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A Glimpse of MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE jillconyers.com #movenourishbelieve #activeliving @lornajaneactiveGood morning friends! Jess and I seem to both be busy right now but we always have time for the #fitfam. We look forward it!

As most of you know I’m a huge fan of Lorna Jane’s philosophy of ACTIVE LIVING. From Daily Practice of Move Nourish Believe and meeting Lorna Jane at Blogfest to the never ending motivation and how to make active living a lifestyle, I love it all!

A Glimpse of MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE jillconyers.com #movenourishbelieve #activeliving @lornajaneactive

In fact, Jess and I met because of the Lorna Jane’s MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE. We started our friendship with hosting the #dailyMNB challenge on Instagram and have continued to shout it from the rooftops and talk about MNB with anyone that will listen.

Jess and I share a desire and a dream to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE others to LIVE ACTIVE.

As I created the Flipagram, the pictures reminded me of my purpose and intentions.

A glimpse of how I have created a life I love.

A Glimpse of MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE jillconyers.com #movenourishbelieve #activeliving @lornajaneactive

Watching this brought tears to my eyes. #truestory

Make today amazing!

What inspires you to MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE? Who has inspired you to make a lifelong change? What do you want to shout from the rooftops?

be the best version of YOU


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  1. I am a huge fan of the philosophy as well! Lorna Jane inspires me in so many ways! They need ambassadors so that the #fitfam can be Lorna Jane Ambassadors!!!

  2. I love all the motivational quotes. I had never heard of #MNB until this linkup. Such a cool concept! Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  3. I am inspired to move by all of the strong women in my life. I also want to move to be a strong role model for my kids!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sue. My kids are a big reason I do what I do. They’re watching, listening and learning. We may not see it now but we’re planting little healthy seeds by everything we do and say. One day those seeds will grow into decisions our kids will make on their own.

  4. I love it! Recently I got my hands on a Loran Jane Move Nourish Believe journal, and I love all of the positive, motivating sayings and pictures! So many people in my life inspire me…my kids, my family…ME! (I have to remind myself of the last one sometimes!)

    1. That’s a great point. When it comes down to it the motivation and your WHY have to come from within. We have found the secret to a life of happiness and fulfillment.

  5. I want to scream from the rooftops that I am ENOUGH…I can do this…I WILL make it happen…I will take chances and live my life to the fullest! XOXO

    1. Katie we will both scream I CAN do this! I will make my dreams into a reality. Thank you friend for your energy and inspiration!

  6. That’s an awesome Flipgram!! My need to be my best keeps me motivated. My family and friends who support me keep me fueled and encourage me to want and to do more! 🙂

    1. So much MORE to do isn’t there Melanie! And I couldn’t do any of it without my husband and kids.

  7. Awesome flipagram! 😀 I’d never actually heard of the MNB philosophy until this week’s theme! 😀 Thank you to you both for introducing me to it!

  8. I participated once in the MNB challenge and loved it. I’m just really bad with daily instagram challenges! I would say bloggers are the people who inspire me the most. I’m always sharing stories with my mom (like so and so blogger that I read went from X:XX to a BQ time…we can do it too!) and it inspires both of us. We run most races together and our ultimate goal is to BQ one day!

  9. I had never heard of Lorna Jane or the MNB philosophy until this topic was announced for the link up! I love your take on this weeks post – so much creativity! My sister inspired me to go out and run a half marathon but it was ultimately my decision to continue to pursue a fitter lifestyle.

  10. I guess my dad inspires me. He’s diabetic and has heart disease. I keep going because I don’t want to end up like him.

    1. That would definitely inspire me Marcia. When it comes down to it, health and happiness is the goal.

  11. I’m waiting for the day Lorna Jane is available in Canada (shipping right now is too ridiculous) because I love their clothes and what they stand for!

    1. Hi Ange. I’m waiting for a store to open in Cincinnati. She’s got to eventually start moving toward the midwest right 🙂

    1. Me to on both counts Kathryn. His first ever race was a marathon and I decided I had no excuse not to run a half. Fast forward and he inspired me to start running ultras the same way.

