5 Reasons To Work With a Nutritionist

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5 Reasons to Work with a Nutritionist jillconyers.com #nutrition #nutritionist @delishknowledge

In January I mentioned my relationship with food and feeling great again, physically. But, the mental side continued to be a struggle. I kept telling myself, “I know what to eat. I know what my body needs to feel my best. It should be simple, right?

Why, then, do I continue to struggle? I haven’t been able to answer that question on my own so I decided to contact a nutritionist.

Why I started working with a nutritionist:

  1. I’m getting better about not obsessing over every bite, but I still overthink what I eat.
  2. I struggle with trusting what I know about my body and the foods I eat. I lead myself down a destructive path once before. What’s to stop me from doing that again?
  3. I need to change my tendency toward restrictive eating especially when I’m stressed.
  4. An outside perspective might help. What am I missing?
  5. In all of this I have gained weight that I can’t lose.

I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks and debating whether or not to share my experience. Honestly, it’s not easy to put this out there in public for all to see. Sharing personal stories sometimes comes with a vulnerability that takes me out of a comfortable place.

If there is a chance that sharing my experience can help even 1 person, it will all be worth it.

What was I looking for in a nutritionist?

  • online availability
  • knowledge of food allergies/sensitivities (specifically gluten and dairy)
  • a focus on plant-based nutrition
  • an intuitive “non-diet” approach to nutrition

Let me introduce you to Alex of Delish Knowledge.

Alexandra Caspero is a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. She helps clients regain their love of food, find confidence in healthy eating and become ‘diet free’. Specializing in Intuitive Eating, Plant-Based Nutrition and Food Sensitivities and Intolerances, Alex is available for virtual coaching anywhere in the country.

For more information and to contact Alex visit visit: http://delishknowledge.com/services/

5 Reasons To Work With a Nutritionist

You have food allergies or sensitivities and/or digestive problems. A nutritionist can help you determine the foods you’re reacting to and develop a menu plan to ensure you’re receiving adequate nutrients while avoiding the foods your body is sensitive to.

You struggle with disordered eating. As part of a multidisciplinary approach a nutritionist can help challenge your disordered eating thoughts/behaviors to change your perspective and decrease the anxiety around food.

You need to lose or gain weight. A nutritionist can develop lasting weight loss strategies to help you reach and maintain your healthy weight goal.

You want to maintain or improve your sports/fitness performance. A nutritionist can work with you to determine how many calories you burn during workouts and rest, and then develop menu plans that address your active nutrient needs to ensure optimal performance and recovery.

Prevention. A nutritionist can help you sort fact from fiction and identify ways to improve your diet, break unhealthy eating habits, and overcome cravings.

Have you ever considered working with a nutritionist?

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  1. Thank you for hosting and allowing me to link up! What a great post – working with a nutritionist is something I should definitely look into. I know calorie counting is not something I can keep up forever, at the moment it is helping my weight loss but will certainly need to change how I think about food in order to maintain when I reach my goal. Sim x

  2. Great post! I think nutrition is what most people struggle the most with. Unless you’re working with a professional, I think it’s hard to manage a lifestyle change on your own. And knowing that even the fittest people can have eating issues makes it all the more crucial.

  3. Great tips! I might look into using a nutritionist in the near future because I have not been able to lose weight at all. I exercise every day for minimum 30 minutes, and yet nothing budges!

  4. I have never considered working with a nutritionist, but I do know it’s something I would benefit from. My diet is FAR from perfect and have had disordered eating issues in my past. So glad that you found someone to work with to help you in your journey! Thank you for sharing this information and for being so vulnerable, Jill!

  5. I have never worked with a nutritionist but have definitely thought about it at different points in my life. It sounds like you are having a very positive experience so far. Thank you for being so open about your experience.

  6. This is so great!I would love to work with a nutritionist at some point but its just not in the budget right now. I think it would be awesome to have professional advice around nutrition and take some of decision making out of my hands!

  7. Hi Jill,
    Thank goodness it’s Fitness Friday!
    This is my first time linking up the Fitness Friday Link Up and I am so glad I found it. What a wonderful collection of fit and healthy posts. Today I shared a couple of posts from my New Year, Better Body series. All the best, Deborah

  8. I have definitely thought about hiring a nutritionist. It would be nice to get a professional perspective on my eating habits. I do have a lot of questions and sometimes feel overwhelmed and also sometimes have my own eating issues, so it would be nice to really get some guidance, instead of trying to teach myself. Thanks for being so honest and open all the time…I love it!

