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Celebrate Being A Woman

The Fit Dish Interview: Meet the amazing women of the fitfam! jillconyers.com #inspiration

Another awesome day with the fitfam!

How is everyone?

Is your house in full on summer mode?

Enough chit chat. Let’s get to the interviews!

Jess and I can’t wait to get to know each of you a little bit better. From day 1 you’ve rocked our world with your honesty, accomplishments, determination and humor.

We’ve grown as a family and we hope to continue growing, sharing ideas, loving, supporting, guiding and LIVING a best life together.

If you had asked me this 2 years ago my answer would probably be something like running my first ultra or accomplishing a specific goal, but what I’m most proud of doesn’t come with a trophy, a finish line or a photo to share my joy. What I’m most proud of are the changes I have made inside and those internal changes have changed my life in the most wonderful of ways.

The Fit Dish Interview: Meet the amazing women of the fitfam! jillconyers.com #inspiration

My passion is driven by the realization of a purpose in life and the confidence and determination to live that purpose and turn my dreams into reality. When you begin to combine your values, your purpose and your dreams into everyday life, magic happens.

Being a woman has given me the proud privilege of being a mom. I can’t imagine that part of my life being any other way.

United makes each and everyone of us unstoppable.

Be accepting and without judgment. With the often unspoken pressure to be perfect, especially in social media, this is more important than ever. We should make sure we never forget, we are perfectly imperfect. Imagine the empowerment in that.

The Fit Dish Interview: Meet the amazing women of the fitfam! jillconyers.com #inspiration

Keep an open heart and mind to the endless possibilities in life. Be open to experiences you never imagined possible and dreams you haven’t even realized yet. Empower yourself with the belief that anything is possible. It’s all tied together to being the best version of you.

Practice yoga and indulge in really good chocolate.

She believed! jillconyers.com #inspiration #believe #activeliving #bestlife @jillconyers


Inspired by the always inspiring Lorn Jane Active and the #IAMWOMAN campaign.

Did you do the interview? Were any of the questions tough to answer? If you didn’t do the interview, help us get to know you and pick one question to answer in the comments.

The Fit Dish jillconyers.com #linkup #fitfam

We’re changing things up just a little for next week. We’re excited to bring you the first ever Fit Dish FREE WEEK! Don’t worry, Jess and I have more topic awesomeness coming, but for next week, you choose what you want to share with the fitfam.

be the best version of YOU


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  1. I loved answering thd questions!! It was a chance to reflect on accomplishments and provide me good reflection for moving forward and finding ways to support and encourage others.

  2. Your advice says it all. Couldn’t agree more! And I love that you said united we are unstoppable. Unstoppable is RIGHT! 🙂 Loved this Fit Dish topic. Thanks for connecting us even deeper!

    1. Thanks Bri. I’ve been reading a lot about making connections and how if affects our lives. Very cool stuff.

  3. Amen, Jill! Being a mom is such a privilege! Now I really need to hunt down some chocolate 🙂 It has been wonderful getting to know everyone from the #fitfam this week,

  4. What a great interview- loved the questions and getting to know you better! Definitely agree that working together unites us!!!

  5. Eliz Frank says:

    I had a good chuckle over your yoga and chocolate line; it must be the theme for this week. Terrific interview and yes, female empowerment rules.

    1. You’re right Julie. I wonder why women tend to work against each other and men don’t. Or so it seems.

  6. Q. WHY DO YOU THINK IT’S SO IMPORTANT FOR WOMEN TO UNITE AS A SISTERHOOD AND EMPOWER EACH OTHER? Sisterhood is the most powerful force in the world. I grew up in a family of strong, hardworking, inspiring women who inspired me as a child and their impact stays with me to this day. As a blogger, I have witnessed the power of sisterhood–of women supporting, helping, teaching, promoting each other in amazing ways. We must never forget to harness and use the power of sisterhood for good!

    1. You clearly have a don’t give up attitude Deborah. Now I know, it comes from a family of strong women 🙂 BOOM!

  7. Love this! So true that when women empower and support each other, we are all stronger for it.

    1. We are stronger Marcia. Doesn’t it make you wonder why all women aren’t empowering and supportive. The #fitfam will change that 🙂

  8. I love this community of fitness bloggers. We empower each other. Too bad that the women I encounter in my life outside of this world aren’t as supportive.

    1. Me too Wendy! I need a real life #fitfam. You know. Sometimes it surprises me how much women DON”T support and encourage each other. #sadbutrue That’s another reason I love the #fitfam!

  9. Artney @ My Pretty Brown says:

    I love when women come together how empowering we can be! We are all on a journey and it’s so important to support each other! And yes, the possibilities are endless!!!

    1. Reading all the interview posts proves the truth to your words. We CAN and should empower and support each other. Yes, the imaginable and unimaginable possibilities are endless! Thanks Artney.

