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Five Things Friday #fitnessfriday #linkup #fitnesshealthhappiness

Good morning and happy Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared Five Things Friday and with so many good things going on it’s the perfect time.


On my flight home from LA after Blogfest some of my things were stolen at some point between checking my luggage at LAX and picking it up at baggage claim in Cincinnati. Mostly workout clothes were stolen but also, underwear. Yep, every pair I packed for the trip. Gone. My yoga mat. It’s not the mat I use most often but, still, it was mine. My point to all of this is, every time I think about my things being stolen or I realize something else is gone I get this sinking feeling in my stomach. It’s an invasion and that’s exactly how it feels. I’ve decided I will NEVER check my luggage again.

On the bright side, I’ve replaced my favorite pair of striped yoga pants!


One of the new Jill Conyers [dot] com logos. What do you think? The re-design is taking longer than I expected. We haven’t rushed to get it done and it’s turning out exactly as I envisioned. It’s getting close to reveal time!


I’m in the process of creating a bootcamp and making plans to start taking clients as a personal trainer (how awesome is that!) and loving every minute of it. In thinking about all of this, of course, I’ve been wondering, what exactly are people looking for in a personal trainer? What is most important in selecting who they would want to work with?

I would be so grateful if you would answer:

What would you look for in 1. a personal trainer and 2.  a bootcamp?


Wild Friends Foods #ad #nutbutterlove #realfood

Nutbutter love! It’s not a secret. I’m a huge fan of nut butter especially almond. But, with the exception of my recipe for flax vanilla almond butter, my almond butter experience has been limited to the goodness of plain almond butter. I didn’t need anything else. Or, so I thought. Wild Friends generously sent me their nut butter products to try and, wow, I was missing out on the variety of almond butter flavor possibilities. Any recipe with almond butter, replace it with any of the variety of flavors for an extra boost of goodness! One of my favorite green smoothie recipes with the Chocolate Almond Butter with Crunchy Almond Pieces is fantastic! Some might say I get a little too excited about almond butter.


RW Half

A 3-day celebration of running!

I’m so excited to have invited back to 2015 Runner’s World Half & Festival the weekend of Oct. 16-18 in Bethlehem, PA. I attended the event in 2012 and it was one of the best events I have attended as a blogger. Check out some of the photos here → Runners World Half & Festival

And, yes, as a matter of fact, that is me with running greats Dean Karnazes, Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot and Shalene Flannagan.

Runner's World Festival and Half

This was another chance to meet blogging friends in real life and I had awesome roommates!

On the schedule for this year, Olympian great, Deena Castor will be attending, a trail run, and of course the Hat Trick is back, running 3 races in 3 days (5K, 10K and half marathon).

Let me know if you’re planning on going. I would love to meet up!

Sign up with the link below and use the discount code, “blogjillconyers”!!

Sign up at the Runner’s World half website and don’t forget to use the discount code.

The code gives you $3.50 off the 5K; $4 off the 10K; $7.50 off the Five and Dime; $9.50 off the Half; $17 off the Hat trick.

Linking up with Friday Favorites at Life In Leggings.

Have you ever run a Hat Trick or multiple races in one weekend? How about 2 races in one day? What flavors of nutbutter have you tried?

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  1. Runner’s World…bucket list. One of these years!
    I need some Wild Friends in my life.
    So glad you replaced those leggings! I need to just buy them already.

  2. I am so disappointed that your stuff got stolen! Is the airline doing anything about it?? And while it may seem silly I used to get underwear stolen from the dryer in college and it totally ticked me off! That nut butter looks tasty, I’ve never heard of that brand before.

    1. Becki, if you like nutbutter you have to try Wild Friends. It’s seriously the best. The airline hasn’t done anything so far. Ugh!

  3. That is so awful that your stuff (underwear too?! CRAZY!) was stolen!! Not a fun way to end Blogfest 🙁
    The RW festival sounds amazing!! What a super fun weekend!
    I have only had plain almond butter, but it looks like I am missing out big time on the flavors!
    Love your new logo and can’t wait to see everything!!

    1. Hi Natalie! How are you?

      I know! Crazy isn’t it. It feels so creepy when I think about someone snooping around in my luggage. I’m so excited about the redesign. I can’t wait for the reveal.

