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Siggi's Icelandic Style Skyr #yogurt #nourish #giveaway @jillconyers @siggisdairy

If you follow me on Instagram and twitter you know I’m a big fan of Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr.

Siggi's Icelandic Style Skyr #yogurt #nourish @jillconyers @siggisdairy

This has become a regular weekend snapshot.

Do you know what skyr is? Before Blogfest I had no idea.

According to Siggi’s, Skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. The whey, the water naturally found in milk, is then strained away to make for a much thicker, creamier, concentrated yogurt. So to make just one cup of skyr, with all that water going out, you need 3 – 4 times the amount of milk required to make a regular cup of yogurt. As a result of this process skyr comes out with 2-3 times the protein count of standard yogurt.

Simple ingredients. Not a lot of sugar.

Siggi's Icelandic Style Skyr #yogurt #nourish @jillconyers @siggisdairy


Check out the variety of awesome flavors. And with all the talk of fall and pumpkin we’ve been having lately, notice the yummy goodness third row down on the right under Skyr on the Siggi’s Products page.

Not sure where to find Siggi’s? Whole Foods had the biggest selection of flavors and Kroger carries a limited selection.

Enter your zip code in the Store Locator to find a store near you.

Want to try Siggi’s for yourself?

Siggi’s is generously offering one lucky reader a month’s supply of Siggi’s. A lot of people that have said they want to win.

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Siggi's Icelandic Style Skyr #yogurt #nourish @jillconyers @siggisdairy

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  1. Fruit, sometimes nuts or granola. It took me a while to find Siggis but I located it at a bigger Target with full grocery a town over, and it was so worth it, I thought it was delicious!

  2. I would love to try blueberry

  3. Just stopping back to tell you I tried Siggi’s today. I noticed it in the yogurt aisle when I was distraught that vanilla Chobani was out of stock, so I bought some while remembering this post. It was great!

  4. I would love to try their blueberry which is my favorite yogurt flavor.

  5. I had no idea what Skyr was, but this sounds so delish! I’ve never tried Siggis but now I almost have to. I love getting the plain version of yogurt and playing around with the flavors myself. but pumpkin sounds amazing!!

  6. I have been seeing so much of this brand recently and though i too have seen it at the stores, i havent tried it yet!
    you make me want to 🙂
    thanks for this giveaway!

  7. I’ve never tried Siggi’s but have seen it in the grocery store – just never gave it a second thought but will have to check it out! I tried Plenti yogurt too thanks to my fellow health and fitness bloggers and now love it 😉

  8. I never heard of Siggis. I’ll have to give it a try 🙂

  9. manda shank says:

    I would try vanilla.

  10. i’ve never tried this brand or heard of it! i’d love to try the pom flavor!

  11. Mina Fang says:

    original flavour i guess and then add stuff

  12. I would like to try strawberry first.

  13. I would like to try coconut first.

  14. Angie Jerde says:

    I usually stick to plain and jazz it up but I would definitely love to try the coconut!!! All the flavors sound amazing. I have not heard about the skyr before but I think I would like the consistancy of that for sure. Thanks for the awesome giveaway: )

  15. Jordan D. says:

    I absolutely love Siggi’s. I want to try the pumpkin & spice or the fig flavors!

  16. I want to try the strawberry, I have never tried it before and didn’t know what Skyr was before

  17. Hmmm, I would try strawberry first. I had no idea what Skyr was – but now I do! : )

  18. I’d try thr Pumpkin and Spice first!

  19. LOVE Siggis!! I ate the blueberry flavor today! Seriously the best yogurt!! 🙂

  20. I’d like to try the Pumpkin & Spice! I have never heard of Skyr.
    There are a couple stores very near me that sell it.

  21. Seems like a top brand. I live in India, no news of it here.

  22. I’d love to try the blueberry kind–it sounds delicious!

  23. What a great giveaway! I have always wanted to give them a try…Banana or pumpkin would be DELISH!

  24. My store has a pretty decent supply – yogurt is one of those things that is really hit or miss with me, but everyone raves about this.

  25. They don’t have the pumpkin spice near me anywhere or the banana – would love to try these!

  26. I seriously just bought some for the first time at Target yesterday. I am kicking myself today because I only bought two and I have gobbled them up. I need more! They were to die for. A new favorite for sure!

  27. I’ve seen that at the store and have never tried it – I’d love to give it a go!

  28. I’d love to try the blueberry

  29. I’ve never heard of this brand before at all. Sounds like it would be great, though. I need something fancy and protein heavy in the morning to cope with the day’s work. >_<

  30. I’d like to try Orange & Ginger! Skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland! I would love to try all flavors!

  31. I love Siggi’s! We actually fight over the last container in our house because it’s such a big hit! My favorite flavor is blueberry

  32. I adore siggis!

    I love the fact that the flavors are only enhanced with a bit of sugar. They are delicious and make me feel so good. My favorite so far has been the strawberry and rhubarb 4%! Absolutely delish.

    I’m going in for a hip surgery, and siggis is on my pre-surgery grocery list! It is so nutritious and easy for me to grab and feel great about to nourish my recovery.

    One flavor I’m dying to try is the pumpkin spice!

  33. My son loves “yogrit” and Siggi’s is his fave…esp fruit flavors!

  34. wow, what a great thing to giveaway. I’ve never heard of Siggi’s or their process but I’m also not a huge yogurt fan but eat it sporadically!

  35. I always try plain first! Got to know what the yogurt tastes like on its own.

  36. I SO wish I could have yogurt- such a healthy and delicious snack!

  37. Oooh, I’ve been wanting to try Siggi’s for some time now! Ryan and I both eat lots of plain Greek yogurt and the thickness and extra protein of Siggi’s sounds so good.

  38. I am a plain yogurt person! So that is the one I would go for.

  39. It doesn’t look like this is in my area yet so I am going to need that free stuff! I love all the fruit flavors! Nice review!

  40. I love trying new kinds of yogurt, but I’ve never tried this brand!

  41. I’ve heard great things about Siggi’s yogurt from all the bloggers who went to Blogfest. Seems like I need to finally see what all the hype is about!

  42. I LOVE Siggis! I recently found it and I love the blueberry and strawberry yogurt tubes! They are my go to afternoon snacks.

  43. Is this like greek yogurt? My lactose-intolerant belly can handle some greek yogurts but not others. So I’d have to test this on a day where I’m not going anywhere haha.

  44. I get on kicks where I love yogurt and then I’m not so into it. I have a friend who just returned from Iceland – I’ll have to ask if she heard about skyr.

  45. I love Siggi’s! It’s one of the things I miss right now while I can’t have dairy (can’t wait to be able to reintroduce that in a few months). Their vanilla is awesome and is yummy on it’s own, mixed with fruit, or in baked goods.

  46. I love Siggi’s! <3 My favorite flavor is their Pomegranate + Passionfruit! 😀

  47. Yum! I love my current greek yogurt, but I’m always open to trying new things!

  48. I’d love to try the strawberry – most fruit flavored yogurts are too sweet for my tastes.

  49. This is my absolute favorite, hands down!! I have a stack in my fridge as we speak (or as I type!) and I would LOVE to win this. Thanks Jill!!!

  50. OH ID LOVE LOVE LOVE BANANANANANA as Ive not yet seen this in stores around me!

  51. I’ve never tried Siggi’s because it’s so expensive! I would love to try all the flavors!

  52. I have seen Siggi’s in the store but haven’t tried it (I’m boring, stick mostly with my plain vanilla Chobani). I’ll have to step out of the comfort zone and try it.

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