are great in concert! For me, the faster and louder the music the better. I have hard rock some metal but during cool down phase maybe a little mellower rock…Staind…Aaron Lewis. Thanks for sharing Jills Jams! Rock on!

    1. Hi Diane, Linkin Park is one of my all time favorite bands. Bleed It Out is exceptional for running and spinning. Have a fantastic day!

  7. I’ve never heard those songs before but my daughter digs that band so sure she would love it. Looks like you all are doing some great things in your weekly linkup.

    1. Hi Sue, this playlist has some great songs for running. Are you a Linkin Park fan? Bleed It Out is one of the best songs ever for running especially a race.

  8. The Fit Dish is my favorite. And wait, what? There’s a book?! So excited to see you grow this opportunity for the fit family to grow. Please let me know how I can help behind the scenes, if necessary! I’ll be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the IG challenge to start!

    1. Thanks so much for our support Tara! We’re excited to kickoff the IG challenge. #fitfamlove xoxo

  9. Haven’t heard alot of these yet but definitely going to find you on Spotify so I can listen. Thanks for creating and sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for your support Artney! This playlist is pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🙂

  10. I don’t even have a playlist LOL. And I’m pretty sure I only know like 3 songs that came out in the 2000s!

  11. I have fallen in love running with music again. I had to ditch my tunes for awhile where I ran routinely and then just fell out of the habit. I won a pair of wireless headphones and sparked the interest again. I had forgotten how a good beat could up my pace! I am loving Mandisa’s Good morning! It really gets my blood pumping even when I’m not on a run! I just can’t sit still listening to it! 🙂

    1. Hi Tricia. That’s the way this playlist makes you feel. You just can’t sit still. Have a fantastic day!

  12. awesome playlist! I know most of these but will have to check out a few. One Republic and Imagine Dragons can do NO wrong in my eyes!

    1. Mar, I love Imagine Dragons. Actually now that i think about it my whole family loves their music. Have a fantastic day!

  13. What a great list. I love fall out boy and imagine dragons for working out. Music gives life to workouts! Thanks for sharing Jill.

  14. I just downloaded this to Spotify and Csnt wait to workout to it!!! I love a good playlist it amps me up and lifts my spirits. Thanks for sharing Jill!!

  15. I always need a new playlist. This has some great ones. I’m still loving Megan Traynor.

  16. I always say not to judge me by my playlist. But you asked, so here goes: Stay on by The Bodeans, Mr Blue Sky by ELO, and Run to You by Bryan Adams.

    Are you on spotify? I’d love to follow you!

    1. Love it Wendy! Don’t judge. One of my all time favorite running songs is Kickstart My Heart by no other than Motley Crue. Am I a Motley Crue fan. Not even, but I love that song for fitness. Judging yet? Have an awesome day! xoxo

  17. Yay! I’m sad that life got in the way of me writing anything for this week’s linkup, but hooray! I love The Fit Dish and am super excited for the new changes! 😀

    1. Life gets in the way sometimes. We get it. You’re still a big part of the fitfam! Thank you for your support Farrah. xoxo

  18. LOVE this playlist! I Lived by One Republic is my personal theme song. I listen to it everyday to motivate myself. 🙂

    1. Me too Maureen! The first time I heard it was during a presentation for parents when my son started college this year. Have a fantastic day! xoxo

  19. So fun! I can always use a good motivating playlist so I saved this one for later! I know it’s goofy but right now I am finding bluegrass alternative music really inspiring with the fall weather and scenery like Coleman Hell’s new song 2 heads.

    1. Not goofy at all Jenna! Ok. maybe a little ha! Enjoy Energized. Warning. The songs on this playlist get stuck in your head 🙂

  20. You and Jess are so wonderful and amazing – I looooove this link up!
    I’m pumped for your IG challenge, I’m totally in.

  21. Can’t wait for more of the Fit Dish! Music does get me pumped up 🙂 I like that “Am I Wrong” song on your playlist.

    I’m a slightly embarrassed to say that some of Taylor Swift’s songs are my favorite… like “Shake It Off”… yeah. Two other songs lately: “Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace, “Take Me Alive” by Andy Mineo.

    1. Don’t be embarrassed Amy. I’m a Taylor Swift fan too. Shake It Off. How can you not like that song. Have a fantastic day!

  22. Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for new music inspiration to keep me motivated while working out!

  23. Lots of exciting things coming up for you all! I don’t usually post on Tuesdays but I will try to find a way to interact with you all more. Looking forward to the IG challenge and great playlist!

  24. I’m loving your list, Jill. ‘I Lived’ is one of my favorites! Eye of the Tiger, Til I Collapse and Girl on Fire are some of my favorites these days!

    1. Jen, I love Girl on Fire! It’s on my girl power playlist from last week 🙂

  25. I love when i get in the zone – it’s the best feeling, especially when I wasn’t necessarily in the mood to workout when I started. So excited to check out your tunes and workouts! And, THe Fit Dish…oh my goodness, it has a huge place in my heart and I can’t wait to take it to another level. Xx

    1. Hi Jess. It’s time to take it to the next level! I know we can create the community we both envision! xoxo

  26. Great ideas to increase the following! I won’t lie- I just forget every single week! I need to make a note in my planner so I can participate! This playlist sounds so good! I’ll be finding it on Spotify to follow 🙂

  27. I can feel all the excitement and energy! I love it! This looks like a great playlist, I need to make one! Did you use Spotify? #fitfam <3

    1. Hi Mary Beth. Yes, after being a long time pandora user I’m trying spotify. So far I like it better. Thanks!

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