  12. Great Flipagram!! Super motivational and inspiring!! I am really loving the Lorna Jane Philosophy. Running is what started it all for me. Have a great week Jill!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sharon. That’s where it all started for me too. Running!

  13. I loved your video/flip-ogram!!! So awesome!!!
    Having the ability to run is what started my journey on a life of fitness – running is still my inspiration!!!

    1. My perspective on running has changed over the past year. It’s something I’m trying to find clarity on. How does it fit into my life, my purpose and my intentions?

  14. I am loving my MNB journal and finally got one after winning a gift certificate and hearing great things. It is amazing how much insight I have received in just a month on my nourish portion and my soul and happiness.

    1. Hi Erica. I write in my MNB diary daily. It’s so much more than a journal/planner.

  15. Love this, Jill. One of my favorite songs! Always inspires me when I am having a tough workout. I’ve really loved getting to know about the mnb philosophy and lorna jane. And I’m so inspired by this community of women – love The Fit Dish linkup! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jen. I love having you in our #fitfam! The song makes me feel unstoppable. Like there isn’t anything I can do!

  16. Looks like you’ve grown to really embrace this! Thanks for sharing your inspiration! I’ve embraced a more healthy lifestyle in the last few years too because I just feel better, happier, more relaxed and balanced when I do! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Yes to everything you said Tricia! I took a Lorna Jane MNB challenge to heart last year and it was life changing. I never thought I would say this but goals and plans are secondary to working out just to feel good. Thanks friend.

  17. Oh my gosh I LOVE this flipogram! Your pictures are wonderful and you’ve mastered some great yoga moves! That song is the BEST! Super cool – thanks for sharing!

    1. Happy to share Diane. I’m kinda proud of this post [insert blushing emoji]. The song makes me feel unstoppable! Like I can do anything!

    1. I know! I never thought I would say this but goals and plans are secondary to working out just to feel good. Thanks Pragati!

  18. For me it’s all about forward momentum, having fun, and trying new things. Good to have a partner in your endeavors!

    1. Hi Elle. Find a way to keep the momentum moving forward and the rest seems to fall in place. Have fun, most definitely!

    1. Baby steps Kate. I learned that’s the best way to start. Thank you for your kind words.

  19. Aw Jill, sweet sweet memories. Honestly, I was a different person then, and so happy to find you and MNB, and the whole sisterhood. And now The Fit Dish sisterhood! Such amazing and inspiring women. And, shouting from the rooftops feels great! Your flipagram rules. Wow, that’s a lot of yummy food and working out, and it all looks delightful!!! Much love!

    1. Thank you Jess. The sisterhood is unstoppable and this is only the beginning!

  20. I loved the video! You couldn’t have picked a better song! ROAR! I have been following you only for a short time but you sure shine a bright light 🙂

    1. Elsie thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. They mean so much! The song makes me feel unstoppable. Like I can do anything!

  21. Love the flipagram, but it made me hungry LOL. I want a salad STAT. I’m inspired by my parents, my kids, my friends… So many people remind me to get up and get moving.

    1. Family and friends are wonderful sources of inspiration and support. I couldn’t do what I do without my husband and 2 kids.

  22. JIll I just love this post! I have to say, your flipgram just made me hungry and want to yoga!! All those green smoothies and salads. I’m coming to live at your house!!! Love this. You are an inspiration thank you for sharing your journey!!

    1. Sam thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. You’re welcome in my home anytime!

  23. I love the flipagram! Super cool! My children inspire me to be the best! I want to be around a long time and enjoy a lot of life and love with them 🙂

    1. High 5 for the kids Mary Beth! I can’t think of better inspiration. Both of my kids agreed this week that I would outlive them both because “you’re so freakin’ healthy” haha!

  24. I love all the motivational sayings — I need a few of those reminders this morning!

    1. That is exactly where I am Lisa. I never thought I would say this but goals and plans are secondary to working out just to feel good.

  25. My mom inspired me to do my first half marathon, so I guess you could say that she inspired my massive life change! But otherwise? I just took my own cue and realized that it needed to happen–the inspiration came from within.

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