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Create A Vision Board

Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

 Create A Vision Board. Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. jillconyers.com #visionboard #motivation #goals #dreams

Happy #dishthefit Tuesday!

As you know, every week, Jess and I choose an optional topic that is meant to help us examine how we can improve our lives, habits and goals, and then we DISH IT!

This week we’re dishing about VISION BOARDS!

 Create A Vision Board. Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. jillconyers.com #visionboard #motivation #goals #dreams

It was my intention to share my motivation wall where the vision board hangs but little did I know, as I was thinking about blogging one of my most favorite topics, my husband was thinking about rearranging our office.

For now, I’ll share my vision board. Next week, the MOTIVATION WALL!

I create 1 (sometimes 2) vision boards ever year. I enjoy the whole process and I love looking at the board throughout the year.

Illustrate your dreams, motivations and goals!

 Create A Vision Board. Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. jillconyers.com #visionboard #motivation #goals #dreams

A vision board is a visualization tool that represents your dreams, your goals and how you want to live  your life. Creating a vision board gives your vision and goals clarity, reinforces your daily affirmations, and keeps your attention on your intentions.

Create a board with pictures and words that represent the experiences, feelings, and motivations you want to attract into your life.

Choose words and images that inspire positive emotions in you.

 Create A Vision Board. Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. jillconyers.com #visionboard #motivation #goals #dreams

How To Create A Vision Board

  1. Gather your supplies. Poster board, glue, markers, and magazines.
  2. Find a space to spread out all of your supplies. Maybe a large table or the floor works.
  3. Decide what area of life you want to focus. Choose one or two areas to focus on.
  4. Get comfortable and relaxed. Make creating a vision board a fun and relaxing time. Enjoy the process of creating a visual representation of your dreams, motivations and goals.
  5. Flip through the magazines and begin tearing/cutting out images and words that appeal to you. For now just focus on any and all words and images that appeal to you and make you feel good.
  6. Next, go through your images and look specifically for things that generate your desired feelings related to the area of life you are focusing on. 
  7. Once you have the images you want to use, do a “dry run” by arranging the images and words in a variety of ways. When it feels and looks just right, glue everything to the board.
  8. Hang your vision board in a visible place so it’s easily seen often throughout the course of your day.

 Create A Vision Board. Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. jillconyers.com #visionboard #motivation #goals #dreams

One final tip, look at your board often. Focus on the feelings and energy that it creates for you and use that energy to crush your goals and live the life you dream of having.

 Create A Vision Board. Visualize living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. jillconyers.com #visionboard #motivation #goals #dreams

Where will you hang your vision board so that you can see it often?

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I’m waiting for Jess to wake up before announcing next week’s topic. Come back this evening or watch for #dishthefit on twitter! I will say this, the topic is going to make you think.

Thank you for joining use every week and sharing your health and fitness journey!

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  1. Sigh…I insist that I’m going to do one of these every year! Clearly I need to search for the word “Execute!”

  2. I don’t have a vision board, but on the wall in front of my treadmill and elliptical, I have hundreds of pictures posted of hubs and the family. It’s my “happy thoughts” place. I love looking over all the photos while I work out, it never gets old!

  3. I LOVE your vision board. So many great quotes from all different areas of making your life amazing. A motivation wall sounds awesome! I should think about that one, especially dedicating a space where my husband can contribute & my kiddos. I would love to make a family motivation wall!

    P.S. I giggled a little when you said you were waiting for Jess to wake up before announcing next week’s topic. Then, I remembered that she is on Pacific time. We are super close in proximity by the way. I live in a Dayton, OH suburb!

  4. I don’t have a “vision board” per say. But I do have a bulletin board right above my desk where I work that has inspiring quotes I love, encouraging notes friends/family have wrote to me, my goals and pictures I love. I love it! When I sit back and am just thinking while at my desk I look at it and it always makes me smile.

  5. I can’t believe that I’m admitting this but I actually made a vision board with some friends right after the New Year. I’ll be honest, I always thought the idea was kind of hokey but when a friend invited me to participate in the session, I figured it couldn’t hurt…and it wound up being fun.

    My vision board isn’t everything that I wanted it to be but I think it’s a great beacon for guiding me in 2015. It’s in my new office space and I have to say that I enjoy looking at it.

  6. I have somewhat been afraid of using visuals because I don’t want to focus on the sexified images that often are found in fitness magazines. But your board makes me rethink that! I am sure i can find some really great ones in my running and tri magazines!! Great board.

  7. This is awesome! I really want to make my own tangible vision board now! 😀 I’d hang it in my study room; that’s where I need it most. 😛

  8. Love your vision board!! Lots of powerful and motivating words! I had fun making my vision board, and didn’t know what one was until I looked it up, however I made an online version. I am going to print it out and put it up by my desk so I can see it all the time! 🙂 Thanks for another great topic!

  9. IT’s beautiful! You are a powerhouse, Jill! And, I love that creating this is a yearly thing for you. I think it will be for me too. Mine is already much better than 2014. YAY! #fitfamlove

  10. I’ve never done a vision board, sounds like a great exercise, especially as an entrepreneur – what to be when I grow up! 😉

  11. I love that you put out the step-by-step! I actually did have to search “how to make a vision board” when I started this post because I never really made one before. I made mine on the computer this year but now, I may just print it out, and add to it….collecting items along the way that really hit home for me. Thanks again for a great topic and wonderful inspiration!

  12. ive never created a vision board, but my husband has and i kinda like getting behind his board.. ONE VISION, ya know?

  13. I’ve never done a vision board – maybe this weekend I will do this – it probably won’t be fancy but….

  14. I love this! I know it would serve as a great motivation and reminder to me throughout the year. I sometimes hang up pictures that motivate me, but I think I want to do this. I love how you framed it too!

  15. Lori Musselman says:

    Looks awesome Jill! I’ve never done one of these before… perhaps a trip to Target is in order 🙂 Can I get it done tonight for the link up???

  16. I love the idea of creating a vision board. I have had ones where I used cut outs from magazines but I think I would do one online via Pinterest now. I have a big collection already of quotes and inspriational pieces I love and it’s the perfect place to collect it for reference.

  17. I’m a huge fan of vision boards! I didn’t make a big one to hang up in my home this year, but I have a page-sized one that I stuck in my planner so that I can see it when I’m brainstorming or planning out my week. Such an awesome way to keep your thoughts focused on what you’re working on.

  18. Once we are in our new house I hope to have an area where I can put a vision board, but for now my board will have to be “virtual”! I am picturing an area in our office or workout area where Ill also hang my medals and bibs. Yours looks great!

  19. I absolutely love this! I’ve never made an inspiration board. I think it’s a great idea, though, to get our thoughts together and find out where we want to go. I love yours!I can’t wait to hear about next week’s topic!

  20. I love this assignment! Mine is just a start and I am working on building it all electronically. I started my Pinterest board and next I will weave it into my social media sites and want to create it as my screensaver so I see it first thing when I log in 🙂 I can’t wait to see this motivation wall! Good to know my hubby isn’t the only one who marches to his own drummer, they pick the funniest times to start a project!

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