Learning To Live In the Present

Learning To Live In the Present jillconyers.com #bepresent

Good morning friends. Yesterday I talked about aligning your actions with your priorities and making changes when they’re not aligned. Clearly it’s still a work in progress. I’ll make it work AND stay true to what is important to me.

Moving on.

This morning, I’ve simply run out of time so I’m leaving you with the best of what I originally planned to write.

How I’m Learning to Live In the Present

Focus on your breath Notice the physical sensations when you inhale and exhale.

Don’t try to clear your mind A yoga instructor once told me instead of trying to clear your mind, acknowledge your thoughts and then allow them to float by like a leaf on a river.

Focus on your body Notice how your body feels at this very moment. Think about how strong your body is and acknowledge all that it can do.

Count your blessings Think about everything in your life for which you’re grateful and allow that feeling to take over your body and ground you in the here and now.

Why I’m Learning to Live In the Present

Increased enjoyment. I enjoy life more if I’m present rather than having my mind elsewhere and on things other than that moment.

Reduced stress. In being present there are no worries. There is just experiencing.

Better relationships. When you really commit yourself to being with someone, to listening to them, you are being a better father, husband, friend, daughter, girlfriend. You have better conversations. You connect more deeply.

Much love xoxo

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  1. Anther great post! I like the “Don’t try to clear your mind”, this is something I struggle with. I never thought about it that way, but totally makes sense!

  2. Living in the present is something I’m always trying to do. No use worrying about things in the past or things that have yet to happen. Live for now and enjoy it. It’s easier said than done, but so important. Great tips!

    1. So much easier said than done especially right now. I’m trying to find that balance that lets me get everything done AND live in the moment. Is that even possible?

  3. Once again, you are spot on Jill. It is so easy to get caught up in trying to improve the future that we often forget to focus on the here and now. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

    1. It is a struggle Deborah. Constantly juggling and if you don’t look forward how can we possibly do all we need to do. Finding that balance isn’t as easy as it sounds but I’m closer than ever before.

  4. I struggle with living in the present often. Being Type A, it’s all about lists, plans and what comes next and planning for that. I’m working on it. My goal for this year to is to try and be more spontaneous and with that means living in the moment more. I’m a work in progress! 🙂

    1. I’m a recovering Type A 🙂 There are qualities of being a Type A person that still serve me well but I’m not taking it to such an extreme anymore. It’s like a weight was lifted from my shoulders and it makes embracing the moment so much easier and enjoyable. Always a work in progress ha!

  5. Being present and mindful is something I think I’m actually doing well with. It takes work to notice when the mind wander and the stress mounts but this is something that can be practiced and learned.

    1. I’m working hard on changing that Annmarie! I want to strive less and thrive more. We live in such a bigger is better and go go go world it’s super easy to let our mind rush forward to the next “thing”. Have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. You’re not alone Kathryn! We live in such a bigger is better and go go go world it’s super easy to let our mind rush forward to the next “thing”. At least you’re in good company 🙂

  6. Great Stuff Jilll! I love that you mention the breath and your yoga instructor. Yoga has been such a strong teaching force in my life, helping me to live in the present. I also really love “Reduced stress. In being present there are no worries. There is just experiencing.” Beautiful! And so true 😉

    1. Hi Amber. Yoga has been life changing and I never ever thought I would say that. When I’ve tried it in the past I was totally missing the point. Now I get it! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. I so agree with you especially in the “better relationship” department. So important to be present, completely, when you are spending time with family and friends. Have a great week Jill!

  8. I really struggle to live in the present. My mind wanders off everywhere and sometimes gets fixated on something, not floating on by.

  9. As a mom, this is something I’m constantly reminding myself of. Of course, I can’t wait until my weekend off so I can spend time with my son, or our next vacation to visit his grandparents but I need to cherish the every day moments and not wish away my time.

    Great post!

  10. Love this so much!! Wish I’d realized this was happening, would have totally gotten on board with y’all! I write about being in the now all the time–it’s one of my biggest life goals! Keep staying present girl!

  11. This morning I’ve been counting my blessings more than usual and it really does help me to live more in the “now”! Being present is also the best marriage tip ever. My husband is so much more pleased when I actually listen to him when he’s talking rather than secretly running through my to-do list in the back of my mind 🙂 Can’t say I blame him! Living in the present makes us so much more relational with everyone we encounter throughout the day – from everyday convos with spouse or kids to random conversations at the grocery store!

    1. Hi Amy. My husband is so good at undivided attention no matter what he is doing. He deserves no less from me. I’m a work in progress and fortunately for me he’s very patient 🙂 Gratitude and living in the present go hand in hand.

  12. I LOVED this, and funny thing, I have a quote on my wall above me that says, “Align Goals With Actions.” Same thing. I totes agree. : ) And, I love what you said about how living in the present reduces stress because you’re just experiencing! WELL SAID. I am excited to be more present. Great topic. lol. I think I was inspired by a MNB post. Go figure. lol

  13. So true. It’s hard to live in the moment when life is throwing curveballs at you. I like that “don’t try to clear your mind.” It’s interesting to me because I always find it so hard to actually clear my mind if I try! I do better vearing off course and thinking of something different, so to speak. This is exactly why I hate when bloggers take a few days off and then return and say “sorry for taking a break.” There is absolutely no need to apologize when you are living life. Things come up that are way more important than sitting on the computer writing a post. Like, focusing on family!

    1. You’re right Heather. There is definitely no reason to apologize but I totally get the tendency to want to. Clearing my mind is impossible but I CAN put thoughts on hold. I love chatting about this stuff 🙂

  14. I think a big part of learning to live in the present is not fighting the present and always wishing you were in future or the past, but working towards the future in a mindful way. If you always spend your time wishing you were somewhere else, you never get to enjoy the beautiful of where you are!

    1. Me too Mary Beth. Chad is much better at undivided attention and he deserves nothing less from me. I’m a work in progress and fortunately for me he is very patient 🙂

  15. Jill, I swear we are one soul at times, but different ages/periods in our lives. When I read your words, I feel as if they have come from my own mouth as well at times, my own thoughts…being in the present is not only beneficial for ourselves, but those around us as well, if we’re too busy rushing through life, our relationships will suffer. I am adding my BE HAPPY post to this link up, hope that is okay, since it seems to fit the theme, if not, take it down <3 xoxo

    1. I feel the same way when I read your posts! A virtual connection and I felt that when we “met” with your guest post. Things happen for a reason.

      You are always welcome Amber and your be happy post is perfect for today’s topic <3

      1. I could not agree more Jill, our special “connection” is beneficial for both of us as we grow and continue our journeys of self – love, I do not follow a bunch of blogs (I know, bad blogger habit) but it is because there are VERY few that align with my mental andphsyical ideals, and YOURS is one of them <3

  16. I love this. :] I’m still trying to learn to live in the present (I’ve got the “counting my blessings” part down!), but like you said, it’s a work in progress! :]

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