  9. I have never worked with a nutritionist before, but I can certainly see the benefits to it. Especially as an athlete looking to improve on my performance, nutrition plays such a key role!

  10. I amgoing to check her out. I have been struggling a lot lately and feeling really crummy about my nutrition. I really think i am making a mountain out of a mole hill. I hope she helps you meet your goals!

  11. Love this, Jill! I completely agree! I’ve been working with a dietitican and it’s been so helpful. I want to be able to get a nutrition certification so I can help other people too!

    1. Hi Jen, I’ve been looking into certification too. What programs are you considering?

      1. Awesome! I am thinking about Precision Nutrition – I’ve heard great things about it. I’ve also been thinking about Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well.

  12. I really need to do this at some point. I struggle with figuring out how much I need to be eating to fuel my distance running.

  13. I have never directly worked with a nutritionist either. My sister is in school right now for nutirition and she lets me be her guinea pig. But I know how important things are to keep away from the kids like food coloring! My daughter has Epilepsy and we try tpo keep her away from artificial anything.

  14. I think it’s AWESOME that you are talking with a nutritionist! I think that’s a really smart plan to set yourself up for a happy way of eating for the rest of your life! Way to take charge, and seek some assistance. And, thanks so much for sharing your story. I struggle with food a lot too, and it’s calming to know that someone so healthy struggles too. : ) Much love!

  15. I think working with a nutritionist is a great thing. I have not worked with one, but I know many who have.

  16. This is great! I can 100% see the benefits of working with a nutritionist for a number of reasons, especially when you’re having an issue with food or have a specific health or fitness goal. I completely understand how hard it is for you to share such personal information about your journey with food, but know that it is so appreciated.

  17. I feel 90% of the time fine and then it all of a sudden hits me, I get very painful cramps and need the bathroom ASAP, after an hour or so, I’m back to just fine. This comes and goes at random times and I can’t figure out what it is. I do think it is food related though. This post is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. I’ve been back and forth in my head about also reaching out to a nutritionist, just to make sure that I’m fueling properly for my lifestyle. This makes me thing maybe a 3-6 month session would be helpful, both for Dave and myself. Thanks for sharing Jill and best of luck with your new eating plan!!

  19. I think you deciding to work with a nutritionist was a great idea. With my hormone issues, I have thought about seeing one myself

  20. Hi Jill! I think it’s awesome you’ve opened up to share your experience. We can’t know EVERYTHING, so having a professional come in and help is smart. Just like people need the assistance of personal trainers to help meet their fitness goals. I have had the lovely opportunity to meet Alex in person, and she is soooo sweet. I’d love to know more about the plan she is putting you on! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  21. I think your decision to work with a nutritionist is fantastic! I am trying to work on my diet all alone but I may consider a nutritionist if I cannot get my stomach issues under control!

  22. I have thought about working with a nutritionist many times, especially when I was trying to get pregnant and in amenorrhea…it was a mess. Things happened that I had to stop trying for a while, but when I do try again, I think it is the first step I will take! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  23. I have worked with a nutritionist as an intern for one! I agree–if you need help with your diet, weight loss, etc. you should always work with a qualified professional–and not just go to some website for a random meal plan. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I agree… always best to get knowledgeable and trusted help when struggling. Good read, Jill. I hope it continues to bring you success.

  25. I don’t think it could ever be wrong to have the input of a professional!

  26. I am so happy you shared this post! While I try to make the best choices foodwise I have never worked with a nutritionist for professional advice. I tend to do things my way but sometimes relying on experts can help make sure you are on the right track! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  27. Love this! Although, I would put a caveat to say look for a Registered Nutritionist. There are a lot of people who call themselves nutritionist and don’t have the same background. They are also not regulated by any body so they don’t have to give you evidenced based advice. Sorry as a Dietitian I have to get on my soap box and rant about that a bit.
    But I’m SUPER happy you found someone that’s going to work for you and is taking a non-diet approach. Seems like you found a perfect fit and I wish you well on your journey.

  28. Lori Musselman says:

    I love that you were willing to share this to help others. I hope your RD helps you find some solutions.

  29. I think you eat fine, your problem seems to be body dysmorphia. You need to be in a support group like FA(Food Addicts in Recovery). To me, you look very skinny and it looks like you are in a size 2 or 4 so what could be the issue? Jill this post is not a criticism of your problems or to hurt you but this is something I have seen working with clients and a family member. BTW, you need to understand also that your running days won’t last forever. Running long distances will eventually wear your body down and how do I know this, I have seen it with people I have known for years. Running to help with body issues is not a good thing also. It is good that you are working with a nutritionist but you need to be in a support group, IMO.

