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Align Your Actions with Your Priorities

It's time to align beliefs, priorities and ACTIONS. Click through to read the full article and check out the 6 tips at http://jillconyers.com. Pin it now to and read it later.


I received the NASM CPT exam materials last week and since then I’ve realized I would have to make some changes to make time to study. Priorities have changed so how I spend my time would have to change too.

I thought a lot about a post I shared just over a year ago, Align Your Beliefs with Your Actions, and how my beliefs align with my priorities.

Now, it’s time to align beliefs, priorities and ACTIONS.

It's time to align beliefs, priorities and ACTIONS. Click through to read the full article and check out the 6 tips at http://jillconyers.com. Pin it now to and read it later.

Without question family will always be at the top of the beliefs, priorities and actions lists. I focused on how I’m actually spending my day. How much computer time? What is important and what brings me true joy and emotional well being? What am I doing that is not moving me toward my goals? What are the daily living things that have to be done?

6 Tips To Align Your Actions with Your Priorities

  1. Be aware of how you currently spend your time
  2. Identify the non-negotiables. The things that simply HAVE to be done.
  3. Make a short list of 2-3 actions-for-the-day every morning.
  4. Do something relevant to your goal every day.
  5. Keep time open for non-goal related activities.
  6. Journal your progress at the end of the day.

It's time to align beliefs, priorities and ACTIONS. Click through to read the full article and check out the 6 tips at http://jillconyers.com. Pin it now to and read it later.

It’s certainly a work in progress at this point, but by going through this thought process it makes everything feel doable, less overwhelming and focused. Until a few days ago I couldn’t even imagine feeling less overwhelmed and focused.

Going through this process supports success with my goal to study for and pass the NAMS Certified Personal Training exam.

Do your actions align with your priorities? Have your priorities recently changed?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, love the quote “schedule your priorities”. So true! Right now I’m cutting back on running and blogging. I rather get outside with my little one. We do meet with other moms to work out, but it’s mostly walking.

  2. Great tips! Sometimes I need to work harder to prioritize. It can take a lot of self-discipline!

  3. My main priorities (kids, family, etc) don’t change, but the way I go about those priorities do change. I am definitely constantly reevaluating things and adjusting they way I go about things. Being flexible can sometimes be difficult when things aren’t necessarily going as planned, but flexibility is definitely important!

  4. I totally get this. I have a very, VERY overwhelming 7 weeks ahead of me. The end goal is massive which means I need to realign my priorities to ensure I’m giving myself the best chance of success.

  5. You are just dropping the truth bombs today!! So much good stuff and this post makes me want to reread 7 habits….there is so much good stuff in that book about KNOWING our priorities and then living them out. Sadly it’s so easy to drift off course and we end up expending our energy and time to get something we don’t even really want! Thanks for the awesome reminder!

  6. I need to work on prioritizing. I’ve been spending too much time on things that really don’t take me towards my goals…

  7. Sometimes I find that my actions definitely don’t align with my priorities. I’ve had to take a really close look at how much time I am spending blogging and not hanging out and playing with my kids. Blogging is an outlet for me since I stay at home with the kids, but I really have to look at WHY I’m home with the kids. Not so they can remember me on the computer all of the time!

  8. I do know that my actions change periodically because of my priorities. Like you, family is always the #1!

  9. I might not be the best with time management but one thing I always do is budget in time for my workout even if it’s only 30 minutes. Priorities! 🙂

  10. I’ve been feeling this a lot lately! It seems like the to-do list is epic. I’ve just had to decide what is important and move forward.

  11. Great food for thought here. I struggle with this on a day-to-day basis so often I have to look at it in larer chunks of time. On any given day the balance may tip more heavily towards work or to training or to managing the home improvement projects – the key for me is looking back over a week and feeling like I haven’t neglected anything and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Easier said than done sometimes when the things we can’t control creep in and take time from the ones we’d like to control.

  12. Ahh this is definitely an area of need for me but these tips are really helpful! Sometimes it’s tough to know where to start.
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  13. I love that quote from Covey! Instead of trying to focus on everything, pick a couple of key things that need to get done each day, and eventually your entire to do list will get done.

  14. This is great food for thought. I do have some little habits throughout the day that could/should be omitted as they aren’t aligned. Being mindful of priorities is so important.

  15. Yes, have been working with this principle for many years now and it makes like so much simpler if we keep it in mind with all of our decisions. Good for you Jill – I wish you well with your studying.

  16. This is so important, and yet it’s so easy to get off course. It definitely takes work to stay on top of priorities, but when I am able to it makes a significant difference.

  17. I love all of these quotes! I really want to print them out and hang them in my room! haha!

    It is so important to figure out and analyze what you are spending time doing and why. I feel like if you don’t, so much time can be wasted and before you know it, months have passed without you doing anything to get closer to your goals.

  18. Great question – I have had to take a step back and realign my priorities because they were getting skewed a bit. I believe anything worth having is worth working for but NOT at the sacrifice of my #1 priority – my family. Great post.

  19. I loved this post! It’s good to learn to be flexible with your goals.

  20. Great post Jill and great reminder for us to prioritize. My goals are aligning I made a decision this year to make sure of it.

  21. Being flexible is also huge. I love the steps to take to make sure you are doing everything you can. It’s hard to carve out even more time when we don’t have enough to begin with! You are going to be amazing and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  22. I love that Stephen Covey quote. It’s definitely something I need to be better about!

  23. Schedule your priorities – Love that! As of recently, my priorities have shifted a bit and I am working on re-organizing my schedule too. Perfect post as I am working on goals today!

  24. These are great tips! I had to reorganize a lot when I was studying for the cPT exam. It’s definitely tough – but so worth it to reach those goals! You’re going to do great!

  25. Great tips, and loving those quotes! I’m definitely learning how to make things priorities, and to MAKE time for things rather than “finding” time 😉 happy Monday!

  26. I read this post as I plow through the plethora of blog posts from the weekend! Yes, I want to grow my blog, and reading others is a great way to do that. But it’s like a part time job…LOL…

  27. After doing a time study it was eye opening to see what my actions were saying. Yes, I am making a shift!

  28. When I was studying for my CSCS, I’d get up at 4:00 am everyday and put in 1 hour of study time before I started my 9-5, then another 2 hours on the weekend for about 8 months. It was TOUGH, but necessary to get it done in time! It pays off in the end!

  29. I need to be better about this — so often I am just “getting through the day”

  30. I think that the flexible to realign what you are doing along with realigning your priorities is also so important–you can’t be afraid to change course!

  31. YES! I think I have been neglecting this recently, but I am working back towards it. I truly believe that you get what you want the most, because you put yourself in a path to achieve it….even if it is bad, whatever you put in the forefront of your mind, becomes your actions. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  32. YES!!
    I say aloud to myself that Jillian quote all the time (I had no idea it was hers) and it makes my decisions so much easier.

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