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The Best of Blogfest 2014

The Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach

Finally! I may be one of the last bloggers to share a recap of Blogfest. Not because it wasn’t awesome or because I didn’t have anything to say. There was so much to say it was hard to decide where to start. The experience was remarkable!

This by no means is an all inclusive list of the best things at Blogfest but I had to narrow it down somehow or I would have pushed to the limit of “not another Blogfest post!”

BlogfestThe Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach #friends

The Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach #friends

This was easily at the top of my list! Meeting people that, until now, I’ve only known on your computer. Imagine how wonderful it would be to spend 4 days doing the things you love surrounded by people that share your passion, excitement and enthusiasm for health and fitness. People that don’t think it’s strange to pack your own food and workout 2 or maybe even 3 times in a day. It was as amazing as it sounds! 

BlogfestThe Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach #workout

My daughter said, “mom, only you could be so happy and excited about working out on vacation.” I knew what she meant, but little did she know everyone there was happy to do the workouts. I experienced a Piyo class taught by none other than Piyo creator, Chalene Johnson and bootcamp taught by Under Armour trainer, Shauna Harrison (shaunaharrison.com). Check out Shauna’s Instagram. She is a role model of #iwillwhatiwant, http://instagram.com/shauna_harrison. Both women are inspiring beyond words! How about an early morning run with friends to kickoff the event and another awesome bootcamp with the awesomeness that is Kasey from Powercakes? And a small but mighty team of 3 for one more kickbutt bootcamp with Maureen Faherty and Caroliine Earle of the The Trendy Trainer. That’s a perfect vacation if you ask me!

BlogfestThe Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach @lornajaneactive

I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see Lorna Jane included in this post. Meeting her, listening to her speak, shopping at her stores…I loved it all! Sure, she’s running a company, profit is a goal and her marketing is brilliant but underneath all of that her love of health, fitness and inspiring others is genuine. You can feel it when you talk to her. During the expo she was extremely busy putting out clothes (the fact that she was there putting out clothes speaks volumes about how she feels about her company), but she wasn’t too busy to offer to sign our Nourish Cookbooks, chat and have photos taken with her. And her stores? More marketing genius along with inspiration! Being in the Lorna Jane store makes you want to be active and healthy and look fabulous doing it. The employees at the Huntington Beach and Irvine (thanks for the photo Abby!) stores were fun and energetic! They didn’t blink twice when asked to have their photo taken.


The Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach #inspiration

You’re probably familiar with the “ice bucket challenge” taking over social networks that is a fundraising and awareness campaign of ALS, or more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Augie Nieto, a pioneer in the fitness industry, lives the motto NEVER GIVE UP. Augie was diagnosed in 2005 with ALS and yet he maintains a positive attitude and continues to lead an active life. His speech was inspiring and the tears flowed when the audience watched Augie walk his daughter down the isle to get married.

The Best of Blogfest 2014 jillconyers.com #blogfest @fitapproach #inspiration

One of the Speakers for IDEA World Fitness was Diana Nyad who took the stage to accept the 2014 IDEA Jack LaLanne Award which recognizes inspiring role models who have significantly advanced health and fitness through media. Diane Nyad is the inspiring long-distance swimmer who recently (at age 64) became “the first person confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage.” Swimming 110.86 miles for 52 hours and 54 minutes in shark and paralyzing jellyfish infested water she accomplished her 35 year dream! Another remarkable example of NEVER GIVE UP. Her talk was inspiring and how could you not be awed by someone who refers to a marathon as “a shorter distance race.”

The list could go on and on. Things like the expo, interacting with brands, learning, speakers, and the fabulous energy all deserve to be included in The Best of Blogfest 2014!

What is your personal NEVER GIVE UP story? What inspiring speaker have you had the pleasure of listening to? Have you ever shopped in a store that inspires you to be active?

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  1. Wow! Looks like so much fun! I def. need to attend blogfest next year- everyone’s recaps are making me wish I was there! PS- I spy whitney & gigi who I just met at a conference last month! Such a small world 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous you got to work out with Chalene, I’d love to say I did one of her classes that would be so cool.
    I wish events like these occurred more often here, they properly do, but being in the country it’s hard to get to them, esp with young kids.
    Would have been an amazing experience, esp to meet other like minded bloggers.

  3. Hearing Augie and Lynn really put a face and an inspiration to the ice bucket challenge. It encourage me go get my cross country team to participate (I share Augie’s story to inspire them too).

    The people were definitely the best part of Blogfest for me (including meeting you!). I loved putting a face and a voice to the bloggers that I’ve been reading for so long. I can’t wait until next year!

  4. I love Lorna Jane… I want to visit a store next time I’m in CA!

  5. What a lovely review! I love how you put all your pictures together, and I so happy to see I made the friends list! 🙂 xoxo

  6. Beautiful recap (both in content and in design)! Seems like everyone who went had a great time.

  7. It looks like you had an absolutely amazing time connecting with some amazing people!!

  8. Just beyond an experience! I think that any race and training cycle has become a never give up moment!

  9. Wow I always love your pics and these are just fabulous. It sounds like such an inspiring weekend. I’d love to attend one year. And all stores inspire me (unfortunately I have a little shopping addiction!) 🙂

  10. Oh – I loved all of your picture!!! I’m with you, I would have been so excited about the vacation that revolved around fitness!!!
    Diana Nyad is very inspiring because (unless I’m completely screwed up), she attempted that swim several times before she ultimately completed it, right?? I’m hoping that in about 10 days I experience my victory with my never give up story!!!

  11. It looks like you had a fabulous time! I love going to blog conferences and getting a chance to meet fellow bloggers and being inspired by others.

  12. It looked like an amazing weekend I wish I could have made it!

  13. Meeting inspiring people would be a great reason to attend. Runner Gilbert Tuhabonye inspired many of us in my running group when he spoke there for us one morning after a run.

  14. Wow! What a great adventure! I hope I can attend next year! It has to be a real hoot to finally meet so many friends in person!

  15. Looks and sounds like an inspiration dream .. I cannot wait to go. On my to do list next year

  16. Wow, looks like so much fun — wish I would have been there. Probably the most inspirational speak I ever heard was this woman at an American Heart Association Go Red event — she was about my age and had 3 boys (so I’m totally relating to her) and her story was unreal . . . . to long and intense to mention here, but . . . uh, it definitely put things in perspective for me.

  17. I’ve been so lucky to hear so many amazing women speak. I always want to say the last person I heard was the best!

  18. WOW! What an incredible time you had Jill! I had not heard of blogfest before you mentioned it, but now I am glad I have, seems like you learned a lot, and inspirational stories are my favorite.

    My never give up story was when I tore my calf in January, I couldn’t run for a month, I worked my ass off in the pool and started pt after that month….they started me running 2×2 minutes, the next day 2×3 minutes, then day off……THAT slowly. I kept working, and visualizing myself at nationals. I qualified on my first race of the season (and the last chance meet to qualify), and ended up finishing 5th! That meant more to me than any of my other All Americans, as I never gave up 🙂

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