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5 Things Friday jillconyers.com #motivation #fitnessfriday #linkup

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5 Things Friday jillconyers.com #motivation #fitnessfriday #linkup #yoga

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  1. My newest yoga accomplishment. I was so excited. Bound Side Angle Pose – Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana. When I got home from yoga and made the family come into the living room to see me do it. My shoulders are usually tight but they’re going a little further back every time!
  2. I’ve been on a bowls for meals kick. Nor recipe. Just a combination of my favorite things with what we have in the fridge and pantry. Easy recipes coming soon!
  3. Last night I went to yoga a half hour early. I needed a little extra time to get out of my own head and embrace the stillness. The empty studio worked wonders.
  4. Tagged for #thirstythursday. Enjoying one of my favorite infused waters, orange with a cinnamon stick. It’s so refreshing and a wonderful break from plain water.
  5. Thanks to prAna I now have a mat that doesn’t slip. Even in hot yoga!
  6. Did you know this is the symbol for OM? It hangs in the yoga studio I go to and I’ve been wondering what it means. I found out that OM is most commonly known as a chant that is often done at the beginning and/or ending of your practice. It’s considered the most sacred, mystical and powerful amongst mantras, where a mantra is a particular combination of sounds arranged in a specific way to produce a specific kind of vibration so to produce a particular state of consciousness.

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  1. Does the weather have you on the treadmill a lot lately? Check out this Treadmill Workout by She Rocks Fitness.
  2. Christine answers the question, Is Yoga A Good Workout? What do you think?
  3. Lindsay shares great ideas to power up one of my favorite exercises, 5 Ways to Power Up A Pushup.
  4. Have you ever tried Pure Barre? Here’s a Pure Barre home workout video, Barre For Beginners.

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5 Things Friday jillconyers.com #motivation #fitnessfriday #linkup #yoga

  1. Is cashew milk the new almond milk? Has anyone tried it?
  2. A recipe I want to make – Two Potato Hash with Soft Boiled Eggs – A Couple Cooks
  3. I pre-ordered the Inspiralized cookbook. I can’t wait to get it!
  4. I also want to make this, Baked Salmon and Butternut Squash “Soba” Noodles With Broccoli – Against All Grain
  5. Another recipe to try – Jamaican Jerk Veggie Burgers – Oh My Veggies

{motivation things}

Be open to the many possibilities. jillconyers.com #motivation #quote #believe


I’m letting go of control. My heart is open to the amazingness that might happen and my mind is slowly catching up.

Have you tried cashew milk? Did you already know what OM means?

Linking up with Friday Favorites at Housewife Glamour.

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  1. I’ve never tried Cashew Milk but it sounds absolutely delicious!!! Will definitely give it a try.

  2. I love cashews, but I have recently discovered my daughter is allergic to them (not ana though), so will stick with almond milk for the time being.
    Nice work on the yoga move, I might have to try this one, I know one side will be tighter than the other (due to an old shoulder injury), but looks like a move that will help. I read that post of Christine’s, in fact I love all her yoga posts.
    I haven’t focused on crow in a while, but then again I haven’t done a handstand in a while, Family issues have unfortunately prevented me to go to gymnastics classes 🙁

  3. I haven’t tried cashew milk yet but I know the homemade version is amazing. I don’t know if my wallet can handle more delicious milks!

  4. Awesome yoga moves!! I can’t get into that bind, yet…but I’m determined. And I would love to nail crow one day without crushing my face 🙂 I haven’t had the chance to try cashew milk, but I’m pretty happy with my almond milk right now! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. I can’t wait to see some of your simple bowl recipes!! If I’m home at lunch time I usually do a bowl of salad and random things.
    I didn’t know what OM meant – I’ve never actually used it since I only do yoga with a DVD.
    I don’t drink any milk – I never liked milk so I’ve not tried any of the new milks.

  6. I like the idea of those bowl meals. Looks so yummy. And that cashew milk. I’ve got to keep my eye out for that!

  7. Love that you are enjoying the yoga challenge! Great pose!!!
    I have never heard of cashew milk but would be curious to taste it!

  8. Fun post today Jill. I love the quote, I am definitely at a place in my life where I am letting going and waiting to see what amazing new things happen! Thanks for sharing, and way to rock your new yoga pose!