  10. I love what you said about the little things we could do empower one another–so true! It reminds me of a quote I saw longgggg long ago (junior high-ish?): “it’s my flaws that make me perfect!”

    Love your advice on being open to experiences too! That’s definitely made a huge difference in my life!

    1. Thanks Farrah! Imagine what we would miss out on if we live with a heart and mind that is closed to new experiences. Yes, we’re perfectly imperfect and as soon as women start believing that the sky is the limit!

  11. I love the idea of being open to experiences you can’t even imagine! I’m proud to be a woman because I am strong but sensitive, and I’m perfectly okay with asking for directions! 🙂

    1. Haha! I ask too 🙂 Our experiences should go beyond the imaginable. We will surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.

  12. I think it is important for me to keep growing and changing and evolving. Stagnation is boring and dangerous.

    Being tolerant and kind is something I strive for on an daily/hourly basis at times.

    I wish you well as your progress in attaining your dreams!

    1. Thank you Elle. It is so important to keep growing. Imagine what we might miss out on if we don’t.

  13. Loved the interview and especially the deep dark chocolate treat! Getting our house in full summer mode RIGHT NOW…I should be cleaning right now but work comes first! Great website. Love it!

  14. I love your last bit of advice! We really have to believe in ourselves and be open to new opportunities to grow and learn and achieve what we want out of life 🙂

    1. If we do those things Nicole the sky is the limit! Imagine all that can be accomplished and then the unimaginable! You live those words daily 🙂

  15. I just love how confident you are in your skin and your journey now. I seriously just want to send you a big hug – your positivity is radiating and I just love it!

    1. Sam, I have to admit, who I have become as a woman surprises me daily and feels amazing! Thanks for the hug. Right back at you. Oh and by the way, you radiate the same confidence. xoxo

  16. OH my goodness, you made so many great points!!! I am bookmarking this one. I love how you talked about withholding judgement; I completely agree. Life is tough enough as it is, why would we add to it, by judging peeps? I always try to look for the good in people, but admittedly with the #fitfam, it’s impossible not to….they are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for your insight, generosity, kindness, and motivation. Much love!

    1. I loved getting to know you with the interview Jess. A little insight into where your awesomeness comes from. xoxo

  17. So great! Love that MNB Diary too. 😀 Agree – sisters can ELEVATE each other!

  18. I love your answers! Love them!

    Being a mom is definitely on the top list of awesomeness that we get to experience as women!

    1. Thank you Lori! Being a mom is awesomeness and the whole pregnancy thing, it’s a miracle what our bodies can do. #fitfamlove

  19. In a fitness world dominated by male voices, its so important for women to work together to show that we have just as much of a stance. #femalepower

  20. love it! An open heart and an open mind, if more people would take that approach the world would be a better place! Great interview Jill, I am proud to be part of the #fitfam love!

    1. Yes the world would be a better place Mary Beth. Open heart and open mind is something my son and I have been talking about. He has such a science brain it’s a hard concept for him to grasp. I get it. Years ago I was the same way. I needed a science behind the belief and not just a belief. I’ve come such a long way. Sorry for the ramble 🙂

      I’m so so happy you’re part of the #fitfam! xoxo

  21. Aw I love learning more! I would say my proudest part of being a woman is being able to carry a healthy baby. I also would share with the FitFam not to have an all or nothing approach 🙂 Take every day for what it is, and don’t worry if something comes up limiting your hour of workout to a half hour, or none at all for the day.

    1. So true Heather. The all or nothing approach does not lead to success or accomplishment. I know. I tried. No extremes and guess what, it’s working wonderfully 🙂

      Thanks for the insight Heather!

  22. Love it! Great interview, Jill! I totally agree about women supporting each other. I think a lot of young women think they need to compete when it’s really not the case. You’re right, we’re stronger when we support each other!

    1. Imagine what we can accomplish when we acknowledge we’re on the same team! Thanks for the insignt Beth.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Who we become along the way is something that is often missed in the shadow of the end goal. We should always be proud of both accomplishments.

  23. Love celebrating being a woman! So often we talk about the fact that we wish we didn’t have periods (etc) or that men are faster/stronger. But our curves, our uteri (yup, I went there)–they give us the gift, as you said, of being a mom. I understand that some ladies don’t want kids, but they love their moms, so they better respect that!

    1. Yes! Being a mom is a gift and the whole pregnancy thing, it’s a miracle what our bodies can do.

  24. Sweet! Lovely interview. Thank you for sharing.
    I will be keeping a closer look at the prompts after the break. 😉

    1. I hope you do Debbie. I’m sure you have words that empower to share and I’m looking forward to reading them 🙂

  25. Thanks for sharing! I believe that when we as women continue to support each other there is nothing we can’t do. I make an effort every day to share a positive word or message with a woman I work with or associate with because that may be the only kind word they heard all day. Great interview.

    1. Thank you Diatta. Every woman deserves a kind word daily and I love your effort to make sure that happens.

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