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A Happiness Found Within

A Happiness That Comes From Within jillconyers.com #quote #happiness #motivation

Once again I had a post almost complete. The text was written and the images created. All to an end of not being shared (yet).

Instead, I’ve had something on my mind for the past few days. Actually, not just something, it’s more of a realization. I have found what I can only describe as authentic happiness (or very close). It’s not that I wasn’t happy before. Quite the contrary.

I’m talking about another type of or what feels like a better happiness. A happiness that doesn’t come from stuff and things. A happiness that isn’t contingent on success and accomplishments. It’s a happiness that is gained from looking within and seeing and accepting who you are. It’s a happiness that is unconditional and is not subject to the all too familiar comparison trap. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it.

This is all new to me and my thoughts are kind of jumbled. Interestingly it’s a way of thinking that totally contradicts who I, at one time, thought I was. [That seems to be happening a lot lately]. Fortunately, Stephanie Mitchell summed it up concisely in words that my jumbled mind could not,

“Instead of searching for possessions and achievements to make you happy, reflect on who you are and find authentic joy within.”

 My previously mentioned jumbled thoughts include questioning and maybe even a little doubt. Could this possibly be true? Will this feeling last? I definitely don’t have the answers but I don’t really need to, do I?

A Happiness That Comes From Within jillconyers.com #quote #happiness #motivation

There is a true happiness to be found when you begin to look inside yourself. That’s it. So simple and yet, that is exactly what I was trying to say.



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  1. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, what matters what you think of you.
    We all deserve to be happy, and we can be happy, we just need to find that happiness within.
    This was a great reminder.

  2. What did they say? Joy is within us, we just have to dig down and find it. I think you did that friend

  3. Authentic happiness is kind of crazy… I often find myself not trusting it, but I’m trying to get better at that!

  4. For me it’s hard sometimes to let go of that perfectionistic performance-driven outlook that I’m valued by what I DO, instead of realizing I am already valued for what I AM. Great reminder!!

  5. I totally agree that happiness comes form within – I have seen many people try to find happiness through other people instead of being happy with themselves.

  6. I love this post, Jill. I completely agree with it, one of the biggest things I find that steals my happiness is when I start comparing my life to others. Really just enjoying life is what it’s all about. Thanks for posting this:)

  7. It’s definitely far too easy to focus on the outside world and our outside views. I’ve been working on putting my heart first, which loves God and letting that carry me. It’s definitely not easy, but I’m trying! 🙂

  8. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing! I definitely struggle with this and it’s nice to have a reminder once in a while.

  9. What a lovely post, Jill! I have been feeling that total contentment lately and I love it! It’s not something I’ve bought or done to myself, it’s just satisfaction with my life, my family, my sport!

  10. Definitely agree- it’s not stuff or even circumstances that bring happiness. It’s our outlook and our ability to find joy despite the good/bad in our lives.

  11. Jill, welcome to the world of gratitude and internal joy! It’s overwhelming and hard to put into words at first, but that happiness, it warms your heart right? Makes you smile for no reason, and so happy you could almost cry? YUP, that’s what self-love and full acceptance and a happiness not based on things feels like, and it’s incredible xoxo <3

  12. I agree whole heartedly with your post. I hate when materials things get more importance than just being with others. When those we love leave us, we remember the time we spent together, not the gifts we were given. Great post!

  13. It’s a happiness that is gained from looking within and seeing and accepting who you are. It’s a happiness that is unconditional and is not subject to the all too familiar comparison trap. <– LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  14. I know I don’t find happiness in things, but I think I find happiness in doing. I’m not sure I’d find happiness just being.

  15. The best things in live come from within (love, happiness, things that can only be expressed but not physically shown necessarily) and are shared without.

  16. So true. Things can only make you happy for a short time.

    1. You’re right Amy and then you’re left with an empty spot. Fill it from within and the emptiness is gone.

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