  4. eliz frank says:

    What a violation… did you reach out to the airline and file a claim? It’s a real drag to have that happen and it sounds like a real creep took your stuff. I love your new logo (clean lines and direct). In terms of a personal trainer, I want someone who really LISTENS to my needs and my LIMITS. Ws all need some push and we all have our limits. 🙂

    1. Hi Eliz, thanks so much for your thoughts on a personal trainer. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Who would steal dirty workout clothes? What the heck?!
    On a happier note, love the new logo and can’t wait to hear about the Runner’s World Festival!

  6. So weird and unsettling to have things stolen from your luggage. I have never had that happen and I am sure you feel quite violated. So sorry this happened to you.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Jill.

    1. Hi Priya. How are you? Losing something I can handle. My stuff was stolen. That’s a whole different story.

  7. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you had your luggage stolen on your way back from BlogFest! That sucks! Why would someone do that?! Ugh!

    Love your new logo 🙂

    RW Half & Festival will be awesome 🙂

    1. That’s the strange part Kayla. They only took some of the things and left me with a half empty suitcase. How does that happen? How did nobody notice someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing? Creeps me out.

      I can’t wait for RW! Have you been to this event before?

  8. Wow! I can’t believe you had some luggage stolen. I mean, who does that, but takes underwear?!! So sorry that happened to you! Love the new logo. I have only had one flavor of almond butter and that’s maple flavored by Justin’s. It was soooo good though!!

    1. I know! How do you suppose nobody noticed someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing and a yoga mat. Really?

      Sue you have to try Wild Friends. The flavors are amazing.

  9. I am sorry to hear about the stolen luggage. I think I would want a personal trainer who encouraged me while pushing me at the same time. I need tough love to get through a tough workout, you know?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on a trainer Heather. I’ve been thinking my approach is somewhere between Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. Tough but I’m not a yeller. What do you think?

  10. That’s SOOOO upsetting about your luggage. Boo. At least you can get some new clothes I suppose. I love your new logo-it’s so pretty.

  11. OKAY WHAT!!! HOW SHADY!!! ITEMS STOLEN?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! I CANNOT EVEN FATHOM this! I always get a little nervous about something like that happening, but then I push those thoughts aside and pretend like everyone is a good human being, HA! Yeah, well apparently NOT! I am so sorry to hear this!

    1. I know! How did nobody noticed someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing and a yoga mat. Really? Thanks Gigi.

  12. They stole your underwear??? That is so weird and a total invasion of your privacy. It is so sad how flying has become dreadful and stressful…BUT…Yeah for all the other good things you have going on. And one can never have enough nut butter…I have so many jars right now and I LOVE it.

    1. I know! Who steals underwear? Wait. Don’t answer that. Creepy.

      Same where with jars of nutbutter. I have to say Wild Friends is at the top of my favorites list.

  13. I was robbed once and felt violated – I’m sorry you had to go through that! I love the new logo and look of your site Jill!

    1. I know! I’ve asked myself the same thing but don’t really want an answer. Creepy!

  14. Love the new logo! Its awesome! Sorry to hear your stuff got stolen, that sux big time, especially the underwear thats like “ick”. The nut butters look sooo yummy. I will keep an eye out for them. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Autumn! You’re going to love the nutbutters. Let me know if you try them and what you think. Have a fantastic weekend!

  15. Wow that’s crazy! Can’t believe someone stole your underwear too! So weird but maybe flattering in a creepy way 🙂 Love the new logo and super exciting about the runners world race. It’s on my list one year for sure. Not too far from here. Have a great weekend!

    1. I know! Who steals underwear? Wait. Don’t answer that. Creepy.

      You should go to RW this year so we can meet!

  16. Artney @ My Pretty Brown says:

    Those nut butters looks really yummy! I love them too. I’ve heard great things about the RW Half Festival. I hope to make it one year. Sorry to hear about your things, but on a happier note! I love your new design. Can’t wait to see what you go with!

    1. Thanks Artney. I’m so excited about the redesign. Can’t wait for the reveal!

  17. I cannot believe you had things stolen from checked luggage. My husband always laughs at me because I lock my bags when we check them. Maybe I was actually preventing something like that all along?! I would feel just like you about it.
    I love Challenge races like Runner’s World where you can run multiple events!! They are so fun!

    1. Hi Melanie. I didn’t think you could lock your luggage anymore? I’m still not checking a bag ever again. I can’t wait for RW!

  18. I’m sorry to hear your stuff was stolen! It saddens me that there are people in the world who will do stuff like that, especially with how much deliberation was behind it to pick specific items out of a suitcase. I love your new blog logo – so clean and pretty!
    I would look for a personal trainer who pushes me just outside my comfort zone in a firm but encouraging manner. That’s super exciting about the Runner’s World weekend – I’m excited to see and read about it!

