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What’s In My Lunchbox


What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego

This post is sponsored by Fitmark Bags. I received a Fitmark Bag in exchange of my honest review. As always all opinions are my own. 

If you’re reading this in the morning I’m probably in a meeting. Or I’m sitting at my desk, after being gone for a wonderfully long summer break, staring at the blinking voicemail light on my phone and wondering where in the world do I start.

I rarely, if ever, say always but in this case it’s true. I ALWAYS, without fail, pack my lunch for work. I have gone through my share of lunchboxes with some being too small, too big and cumbersome, poor quality and had to be replaced every year or just plain and boring. I don’t even remember where I first saw Fitmark Bags, but it’s now in the top 10 of my all time best purchases.

Why Fitmark Bags?

  • excellent quality (after more than a year it still doesn’t need to be replaced)
  • ice packs stay cold and I don’t have to put my lunch in the refrigerator at work and it’s not a problem if I don’t have access to a refrigerator
  • I love the color options
  • the variety of size options
  • no more going to work with a lunch box that won’t close because it’s too small (it seemed big enough when I bought it)
  • containers provided including vitamin and protein powder options


What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego

Starting next month and until about April of 2015 I will need a way to manage multiple meals on the go.

My son designs, programs and builds robots that compete during competition season…

What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego

…and my daughter is a competitive cheerleader. Between the 2 of them I spend a lot of time in arenas, convention centers and stadiums. Do you know what they all have in common? Not a single thing I will eat and there isn’t enough time to go out for lunch without missing a performance.

We’re there for hours so I need more than the few snacks I can fit in my purse.

What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego


What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego

What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego

I haven’t used Fitmark’s The Box Large yet, but I already know it’s perfect for what I need. I can easily pack meals and snacks for myself and my husband. If you’ve spent any time in convention centers and arenas you know what I mean when I say having my own food is going to be a luxury especially with the ice packs!

What's In My Lunchbox? jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #mealmanagement #nutrition #onthego

Easily organize your meals with four large seal-tight containers, two cool packs (one that is TSA approved), a patented shaker bottle with custom vitamin and protein mix organizer, and exterior sleeves for your water bottle and workout journal.

Manage your meals like you manage your life: efficient, organized, and smart. Introducing The Box: a revolutionary food organizer that fits into your busy life.

Fitmark Bags were originally designed for fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes, but the function and quality are beneficial in the gym and beyond. The company saw a need for efficient meal management for a busy lifestyle and introduced The Box. As a busy mom and an athlete that is passionate about nutrition, I have the best of both worlds with my Fitmark Bags.

Don’t forget, or in case you haven’t heard, tomorrow is Day 1 of the 7-day Instagram Challenge! Get the details here ⇒ Fitmark Instagram Challenge

Fitmark Bags Instagram Challenge  jillconyers.com @fitmarkbags #nicebag #nutrition #onthego

Join the challenge for a chance to win a Fitmark Box Large of your own! The solution to efficient meal management on the go!

What do you use to pack meals on the go? Do you buy a new lunch box regularly?



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  1. I use a Lululemon shopping bag as my lunch box… whoops. So do most of my friends and the girls at work. I throw it in the washer (it only lasts that 2-3 times tops) if it gets gross and when it falls apart… there’s more where that one came from!

  2. I love that your son designs robots and enters them in competition. It really sounds like something my son would do in a few years. He is so into design, engineering and robots at 8 years old!

  3. that is really cool! and I like the portion control it offers too! packing for work meals is the hardest thing I go through…if I don’t pack, I know I will stray from healthy habits, but with this, I can stay on track!

  4. That is so cool that your son does robotics competitions and I can’t imagine how busy cheer comp is! This definitely looks like it would be essential (I hate being at those stadiums where they only have crap to eat). While I don’t leave my house often this would be perfect for zoo outings and packing my husband lunch so that he can stay on track when he’s not home!

  5. I have to agree- there’s barely anything we, as a family, will eat (or let our kids eat) at events they have. We usually pack a large cooler filled with water, fruit, our sandwich preference, and other stuff. For school, my kids have excellent compartmentalized lunch boxes. Me? I have a regular old lunch box that I cram tupperware boxes into. I’d love something like this!

  6. Right now we use a lot of the ziplock plastic tubs with the sections. I put my protein and my carb side (potatoe, rice) in the big compartment then I put some veggies and cottage cheese in the others. They work pretty well although if I didn’t have a fridge at work, I’d be in trouble!