  30. All of your struggles are real and definitely not discussed enough. Kudos to you for sharing! I have always been interested in working with a nutritionist. Despite “knowing” what I should eat, I think it would push me to follow a plan and commit to it.

  31. Jill, your honesty and openness is brave and beautiful. Especially with National Eating Disorder week starting Monday, I think this post is super important. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting/needing/asking for help. We don’t always know what is best for our bodies <3 I saw a nutritionist a few years ago, and I'll never forget what she said to me, a "serving size" is simply a recommendation, that doesn't mean that it's recommened for you, and you need to eat how much is best for YOU, not what a box or bag says!

  32. I’ve never thought about using one before, because I feel confident with my eating choices right now. If I ever was at a point that I was struggling, I would totally consider it.

  33. I am really glad that you decided to post this. So many women have the same issues and don’t know what to do about them. Working with a nutritionist is a great way to tackle some of this and just get some perspective, I love Alex’s site and I am sure she can help you. Funny I spent years working with others that had some of these issues but still have trouble recognizing them in myself sometimes.

  34. I’ve never worked directly with a nutritionist, but I read as much as I could before starting out trying to lose weight. Not diet books, so much, but nutritional studies and ex-phys texts. I wanted to know how food affected fitness, so I went and hit the science behind it. I guess that’s part of the geeky, nerd-guy inside me. I didn’t want a fad diet–I wanted real, hard facts that would keep me healthy.

    I keep looking at RD school and dietetics, and I want to actually be a nutritionist/dietician, but the curriculum is pretty daunting for a guy who’s spent his entire life in English academics.

  35. I think that working with a nutritionist can be incredibly beneficial for many, but for me, it brings back terrible memories of being accused of doing things that I wasn’t doing. But I think that you are going have to remember that you have a relationship with that person, not just receive info from them–it has to be the right fit as well as the right information!

    1. Oh, wow. that’s pretty harsh. I never thought about accusations coming from them. I’ve only ever heard positive remarks from people who’ve hired nutritionists. You’re right, though–it’s a relationship and it has to go both ways.

  36. I think it’s great that you reflected on your own behavior and needs and reached out for help! That’s brave…and smart! I think we all could use a little outside perspective when it comes to certain areas in our lives. I’m sure it will be a really helpful and healthy experience for you!

  37. I would love to hire a nutritionist right now! What worked 4 years ago to help me lose 40 pounds, isnt working NOW to lose the 10 I gained back plus the 10 on top of that Id like to lose…..my body has changed! And sometimes I wonder if I SHOULD try better at avoiding meat bc I feel lousy after I occasionally eat it. AND I wonder about gluten bc im always bloated…..

  38. Really glad you shared this. I think I am in a good place now, but it’s great to know that you can get really good on line nutrition counseling, because my biggest hurdle to these things is finding the time to meet with someone.

  39. Food is such a hard topic. We need it to survive but it can easily become too big of a focus. I’m glad you are getting the help that you needed and wanted!

  40. I’ve been working with a dietitian for over a year and a half now and I absolutely love it. I’ve really learned how to take care of my body through nutrition, even though I don’t always make the healthiest choices. It’s best when you have coverage through your insurance!

  41. I have thought about it a couple times but never really moved forward. Great post Jill and it looks like you are doing well with her- congrats 🙂

  42. I notice a lot of pictures about food and comments about eating in my feeds. This is a great post. I think a lot of people have issues with food…I see in all the time in my practice as an NP. It’s a big problem.

  43. How did you become aware that your weight gain was a result of your eating behavior? In struggling a bit with both these things. I was also injured last year and couldn’t workout the way I normally would. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Glad to hear you’re seaking advice.

    1. Hi Megan, when my weight fluctuates unusually so I keep a food journal for 7-10 days. That was how I back tracked to the weight gain. The journaling made it so obvious. “Trying to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong” is something I needed help with.

  44. I am so happy to have read this!!! As someone who has suffered from disordered eating I often have wanted to seek out a nutritionist that can help me achieve my athletic/physical goals but also understands I need to not look at #s…I may have to check her out! As online consultations are a must – no nutritionists around where we live AKA out in the country, way out 🙂 Thanks for sharing – I’m glad a nutritionist is helping in your journey in health!

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