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Spend Time Just Being

Slow down, take a deep breath and marvel in the feeling of an unhurried sense of time. Click through to http://jillconyers.com to read the full story. Pin it now, read it later.

It happens about twice a year. I recognize the feeling and I know what I need to do.

Slow Down

Life is crazy busy. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life. I enjoy all that I do. I love seeing my kids do all the things that excite them and make them happy. Maybe I should have said life is wonderfully busy! But, I don’t want to let life get so busy that I miss the delight in the everyday or so busy that I miss the opportunity to cherish the moments.

Take A Deep Breath

I would love to say that I’m at total peace and life is in perfect order, but we all know that’s not the truth. I’ve noticed that when life gets out-of-control busy is when I feel the most distance from a peacefulness that I’ve come to cherish.

Slow down, take a deep breath and marvel in the feeling of an unhurried sense of time.

How do you know when life gets too busy?

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  1. For me, my quiet moments involves turning off all digital devices and just seating in a dark room and try to think of nothing but just thanks for everything in life.

  2. Definitely something that’s worth remembering, particularly for bloggers at this time of year when you can start having to balance your normal posting schedule with all the seasonal content!

    I think it’s not just about taking time out to think / relax, but also remembering how much you’ve achieved. It’s easy to just keep pushing for the next goal without giving a thought to how far you’ve come already.

  3. I hear you. Life is always insanely busy here in the fall, which kind of makes me sad because it’s the best time of year here…

  4. I have seriously slowed down so I can be present in every moment. Although that in itself takes a lot of practice. That’s why I gave up my blog; for me it was all consuming and I needed to get back to just being. My husband has commented how much happier I am quite frequently since then. So I guess to answer your question, I know I need to slow down and things have gotten out of control when I’m always focusing on the next thing instead of focusing on where I am right now.

  5. As soon as life feels more like a task than an experience, I know I need to step back and reevaluate.

  6. love this! we need these reminders from time to time!!! Also wanted do share with you my new post regarding my health transformation…nothing to crazy just some before and afters! I did mention your blog too!

  7. I hope you are definitely slowing down and just enjoying “being!!”
    I know when I start snapping at everyone (especially Chris and the boys) that I need to ease up and let something(s) go!!!

  8. I think….I should probably pick up the pace because my life is a little too NOT stressful hah. No kids and working at home is a great way to calm anyone down!

    I love love the message though–I used to be insane busy all the time, and it’s a terrible way to live.

    Thanks Jill! Always an inspiration!

  9. Love this! Good busy is when I wake up eager to get started on the day. I know I have a lot to do but I’m ready to crush it and feeling excited about getting it done. Bad busy is when I wake up and immediately feel stressed. I have a lot to do but don’t know where to start and drag my feet about it. That’s when I know I need to reboot. I think I’ve been a bit more of the bad busy lately. But today was a good morning so things are looking up. 😀

  10. It can be so hard to slow down! I often feel like I am going 100 miles an hour with 100 things to do at all times. Usually my body tells me by crashing and burning and getting sick which is no good. I definitely need to check in with myself more regularly about this. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. I am constantly trying to remind myself to just live in the moment. I think that sometimes we get so bogged down with our schedules and planning that we forget to really enjoy the journey

  12. I’ve been trying to make it a point to just BE some evenings and at least one day on the weekend. I don’t stress about chores, about errands about tomorrow. I’ll sit outside and read and not worry one bit. It’s so refreshing.

  13. I could feel the over-busy mode start to creep in last week – I start getting snippy over little things. That’s when I know I need to step back and breathe!

  14. I’m currently forced into just being, as I’m nursing a minor injury. Didn’t realized how much time I spend going nonstop until I’m forced to slow down. Great post.

  15. I think for people like us, who thrive on schedules and being busy, there is a delicate balance, a fine line between “too much” and just right. What helps when it becomes “too much” as you said is taking a deep breath, and as I’ve noticed, making mini “me” moments, even if it’s just closing your eyes and enjoying something, sunshine on your face, a sip of coffee, etc. without the sense of time or hurry

  16. Oh I love this, like LOVE this more than you know. I can feel busy creeping up on me. It starts slow, then all of the sudden I feel like I’m completely underwater. In those moments it is important to stay calm and take a breathe and enjoy the world around them.

  17. Love this Jill, and I am really trying to do this. I was just saying to Steve last night that I really feel at peace right now, I think that shows it is working? I like how short this post is; to the point, and means you have more time to practice what you preach 🙂

  18. I need to be forced into rest most times…like now because I’m fighting a cold I got from my son. Gotta love the start of school!!!!

  19. This is similar to my post from yesterday about dealing with stress, but a little different in that one was about tacking it head on. I think that they both are necessary to dealing with life, and it is so true that sometimes we need to just take a chill pill from the frenetic pace of our daily lives. My favorite way is to go to a long dinner with my husband. Gives us time to reconnect and just take a moment for ourselves

  20. Thank you for this well times post! I have not felt like doing much of anything the last few days fitnesswise and I felt bad about it. Really it was my body and mind’s way of saying rest. Just rest and put training aside for just a few days. I’m thankful I did! It was good to just BE. 🙂

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