  7. This looks like an amazing lunch bag. This bag would be amazing for our upcoming vacation to Honduras. I normally just throw some stuff in one of my carry on’s.

  8. This bag looks amazing! I also bring my lunch to work everyday, so this would be perfect! I’ll have to enter that instagram contest!

  9. That lunch box looks awesome! There are enough compartments to haul around lunch for me, my husband, and our toddler 🙂 Great for picnics I’m sure!

  10. This is exactly what I need. There’s never room in the office fridge for my lunchbox and going home every day is a pain!

  11. Now that looks like a lunch box I could use! I especially like that it has compartments for protein powders. I spend a lot of time at my boys lacrosse tournaments and always have to pack my own food for the sidelines as I won’t eat the kinds of foods they’re usually selling (I’m sure you know what I mean!)

  12. This is so cool Jill! I need a lunch box just like this for all the different snacks and meals I eat during the day. Love it!

  13. This lunch box looks like something our daughter would love to take to school 🙂 She is my “eater” and “foodie”. What a great way to travel with kids and their activities as all of us “busy” moms know and would appreciate. I love the cool pack options, especially during the hot months 🙂 Thanks Jill

  14. The last time I remember using a lunchbox regularly was in elementary.

    I had a pink sparkly barbie lunchbox and you know what happened? I WAS SO SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT that I would put it under the lunch tables.

    I’ve never had a real lunchbox since….I just use whatever bags I have at home (brown paper bags babay!).
    I do see the benefit of having a real container that keeps things cool or warm, so having a real one would rock.
    Thanks Jill! Have a great day!

  15. my last two lunch bags i’ve used were actually gifts from my students which worked out perfectly! 🙂

  16. I need this! Especially the protein powder and dressing options. I am always weary of bringing food because by the time I eat it it’s just not a fresh anymore.

  17. Jill, uhm you’re super mom! Seriously, I know how grueling it can be sitting in arenas, just to watch a two minute performance, SO, I applaud you for always being there for your kids! AND, you know I’m such a fan of BYOF 🙂 I use my ISObag, when I am traveling TO and from places, and use a Vera Bradley lunch box when I’m doing small trips….BUT it isn’t big enough sometimes, and my isobag is TOO big, fitmark may have just what I need for an in between 😉

  18. i’ve been wanting to try this! i bet it’s great for travel too!

  19. I pack breakfast, lunch and snack for work too. Love how room and organized this bag is!

  20. I waaannntttt one of these lunch boxes! I love stuff like this, in a nerdy way it makes me very happy! i definitely pack to go lunches, last year people would laugh at me as I had my entire day of meals with me, but then I would laugh when they had to spend $30 for the day 🙂

  21. I have several Fitmark bags– not a lunch bag but their workout bags and love them!! A new lunch bag would be awesome for the new school year– need to check this out

  22. I’m a pack mule when it comes to taking food places–I’m always carrying something. Alex and I are trying to take our own lunches as much as we can, but I”ve super spoiled this week because he’s been bringing it to me!

  23. I must check out if I can get this in Australia cause this is my style of lunch box.
    I’m not working at the moment, but I when I was I use to have (and still have) the lunch box like this, as my lunch box never fits enough, and I rather have too much food than not enough.

  24. I desperately need a new lunchbox. This one sounds pretty wonderful! I work at an extended day school, so I need everything I’m going to eat for the day except dinner. And it would be great to not need to put everything in a refrigerator. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I desperately need a new lunchbox. This one sounds pretty wonderful! I work at an extended day school, so I need everything I’m going to eat for the day except dinner. And it would be great to not need to put everything in a refrigerator. Thanks for sharing!

  26. My husband (a police officer) works 12 hr. shifts and he got a lunch box called “6 Pack” and it has a spot for pretty much everything. These lunch boxes are so perfect for healthy eaters!

  27. You are SO right about all of those places having no edible food. I honestly love this thing and, even though I work from home, I can totally justify getting it for road trips with the kids or spending time just driving them around. I need to eat (as I’m sure you do!) every three hours so this can do nothing but help. Plus I love how organized it is!

  28. Wow~ that is quite the lunch box! I take my lunch everyday too but I have a cute Vera Bradley lunchbox that I have used for years. I may have to step up- this one looks super nice! I don’t always have access to a frig either so this would be perfect!

  29. Whoa – that lunchbox has a spot for everything!! I take my snacks and lunch to work every single day too. Right now I just use random storage containers, ziplock bags and a bag I got from Target a few years ago. I’m due for a new one!

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