Flying Home and The Fit Dish

I’m flying home this morning, but after the awesome race I had yesterday I feel like I could run home!

Maybe I should mention the fact that I’m in Florida and I live in Ohio!

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Tomorrow is a blogging day I look forward to sharing!

Joining the #fitfam to #dishthefit!

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The [optional] topic for this tomorrow’s The Fit Dish link up is…

Does your mind wander? What do you think about when you run or workout

Put it into words, add a pic or 2 and come back tomorrow to share with The Fit Dish!

I’m looking forward to finding out what’s on your mind when you run or workout!

Have a wonderful Monday!

I’m sharing the marvelousness with Marvelous In My Monday.

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  1. Sometimes my mind wanders when I’m running and I think about what I need to do/stress about things. I try to catch myself when I do that and focus on running

  2. Looking forward to your race recap! I definitely have a wandering mind when I run. Sometimes I use my time on the road to plan for my blog 🙂

  3. My mind is all over the place when I run. When I run with music, I just focus on that. Lately, I’ve had to run without music, because my gps drains my battery. My mind is like one of those Where’s Waldo maps. LOL

  4. Fun linkup! Oh I think about lots! I’ll save it for tomorrow!

  5. Oh if only you could see into my brain when I run – it’s ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE – so many ideas and very little time to do them *sigh*. Have a great Monday and congrats on your race!!

  6. It is a marvelous day in Florida today! I hope you had a great time hear! See you tomorrow for the link up and safe travels lady!

  7. Have a safe trip home!

    My mind is all over when I’m running. I usually compose and awesome blog post, which I then can’t remember by the time I get to my computer. ;o)

  8. Congrats on the race! So excited for you, and can’t wait to hear more. Thanks for posting about the dear ol’ Dish! ; ) Such an amazing #fitfam! Take care, Lovely!

  9. My mind wanders SO much when running. I often joke that I wish a personal scribe could run by my side, because some of my best blog post ideas come to me when I run, haha!

  10. Cant wait to hear about the race Jill! So exciting, and running is just going your way right now, I knew it was only a matter of time 🙂 keep up the good work, and I will look forward to reading all about it tomorrow 🙂

  11. Ah! Looking forward to hearing all about this race mentioned above. In the meantime, have a safe flight back to Ohio. I’m sure your wishing you could bring the sunshine along too, huh? 🙁

    I don’t have one main thing on my mind when working out. Really just depends on what’s happening in my life at the time. Sometimes it’s happy thoughts and others it’s me talking myself out of a bad mood or stressful situation that may be going on @ the time.

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