Discover Your Inspiration from Within

Discover Your Inspiration from Within #believe #iamenough @jillconyers #inspiration

Do you feel it?

Even if it’s only a glimpse of blue skies and sunshine, the brightness and warmth soothes the soul and warms the heart.

There is such a refreshing feeling to spring. Even if the weather doesn’t feel like it, just knowing that the season has started renews the spirit.

When Jess and I come up with the Fit Dish topic of the week I tend to think about it often. I search to find MY meaning and the purpose it serves in my life. This week’s topic is no exception.

My very first thought of inspiration was my husband, Chad. He inspires me in every way possible to be a better person. And for that I am forever grateful. And my kids. My daughter inspires me to color an apple purple and socks don’t have to match. My son inspires me to hold so strongly true to my belief of right and wrong with an unwavering confidence [and an open mind].

My family. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have them in my life.

Their inspiration is part of the reason I’m able to share this post. To step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to acknowledge publicly and admit to my worthiness.

Discover Your Inspiration from Within #believe #iamenough @jillconyers #inspiration #quote

Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.” ~Marianne Williamson

Look inside. Find more and more from within. I promise. It’s there.

Begin to discover your inspiration from within:

  1. Be patient with yourself.
  2. Believe in the possibilities available to you.
  3. Use affirmations to train your mind to be more positive.
  4. Discover your gifts and all the positives you bring to the world.
  5. Use the bad days to grow a greater appreciation for the good days.
  6. Seek validation from yourself, not others.

What is one gift you bring to the world? Is acknowledging your worthiness outside of your comfort zone?

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Make today exceptional!

Much love.

be the best version of YOU




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  1. This is exactly what I needed to read, so thank you for sharing this. I used to really be into mantras, but they have fallen to the wayside a bit lately. I do think they really help with training your mind to be more positive and forgiving, so this is definitely something I am going to start working on more now.

    Thanks again for the reminders and inspiration as always!

  2. It’s so true that we can have peace NOW rather than waiting for everything to “fall into place”. Things will never be perfectly in place – but we can find joy and contentment in right now!

    Beautiful post and pictures, Jill! I love that your family inspires and motivates you. They sounds like a wonderful bunch!

  3. I love #4 most of all. We are all blessed with gifts and they don’t have to be enormous or seemingly amazing. Some of the biggest moments in my life have come from people using their gifts quietly and yet making such a loud impact.

  4. Love this post too! I think it’s great to admit that we can be our own biggest inspirations. I think my ability to just be me, regardless of what people think, helps me to do my best every day. It took a while to get to this place, but finally at 41, I’m apologetically me. 🙂

  5. What a great post! After coming back refreshed from vacation, I think the one thing I bring to “the world” is enthusiasm! I have just spent 2 packed days at work, seeing a ton of little ones and hearing amazing feedback from the parents. I spent 90% of my days with a smile on my face. So rewarding!

  6. Love this! Acknowledging my worthiness isn’t hard, but actually practicing that truth is! It’s true that no matter what inspires us, we need to inspire ourselves and be on this journey for what it brings to us and who we are becoming in the process.

  7. Great post!! Yes this warmer air and sunshine certainly warms me from within! I have a really hard time talking about what strengths I have…except of course if I’m in a job interview or something canned like that! I would say one thing I bring from within is the gift of encouragement. I LOVE encouraging people and making them feel supported!

  8. My family is definitely my inspiration, too. Some days I don’t feel worthy of much but thankfully those days aren’t the norm.

  9. I simply love this post. I especially love that quote. The more I try to force things in life, the more I realize that I need to find peace within and allow whatever happens after that be “the right thing”. So many times I’ve done what I thought was the right next step (school, career, etc), but have yet to feel at peace with these decisions. I think this is because I wasn’t listening to myself, just doing what I thought was right for the future.

    1. Sam! We could chat for hours about doing what I thought was the right thing and NOT listening to ourselves. I”m not saying that my life has been miserable but I’m more at peace than I’ve ever been before.

      We need a coffee date 🙂

  10. Jill, you are 1000% worthy of every good thing and every compliment!!! I love how much you move forward, consistently, improving, and sharing your story. You truly are wind to my sails, and so many others’ sails. And, I don’t even ride sail boats. Haha. Much love!

  11. Very nice post Jill. I find inspiration in so many people and for many different reasons. I always try to find the positive things too.

  12. #5 is something I do REGULARLY!!!! While I may have bad days, I always take a minute to think…. Things could be MUCH WORSE – and then I remind myself of all the amazing going on in my life – and that puts a HUGE smile on my face 🙂

  13. WONDERFUL post!! I am so much more at peace with who I am than I was a few years ago. But I still need to work on being patient with myself!

  14. Number 6 is definitely something I struggle with. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be good enough (driven type A perfectionist over here!).

    1. I’m a recovering Type A Bri so I know exactly where you’re coming from. If we seek the validation from ourselves the other becomes less necessary if at all. Not an easy mindset to change but worth the effort.

  15. I love this post! Your tips are so helpful and I especially agree with #1….being patient. The inspiration or motivation for exercise (or anything else) isn’t always there, but with time, we can find it from within.

  16. In my mind, as important as it is to want to stay healthy from those surrounding you, you must first find the inspiration and motivation from within yourself–that spark that says there is something more to you. And then supplement and strengthen it with those that you love!

  17. Seeking validation from myself is one that I really have to work on. It’s so easy to seek it out from others and I do find that we receive it much more freely from others than we would ever give to ourselves. Great post, Jill. This week’s topic is fantastic!

  18. What a fantastic post. I love the message it sends. I think I bring determination and persistence. I definitely don’t let things slide and try my best in everything I do. However, this is definitely something outside of my comfort zone. I’m not very good at praising myself for what I am worthy of.

  19. Great post, and the things you mentioned are definitely so important and so often don’t end up happening, because we tend to be our own worst critics!

  20. Great thinking Jill, your process/journey is often about perspective, and we can spin our perspective ourselves if we dare to try just by looking at the simplicity of things. Many runners look towards the end goal, rather than the journey and who they are becoming as they travel along it. We will share this with our readers, great information!

  21. Such a nice post! I think one of my gifts is my will and shear determination. Ok, some may turn that around and say that is a fault and call me hard headed I don’t look at it that way. Determined, and I can guarantee I will be laughing the whole way! Family is the best 🙂

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