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Tips To Make the Most of a Blogging Conference

Tips To Make the Most of a Blogging Conference @FitApproach @ideahealthandfitnessassociation #blogging #conference #ideaworld

The last time I mentioned Blogfest was in March and now we’re counting down the days. I learned a few things when I attended Blogfest for the first time last year. No, you won’t have time to go back to your room to shower as often as you would probably like. Yes, you will use your phone ALOT. Yes, you will have to eat on the go throughout the day. Yes, you will sweat. Yes, you will go home with more stuff than you arrived with. Yes, it’s fabulous!

Take advantage of what I learned and use these tips to make the most out of your experience at Blogfest and IDEA World Fitness Conference:

Get social. Connect with other bloggers who are going before the event. The Blogfest Attendees Facebook page is a great place to start.

Know ahead of time what events/sessions you don’t want to miss. Before you leave home look over the event schedule. Once you’ve mapped out a plan, print a copy of the conference schedule to keep with you.

Bring an extra suitcase or make sure to leave a lot of room when you pack. You’re going to need it to bring home purchases, freebies galore and Sweat Pink swag.

Research the event sponsors and brands that will be exhibiting or giving demos. Make note of who you want to connect with. Learn more about the company and get to know them ahead of time. The opportunity to interact with brands and presenters, however brief, can be invaluable.

Take advantage of the awesome opportunities to workout with Jillian Michaels, and Keynote speaker Gabrielle Reece will lead her HighX class.

Speaking of workouts, keep in mind clothes for after the workouts and whether or not you will have the opportunity to go to your hotel to change and freshen up.

Make sure to take advantage of the fact that you’re also attending the largest fitness convention in the world, IDEA World Fitness Convention. On Saturday and Sunday you’ll have access to amazing classes, demos, and certification opportunities.

Bring business cards and always have them easily accessible. Don’t be shy about handing them out. Include your blog name and URL, social media handles, and contact information. After the conference, I went through the business cards I collected from other attendees and some of the brands and connected with them via social media channels and follow up emails.

Bring a bag that gives you an easy comfortable way to carry everything throughout the day. My recommendation is a backpack. That way you can keep your hands free to take pictures, hand out business cards, make notes, etc. It’s also less cumbersome when you’re in a crowded space.

Take notes during the seminars and classes. There will be a lot of great information and you’re going to want to remember it. Whether it’s a tablet, laptop or pen and paper, have a way to make note of information, names, phone numbers, emails, contacts, etc.

Keep snacks and a refillable water bottle with you. More on this and tips to healthify traveling in tomorrow’s post.

Plan how you’re going to keep your phone, iPad, camera battery, etc. charged. Outlets will be limited and everyone will be doing the same. Bring a portable charger or even a power strip (to share).

Dress comfortably. I wore yoga pants or shorts the entire weekend with the exception of a dinner or 2. Be prepared for chilly conference rooms.

Tips To Make the Most of a Blogging Conference @FitApproach @ideahealthandfitnessassociation #blogging #conference #ideaworld

Tips To Make the Most of a Blogging Conference @FitApproach @ideahealthandfitnessassociation #blogging #conference #ideaworld

Even with all of the fantastic classes, workouts, speakers and training sessions, the absolute best part of attending Blogfest is the people. Meeting friends in real life that you feel like you’ve known forever [through their blogs] and making new friends that you will keep in touch with long after the conference is over.

It’s a whirlwind of a weekend and, honestly, it’s exhausting, but with a little planning and a lot of energy and enthusiasm, Blogfest will be an unforgettable experience.

Are you going to Blogfest? Do you have any questions about attending? Have you ever attended a blogging conference?

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  1. Great tips 🙂 See ya soon.

  2. Thanks so much for your recommendations! I’m so excited but am a little nervous because I don’t know what to expect, so I really appreciate the awesome posts former BlogFest attendees have been posting lately. Can’t wait to meet you in person!!

  3. Great post Jill! The tip about the extra suitcase is spot on, I learned that after my 2nd blogging conference!

    1. I know! My family went with me last year and packing everything to go home was a family joke for weeks 🙂

  4. I am going to blogfest–my first time—I can only stay until Friday evening–so I will be missing the workouts–but am more interested in learning about growing my readership etc. Thanks for all the tips. Hope to meet you there:)

    1. Hi Lauren it’s so nice to meet you. We MUST meet and I would love to connect more online. Just visited your website. Love it!

  5. These are really great tips…hope to be able to put them to use one day!

  6. I wish I could attend these blogging conferences. It’s probably not going to happen any time soon though. 🙁 The UK seriously needs to step it up! I hope you have a great time, Jill! These are great tips should I get the opportunity to attend a blogging (or networking) event!