  9. I have not tried cashew milk, but I definitely would, because I LOVE cashews! Thank you for featuring one of my workouts…I am so happy you are loving yoga and you look beautiful in that pose…You ROCK! XOXO

  10. I’m down with the Om symbol. Most yoga gear comes with one on it at some point. It sounds like your getting really into yoga Jill and I love it. I’m always trying to convert people. Loving the Prana yoga challenge it’s been fun to take photos of my poses since so often I don’t truly see them from afar. Cashew milk sounds interesting.

  11. I’ll have to give that cashew milk a try. I am not a huge fan of almond milk so maybe I will like this one better!

  12. I have not tried cashew milk yet. Thanks for the awesome linkup!

  13. Happy Friday Jill! First timer here – and super excited about it! Thanks for hosting this party, your site is awesome! I will be back! =]

  14. I just went to my returned to my yoga class after a few months off and I instantly remembered how much I love it. I am making an effort to return to the class once a week now. I feel amazing today and any soreness or tightness I had been feeling in my legs is gone. YAY! Have a great weekend!

  15. I haven’t seen cashew milk for sale but I’d love to try making a batch! It does sound a little easier than almond… and I’ve heard you don’t need to strain it? Mmm… could be a weekend project 😉

  16. kellye lukas says:

    Gonna have to try your infused water combo, I’ve been trying to find more than my usual lemon or lime or cucumber. I find it’s got to have some flavor or I have a hard time getting through it. I pinned your pic for motivation things…you are such an inspiration, love ya my friend.

  17. I haven’t tried cashew milk. I haven’t seen it in my local grocery store. Awesome yoga pose. Very inspiring for my yoga practice.

  18. I did know what OM was, but not the symbol to it. I always feel weird doing OMs, though, because it feels like such a cliche during practice. Whenever I am in the right mindset to just let it go, though, it very much does help relax and focus me.

    And that salmon and broccoli recipe you linked? My, oh, my. That is so mine now. 🙂

    Thanks, Jill!

  19. I need to try cashew milk. I’m using almond milk, but would love some other options. Happy Friday!

  20. love LOVE YOUR YOGA OUTFIT, but even more so that pose…i’d love to try it, but have no idea even how to start, kudos to you! Letting go of control is hard! One of my students earned “teacher desk privilege” and it was SO hard for me to be like OKAY sit in my seat, but I did it 🙂

  21. Cashew milk is new for me. I will surely keep an eye on it. I will even ask my mom if she finds it in Brazil. Thanks for the tip and awesome linkup!

  22. I’m on the treadmill a lot during the week lately. I’m so glad I have it and that I can still run regularly throughout the winter months. I haven’t tried cashew milk but I love cashews. It sounds rich…and delicious!

  23. OM is also meant for you to be able to match rhythms with others so that your vibrations can collectively be in sync!

  24. I tried the cashew milk, it is SO good! I loved it!! My only issue was that i am trying to drink soy milk right now, so I had to just try it the once. boooooo, but I promise it is worth buying!!! Already loving a lot of the links you recommended, which is great! Love that quote at the end there 🙂

  25. Wow, that yoga pose… awesome job. That one looks like it takes extra flexibility and balance to pull off!

    I’ve never tried cashew milk but it sounds like it would be good. I like cashews at least? 🙂 Happy Friday, Jill!

  26. Cashew milk is amazing. I use it frequently in smoothies and baking recipes. I also make a lot of cashew cream base to thicken entrees or soups. It’s delish!

    1. OMG i agree!!! i was so surprised too! and thank you jill for all the inspiration this week!

  27. yes I knew what OM was but I did not know that was the symbol- that is cool and so is your pose! great job! you look like a yogi professional! Looking forward to your bowl recipe, we do that frequently at my house- they don’t look like leftovers if you layer them in a pretty bowl! (that is what I tell my hubby anyway!) Happy Friday Jill and no I have not seen or tasted cashew milk. I am wrinkling my nose…:)

  28. ooooooh
    I DID know what OM meant.
    but but but I CANNOT yet do a bound side angle pose.
    Im in
    to try
    this weekend.

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