    1. Thanks Laura. How do you suppose nobody noticed someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing and a yoga mat. Really?

      I can’t wait for RW!

    1. Hi Sarah. I’ve been learning how to create fun playlists for workouts. It’s not as simple as I thought but worth the time.

      1. I was able to just this past February when we flew to NYC. I bought special TSA approved locks.

  19. OMG, I’ve never had anything stolen from my luggage. That’s really creepy.

    The logo is pretty; as a former designer, though, I’m not quite sure what it is meant to convey. One of my standard questions to customers was what is the first thing you want people to think of when they see your logo? And trust me, it ALWAYS takes longer than you think.

    It’s been so many years since I worked out with a trainer. I do miss it. I’d certainly want to know about your training. Whether or not you have experience with people who have IT Band issues (like me).

    1. Hi Judy. I’ll keep everyone updated on training services. I see what you mean about the logo. Would you add the tagline? It quickly becomes too much and not just a logo. Know what I mean?

    1. I’ve tried a lot of brands and Wild Friends is my new favorite. They’re that good!

  20. Girl loving the redesign, it’s going to be epic!! I think your personal training business is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to chat with you about the boot camp ideas, I think you are really going to have an awesome following! You are so relatable and you make healthy and fitness easy to understand and absorb! Send me all the nut butter, Dave can’t do peanuts anymore so I”m not buying it and I miss it!!

    1. Thanks Sam! We’re both on our way to living a dream! Can your husband have nuts at all? Life without nutbutter? Sigh.

  21. Love the logo, hate your undies and stuff was stolen…can wait to see the reveal!

    1. Hi Kellye and thanks! Who steals underwear? Wait. Don’t answer that. It creeps me out.

  22. Not that I can afford a personal trainer or a boot camp, but if I could, it would have to be a funny person leading a fun class. If someone is just aggressively hard core (a la Jillian Michaels) I tune out and won’t go back.

    1. Hi Sara. Thanks so much for your thoughts on a trainer. I love Jillian’s approach but I’m not a yeller and I wouldn’t want to be. I’m more of a balance between the no nonsense of Jillian with the approach of Bob Harper.

  23. Wow I realized I never commented about the stolen luggage! What a crock that’s awful…lots of bad karma to them…did the airline try at all to make it good?

    1. Nope. Nada. Zilch from the airline. How do you suppose nobody noticed someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing and a yoga mat. Really?

  24. The New Logo is Fantastic!!! So clean and perfect. You’re making me want a new one which I know I need! Love it Jill, I also like seeing Tina Reale back on a blog I miss her voice around here!

    1. Hi Renee. I’m so excited for the redesign. It’s turning out exactly like I envisioned. I haven’t even minded taking longer than planned.

  25. Oh man, I need to try that brand of nut butter asap! I’m so pumped for you to be doing bootcamps and training clients. Teaching bootcamps is one of my favorite things. I love a bootcamp that is intense and challenges me, but still had adequate rest breaks (I don’t want to be working out for 40+ minutes with no rest!) and one where the instructor makes sure to correct/teach proper form! With people trying to blow through exercises quickly, form is often the first thing to go.

    1. You’re awesome Jen! Thanks so much for your thoughts on bootcamps. Mind if I ask? Are your bootcamps offered through a gym or independently?

  26. I need to try wild friends!! Their nut butters look super delish 🙂

  27. I love your new logo– it’s beautiful! I have a friend doing the runner’s world half. Thats a week out from MCM so I’ll be doing some serious tapering! Happy Friday!

    1. So I’m guessing the hat trick is not on your taper plan 🙂 You’re going to rock MCM!

  28. Someone stole your underwear? LOL They must’ve had a panty fetish!

  29. Did the airlines compensate you for the stolen items? I think that’s just a terrible thing…knowing someone went through your suitcase and picked stuff out.

    You know how much I love my coach. I think that finding the right trainer is really individual, but I’d say that for everyone, the trainer has to be firm in their approach. When I whine, Becky’s no-nonsense response is just what I need. And that threat of burpees….

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on the trainer. I’m definitely no nonsense and all about relationships.

      How do you suppose nobody noticed someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing and a yoga mat. Really?

  30. Wow, I never knew that those pants had been stolen! It’s such a horrible feeling when your things get stolen and I totally know what you mean about that feeling that you have.

    I find that most of my personal training is about the relationship. Yes, they want you to be knowledgeable and provide motivation and accountability, but they stick around because they like YOU.