  7. Wow I love looking at your photos! I want to go so bad! I would have tried to go this year, but a huge yoga training that I have to have is the exact same weekend! I will have to live vicariously through other’s photos!

    1. I’m disappointed you’re not going for purely selfish reasons. I’m missing an opportunity to get to meet you in person.

      One day we WIIL meet 🙂

    1. I would love love to meet you in real life Heather!

      I hope one day we can meet. If not at blogfest, maybe a different conference. #fitbloggin2016 🙂

    1. We missed each other last year so this year we MUST meet! Counting down the days 🙂

  8. I have been to a food blog conference, a general blogging conference but not a fitness one! I need to go! Great tips!
    E-mailing you back ASAP!!! 🙂

    1. You get the best of both worlds with a fitness and blogging conference! I would love to go to a food blogging conference. Thanks!

    1. I wish you could go Janelle so we could meet IRL! Last year the swag needed it’s own bag or at the very least space in your family’s suitcases 🙂

  9. I have never been able to attend a blogger conference before but would absolutely love to! I have attended the IDEA Personal Trainer Conference in D.C. twice and it’s amazing! Take lots of pics and notes!!!

    1. Lori, I can’t wait to be able to say I went to a Personal Training Conference! Thanks 🙂

  10. These are such great tips! I am going to do my best to get there on Thursday and Friday, the problem is we leave on vacation Saturday morning- the turn around just might be too much. If I’m feeling energetic then you might see me pop my head in! ha!

    1. Hi Lisa, have you decided if you’re going to go to Blogfest? it’s worth the tight turn around and you can relax afterwards on vacation 🙂

    1. Hi Deborah. That’s what I keep saying about Ragnar. The timing never works out for me. One day!

    1. Meeting everyone is the best part!

      My family went with me last year and they called it MOM’s DREAM VACATION 🙂 It’s true. 4 days surrounded by 1000s of people that are passionate about blogging, health and fitness!

  11. SO EXCITED! Can’t wait to meet you! Love all of these tips. I’ve started slowly gathering all the odds and ends I need to bring with me…I’m honestly the most worried about bring the right clothing. And the right amount of it! How many times did you change per day? Twice? I think I’m going to hunt for a travel-size bottle of laundry detergent, too. I might need to wash a sports bra or two at night…

    1. Counting down the days! Honestly, I didn’t change very often. There’s so much to do and see I didn’t use the time to go back to the hotel room and changed. I mostly freshened up 🙂

      Can’t wait to meet you!

    1. It really is a great opportunity Laura. I learned so much about blogging last year.

      I hope one day we can meet IRL. If not at blogfest, maybe a different conference. #fitbloggin2016 🙂

  12. ‘Someday’ I will make it to blog fest!!! I’m so bummed to be missing it again this year. These are all great tips and I highly recommend the extra bag for all the swag and carrying a backpack!
    Looking forward to getting your updates from the conference!!

    1. I’m disappointed you’re not going for purely selfish reasons. I’m missing an opportunity to get to meet you in person 🙂

      I was bummed to miss fitbloggin again this year.

      Thanks Allie!

  13. Great tips!

    I’ve never been to this or any other blogging conference. I’m pretty introverted by nature, so it’s a tough environment for me. However, I love reading about them and I love seeing the great time everyone always seems to have!


  14. Very good tips. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  15. Looks like fun! I’d love to meet all the other bloggers. I still have so much to learn about blogging. I just wanted to write…who knew it would get so big for me?

  16. I’m getting crazy excited!
    I’m sure it’s going to be overwhelming at points, but I’m just so excited to meet everyone and take in all the information!

  17. Jill I know the purpose of this post was to inform people on best practices, but it really just made me sad that I won’t be attending! I’ll be there next year though for sure! I hope you share some of your experiences here with us when you return, can’t wait to see you in action on social! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Sam, I so wish you were going so we could meet IRL! I felt the same way about fitbloggin this year! It’s so hard to choose which ones to attend. I want to go to them all!

      One day we will meet 🙂

    1. Darlene, I hope you get the opportunity to attend and I’m there so we can meet!

  18. I am going! I was sad I didn’t get to go to Fitbloggin this year, but it will be fun to attend a new conference (to me). I’m excited!

    1. I really wanted to attend fitbloggin! We should go next year. We MUST meet at Blogfest 🙂

  19. This just got me even more excited for BlogFest! AHHH I can’t wait, excited to finally meet you IRL soon! 🙂

    1. Yay! I have a big silly grin on my face reading the comments 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you Annmarie!

  20. I have attended conferences, but not ones specific to blogging yet. These are great suggestions! Especially just how to deal with a lot of the logistics that you don’t think of beforehand.

  21. So wish I was going so I could meet you and all the other amazing bloggers! Have fun! 🙂

    1. Meeting you IRL would be awesome! Maybe next year or a different conference 🙂

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