Fitness Humor, HIIT, Legging Love

Thinking Out Loud

I’m taking a study break and chatting with friends at Running with Spoons.

A little humor, having my ass handed to me and legging love.


Fitness Humor, HIIT, Legging Love jillconyers.com #thinkingoutloud

This is hilarious, especially the TRX and Barre descriptions. I saw this at Popsugar earlier this week and literally laughed out loud. I’ve been wanting to share it but not everyone gets fitness humor. The family wasn’t the least bit interested.

If Fitness Class Descriptions Were Actually Honest, This Is What They Would Say – Popsugar


Fitness Humor, HIIT, Legging Love jillconyers.com #thinkingoutloud #HIIT

HIIT workouts are humbling and kicking my butt. After this workout I was done. Exhausted.

It’s all in how much you put into it.

Start the workout with a mindset of giving it your all, don’t hold back, for 30 minutes.

There’s a satisfaction in making that commitment to a workout.

Walking upstairs was a daunting task so staying downstairs was a good idea at the moment.


Fitness Humor, HIIT, Legging Love jillconyers.com #thinkingoutloud #HIIT

I have stopped all catalogs coming to the house, EXCEPT Athleta.

Fitness Humor, HIIT, Legging Love jillconyers.com #thinkingoutloud #HIIT

One of my latest purchases! Love love the fit of the Chaturanga Capris. For no other reason than, this just makes me happy.

What choice will you make today? Every healthy choice matters. jillconyers.com #fitnesshealthhappiness #healthy #bestlife @jillconyers

And, last, but not least. I’ve been re-writing my mission statement and defining a purpose I’ve only recently realized. Progress, mistakes, baby steps and successes, it all matters. It all makes a difference. We learn, keep trying and moving forward with the determination to never give up.

Time to get back to studying. Have a wonderfully happy Thursday!

Did you think the fitness class descriptions were funny? Do your family and friends get fitness humor? What was the last workout that you finished and felt done with nothing else to give?

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  1. Hello, I know it’s been a year but just wanted to day that was indeed a funny post. Also, I was wondering if you could please tell me the name of the top in the picture with the chatarunga capris if you know it. It looks similar to the Full force and the Energize tanks but I know it’s not. Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness I love those capris! I have never shopped at Athleta, but am thinking I should hit one up soon. 🙂

  3. Great quote and yes – I was in tears when I read that Pop Sugar piece. So funny (and so true!!)

    1. The so true is what makes it even funnier Elena haha! It feels good to laugh doesn’t it 🙂

  4. Love those leggings! Well… I love all things Athleta 😉

  5. Cannot wait to read the descriptions as I’m pretty sure I know what they will say 🙂
    And YES to all things Athleta! I just somehow spent and obscene amount of money on their stuff – same catalog – I need help!

  6. Love those leggings!

    I was toast after doing sprints at the end of my run today. Way too hot to push those speeds.

  7. I have a legging problem… I have at least 10 identical black pairs!

    1. haha Carmy I have so many black pairs of leggings too! I can’t help myself 🙂

  8. My Wednesday workout literally kicked my butt and had me feeling exactly how you look in your picture…I did a 5 mile run + a upper body workout. I was SMOKED! Looking forward to some downtime this weekend…Happy 4th!

    1. Me too Deborah. Although, there are some patterns I just can’t pull off. I look hilarious. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  9. Funny! and since by BF teaches Barre classes that one was the funniest! I love Athleta- best catalog ever! Now to get to my 3 day weekend of nothing! WOO HOO! 🙂

    1. How was your weekend of nothing Mary Beth? Awesome? One more question, have you taken a barre class? I’ve been thinking about trying it.

    1. We share the same addiction Michelle. It’s part of the fun of health and fitness 🙂 #athletalove

  10. I read that fitness class article the other day and laughed so hard! I ran a 10K virtual race today and definitely finished with the feeling that I had given it my all.

    1. Hi Lauren, it feels good to laugh doesn’t it 🙂

      I love that give it my all feeling!

  11. Girl I just love that mission statement. I feel like I’ve been fighting with myself lately. I need to recognize the small stuff. Going to check out those class descriptions now. Happy studying my friend!!

    1. Hi Sam, you have a lot going on. Be nice to yourself 🙂

      What did you think of the class descriptions. Hilarious right!

  12. I also liked the fitness class descriptions but my experience with a spin class was somewhat different – my knees were okay but omygosh my backside! In the end I had to just ride standing up as I just couldn’t sit down any longer – and that’s with a fair amount of padding on my posterior!

    1. Haha! I remember the same thing the first 2-3 times spinning. I couldn’t imagine it ever feeling comfortable. Thanks Felicity 🙂

  13. I love athleta capris, also Old Navy’s! Super fun (wearing some right now) and put me in a great mood. I’m really excited about a new line of workoutwear that I’m about to be sponsored by/represent. Stay tuned!

  14. I adore those Chat capris! The black/grey stripe were sent to me in error and I love and kept them, but I’m still jonesing for the black/white!

    1. Hi Marcia, I almost bought the black/gray on Saturday. So cute and comfy too.

  15. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    That fitness article is hysterical! I definitely have some family and friends who would get it. The last workout I did that left me feeling like I had nothing left to give was my speed workout on Tuesday- I was definitely glad when that was over!

    1. I always give 100% with speed workouts on a track. Theres’s just something about that feeling.

  16. It’s so true — everything we do, every choice we make is part of us and our journey. Without goals, baby steps, mistakes, achievements and progress there would be no story!
    Happy almost Friday Jill!

  17. I love this post! And that link to the fitness classes made me lol. It also reinforced why I don’t go to classes. I would be Mindy, going to the left while everyone is going to the right…

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