    It’s appropriate that my post today is all about the half marathon. Congrats on going back to RW!

    1. Hi Debbie. And my yoga mat. What the heck? How did nobody notice someone walking out of work carrying women’s clothing and a yoga mat? ugh!

      I’ve learned from personal experience and professionally, the relationship comes first.

      I can’t wait for RW!

  31. Stolen luggage? That’s the worst. I’m all my travels that has never happened to me! Freaks me out!
    Congrats going back to the running festival.

    1. That’s the strange part Julie. They only took some of the things and left me with a half empty suitcase. How does that happen? How did nobody notice someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing? Creeps me out.

  32. Ugh, so sorry your stuff got stolen. I’m thankfully never lost a bag when flying, but only fly MAYBE once a year. I love that logo Jill!

    1. Thanks Bri. I’m so excited about the re-design. Can’t wait for the reveal!

  33. I cannot believe you had all that stuff stolen and in sorry to hear that! I have never had that happen in all my years of traveling. Loving the new logo. Did you do it yourself? I’m thinking of redoing mine as well.

    1. Thank you Megan. I keep thinking I’m over it and then I realize something else was stolen. Ugh! I hired a designer for the re-design. Everything is turning out exactly like I envisioned and I haven’t even minded taking longer than planned.

  34. Are you sitting down? I’m glad I was when I read this because we are finally going to meet!!!!! I will also be part of the blogger team at the RW weekend!!!!! woot woot!! SO, SO, SO excited 🙂
    And, that is ridiculously creepy about all your stolen things, especially your underwear. Really? Gross.

    1. I know! Who steals underwear? Wait. Don’t answer that.

      So freakin’ excited we get to meet. Have you been to this event before? Seriously amazing weekend especially attending as a blogger. Woohoo! Can’t wait!

      1. This will be my first time at the event and I’m beyond excited!!!!

  35. wow, those nut butters look great! I live very close to Runner’s World. Not currently planning to go but I may change my mind at the last minute. I’ve heard they added a trail run, as well.

    1. The trail run was a selling point for me! You should go Kelli so we can meet 🙂

  36. Boo to your luggage being stolen- that is crazy and sad! Glad you replaced your yoga pants. YAY for Runners World! I would love to attend, looks like so much fun! It’s definitely on my bucket list 🙂

    1. Hi Annmarie. That’s the strange part. They only took some of the things and left me with a half empty suitcase. How does that happen.? How did nobody notice someone walking out of work with an armful of women’s clothing? Ugh! The RW event is an amazing weekend. If you ever get the chance go!

  37. The wild friends chocolate coconut pb is amazing! I’m amazed it lasted a couple days in my house.

    1. Hi Kristen. Is it wrong that I’m happy my kids don’t like the chocolate almond butter so I don’t have to share? I’ve tried a lot of nut butter brands and WF is now my new favorite.

  38. What is with people and stealing things? I had something much less substantial stolen this week, but it still sucks. Love the new logo!

    1. Seriously sucks. I keep thinking I’m over it and then I realize something else was stolen. Ugh! Thanks Susie!

  39. I am loving everything about this post except the fact that someone stole your undies! Who does that? I love the logo- super excited about your reveal. I just got a sample of that nut butter in my love my food box! Can’t wait to try it! HMMM- now you got me thinking about this Runner’s world festival- I am going to check it out- I need more details! So if I had a coach, she would need to be passionate, smart and motivating! I am hard headed, smart and need to know why 🙂 Happy Friday!

    1. I love that you’re hard headed and need to know why 🙂 You should come to RW. We could finally meet! Plus it really is an amazing weekend for runners. Which nutbutter did you get. I’m seriously obsessed. Happy Friday to you too 🙂

  40. Loving the new logo Jill. I participated in a Bootcamp for about three years and I love it because there was no yelling and excellent instruction. Bootcamp taught me how to get down and dirty.

    1. Thanks Gina. I’m not a yeller which works out because yelling during bootcamp really isn’t my style. Was your bootcamp at a gym? Or outside?

  41. Excited for the reveal. The logo looks great! There’s so much good stuff here!! (Well, except the stolen stuff… not cool.) Happy Friday!

  42. Wow, getting stuff stolen is a horrible feeling! The new design looks great–very exciting!!

    1. Hi Michelle. It is a horrible feeling and I keep thinking I’m over it and then I realize something else was stolen. Ugh! I can’t wait for the reveal. So excited!

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