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12 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

12 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes jillconyers.com #recipes #holiday #leftovers

Everyone knows that one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers. Go above and beyond the classic turkey sandwich with these Thanksgiving leftovers recipes:

  1. Turkey and Root Vegetable Soup – The Roasted Root
  2. Turkey, Brie and Apple Butter Sandwiches with Arugula – Food Network
  3. Lighter Vegetable [add Turkey] Pot Pie – Yummy Mummy Kitchen
  4. Leftover Cranberry Sauce Bread – Oh My Veggies
  5. Stuffing Muffins with Egg – Jillian Harris
  6. Turkey and Stuffing Patties – Pocket Change Gourmet
  7. Day-After Turkey Shepherd’s Pie – Kitchen Confidante
  8. Leftover Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash – The Weather In Cascadia
  9. Turkey Hash with Sunny-Side-Up Eggs – Country living
  10. Turkey Chili – Country Living
  11. Jack Quesadilla with Cranberry Salsa – My Recipes
  12. Crockpot Turkey Vegetable Soup with Barley – Simple Nourished Living

On the Menu jillconyers.com #menuplanning #linkup

Toast, Egg Whites and Avocado
Pumpkin Oatmeal with Nuts
Pumpkin Pancakes

Baked Salmon with Dijon Sauce
Tex Mex Casserole
Turkey with Roasted Veggies Bowl → Leftovers
Turkey Sandwich → Leftovers
Sweet Potato with Salsa Chicken and Veggies

Perfect Pumpkin Pie with Crumbled Crust Topping → New recipes!

Yogurt and Berries
Chicken Salad Bites
Apple with Almond Butter

What is your favorite leftover from Thanksgiving?

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  1. SINCE I am making my own turkey to bring to my host’s house, I bought the biggest turkey breast they had, FIVE POUNDS ALL FOR ME 🙂 Helloooooo left overs 🙂 great ideas, I just love to eat the turkey cold 🙂

  2. Great recipes for using those leftovers! 😀

  3. My mom would always take home the turkey carcass (usually from my grandmother’s house), and put it in a pot with a package of Maneschevitz bean and barley soup mix, and it was *so good*. Even though I cook most of my meals from scratch, I still have a huge soft spot in my heart for these packaged soup mixes!

  4. Thanksgiving leftovers are more exciting to me than the actual day of. All the leftovers so I can kick back and relax the long weekend.

  5. I love that Thanksgiving is on the first day of a long weekend so you can have leftovers all weekend if you want! Getting creative with putting them into meals is fun, I think 🙂

  6. I LOVE making turkey sandwiches the next day on really good crispy bread with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, and maybe some leftover sweet potatoes too. 😉

  7. I’m going to give that #6 a try! For me, Thanksgiving dinner is ALL about the stuffing! Thanks for the ideas! I can’t wait to be stuff with stuffing!!

  8. Thanksgiving leftovers are my absolute FAVORITE! I love the sides, especially the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. My parents always make cream of turkey (I know not the healthiest) with the leftover turkey. Which I actually love more than just the plain turkey!

  9. What a great list of healthy ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers! I shared the SundaySupper list, but I’m going to go back and edit my post to add your list too. Thanks for hosting and have a very happy Thanksgiving! xox

  10. I love the leftovers too. Turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce are a particular favorite. As are all kinds of turkey based soups. Thanks for including my recipe in your collection.
    Warmly, Martha

  11. What a treasure trove of DELICIOUS! I can’t wait for next Friday now, haha! 😀 I’m always down for the leftovers sammich, but holy Moses, do I have work to do.

  12. i think i’m more excited leftovers than the actual thanksgiving meal itself! haha

  13. I love Thanksgiving left overs! I like to put them on the counter and look at them. Makes me feel like a contestant on the Food Network show, Chopped! My hubby like to turn everything into some kind of soup, I like to make something that looks like mini potpies 🙂 We cook plenty just so we can have fun creating with the leftovers ! Happy Sunday= looks like you found great leftover recipes to share, thanks!

  14. I feel like Bubba Gump after Thanksgiving with the ideas for what to do with leftovers. Turkey kabobs, turkey quesadilla, turkey soup, turkey sandwich, turkey pot pie…

  15. I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving dinner traditional choices, but I’ll add leftover turkey to my salad or make a shredded turkey sandwich occasionally.

  16. Favorite Thanksgiving leftovers would be the turkey & pumpkin pie. No one can deny how good cold turkey sandwiches are! Mmm

  17. My mother-in-law always had a Friday night leftovers dinner at her house after Thanksgiving and it was the best! In fact, we would set aside apple crisp during Thanksgiving so that we had some to eat on Friday lol.

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