Smoked Salmon and Brown Rice Rolls

Make Your Own Sushi

Smoked Salmon and Brown Rice Rolls #recipe #sushirolls #glutenfree

Start Smoking in the New Year

The New Year is heating up with smoke and spiciness. From boldly flavored smoked salts to actual smoking techniques, subtly smoked food is on-trend. The same can be said for spice as we savor heat from harissa, sriracha and smoked paprika. Show us the healthy dish you’re heating up with smoke and/or spiciness.

Like sushi? Why not make it at home?

This simple dish is made from smoked salmon and steamed brown rice, with avocado, cucumber and carrots all rolled up for a deliciously light and satisfying meal.

Smoked Salmon and Brown Rice Rolls #recipe #sushirolls #glutenfree

I have to give credit where credit is due. This dish was made possible by the fact that my son took a sushi class at Whole Foods. He is the master sushi chef in our house. I tried rolling it myself but it resembled more of a loosely rolled burrito.

It’s my goal to learn how to roll sushi with the sushi mat before he leaves for college this year.

Smoked Salmon and Brown Rice Rolls

Yield: 2

Serving Size: 1 roll

Smoked Salmon and Brown Rice Rolls

This simple dish is made from smoked salmon, steamed brown rice, with avocado, cucumber, carrots and onion all rolled up for a deliciously light and satisfying meal.


  • 2 nori sheets
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 1/2 cup uncooked brown rice
  • 1 baby cucumber, cut into thirds and sliced
  • 2 ounces smoked salmon
  • 2 tablespoons red onion, diced
  • 4 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons carrots, shredded
  • greens (spinach or spring mix)
  • tamari


  1. Prepare the rice by combining water and rice in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer 20 minutes or until water is absorbed. Alternatively, you can use a rice cooker. Remove rice from the heat and stir in the vinegar.
  2. Place a sheet of nori on a cutting board or, if available, a sushi mat. Spread 3/4 cup of rice evenly onto the sheet leaving about 1/2-1 inch of nori empty at the bottom. Arrange half of the strips of cucumber, carrots, salmon, onion and 3 slices of avocado across the center of the rice.
  3. Lift the end of the nori sheet closest to you. Roll over once and press down keeping the wrap tight. Continue rolling toward the empty end of the wrap pressing as you go.
  4. Cut in half and serve on a bed of spring mix or spinach with 2 slices of the remaining avocado with a side of tamari for dipping.
  5. Repeat to make the second roll.


The rolling directions are without the use of a sushi mat.

Not interested in making sushi rolls? This recipe is just as good as an Inside Out Sushi Roll. Simply serve by adding all the ingredients except the nori on a bed of greens or spinach. Cut the nori into small squares and place on top. Add a few shakes of tamari.

Smoked Salmon and Brown Rice Rolls #recipe #sushirolls #glutenfree

What is your favorite type of sushi? Would you roll this recipe or serve it inside out?

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  1. This is awesome!
    My husband and I went out for sushi last Friday night and I’ve been plotting to whip up some for us at home. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Why have I never tried making my own sushi before?! This looks amazing and surprisingly simple. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I could probably save a lot of $$ by making it at home once in a while! Thanks for the recipe. Looks’s doesn’t hurt that I just finished a run and am starving! I wish that was here at my house right now!

  4. This looks delicious! And, I am so impressed. For some reason, making sushi at home just seems so challenging. Maybe one weekend I will muster up the courage to give it a shot!

  5. how fun would this be! I have never tried to make my own rolls but why not? I am sure it does take a little practice 🙂

  6. I have always wanted to learn how to make sushi. I love just a nice piece of tuna or yellowtail on rice. Now I am wishing for some sushi! Your recipe sounds awesome!

  7. I’m not actually a huge fan of sushi unless the fish is fully cooked. I’ll take a roll with tempura shrimp is about it. I’m sure this is delicious though 🙂

  8. That looks amazing! I love me some sushi, but I’ve never tried to make it myself – might have to 🙂

  9. I make my own sushi, but minus the rice, on a NIGHTLY basis. I am OBSESSED with nori sheets! 😀

  10. Yum – these look awesome!! I would probably make it without turning it into sushi because I’m lazy like that. I only like California sushi unless the fish is cooked like your recipe.
    Very cool that your son took a sushi making class!!

  11. This is awesome, Jill! I’ve always wanted to try making sushi at home. And this roll sounds like one I would order out. Nice job! I want to take the class your son took! 🙂

  12. I’m very impressed! This looks delicious and so professional – I’m sure mine would not roll up so neatly! Thanks for the recipe, I’d love to try this out 🙂

  13. Yum! I love smoked salmon! Love the idea of using brown rice in sushi rolls instead of white! Love it!

  14. We make sushi at home ALL OF THE TIME! Being vegetarians, sushi is such a fun, healthy, finger food. I like to add different fruits and veggies to see what kinds of combinations we can come up with! Fun side fact: one of our cats LOVES nori. She goes crazy when we break it out and begs to eat some, haha!

  15. I LOVE sushi! I would eat it every day if I could (and if it wasn’t so expensive!). I’ve wanted to take a class like that to learn how to make your own. I will check out Whole Foods!

  16. kellye lukas says:

    Kudos to you son on mastering the technique for preparing sushi!! We’ve done it at home too, my husband taught himself by watching a few videos, lol. Not sure about the smokey flavors, we may have to try that the next time. We love the fresh salmon and tuna though! We favor the soy paper over nori. We are very fortunate to have a ton of places near us and one is mainly take-out, prices are incredible and food is fab.

  17. Looks amazing! I have never tried to make sushi, but have always wanted too! I like the idea of an inside out sushi roll because it sounds much easier!

  18. This looks delicious! I am a smoked salmon fanatic. I would definitely eat this both ways.

  19. What an awesome recipe. Learning how to make sushi is one of my resolutions for the new year. Love it .. especially since you used two of my favorite ingredients: smoked salmon and avocado.

  20. Larisa Dixon (@0to26point2) says:

    We love sushi night around here. Yours look great

  21. Looks delicious! The Boy and I started making sushi a couple years ago and now he says he is a Master Sushi maker. My favorite is salmon, sweet potato, cucumber and avocado. Sometimes I like to sneak some bacon on as well! 🙂

  22. This sounds amazing! Mine would totally resemble a falling apart burrito. But that’s ok, it’s all about the flavors. ;o)

  23. I saw smoked salmon and got allll excited. I would probably do it with something else other than brown rice (simlpy because I’m not big on rice, generally) but otherwise? YES!

  24. OOOH JILL!!
    Id love love love this.
    can I master this? 🙂
    we shall see…

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