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Post-Run Recovery Routine

Post-Run Recovery Routine jillconyers.com #recover #rest #rejuvenate #running

This post was sponsored by Fit Approach on behalf of ProCompression. I received ProCompression Marathon Socks in exchange of my honest review. As always all opinions are my own. 

My recovery routine has gone through changes over the years and will probably continue to do so depending on training and needs. With my recent running assessment I’m armed with new information to make informed decisions about recovery particularly after a long run.

⇒ Drink water.

Post-Run Recovery Routine jillconyers.com #recover #rest #rejuvenate #running #stretch #foamroll

⇒ Turn on the TV and stretch/roll. If I don’t stretch immediately there’s too much of a chance that I won’t and it’s most effective soon after a run. I’ve added foam rolling my groin. Seriously needed and feels great!

⇒ Shower and make a smoothie.

Post-Run Recovery Routine jillconyers.com #recover #rest #rejuvenate #running @fitapproach @procompression

⇒ Comfortable clothes, compression socks or calf sleeves and with any luck, relax. Ideally, time to read. If there’s little time to relax I just wear the compression for the rest of the day.

Post-Run Recovery Routine jillconyers.com #recover #rest #rejuvenate #running @fitapproach @procompression

I sometimes run in compression socks or sleeves depending on how I feel and the distance, but I always use compression for recovery after a long run. The benefits are many but, more importantly, I love how it feels.

Quality compression feels like a massage!

Post-Run Recovery Routine jillconyers.com #recover #rest #rejuvenate #running @fitapproach @procompressionI recently tried ProCompression Marathon Socks. When I put them on the first time just to see how they feel my family was waiting to go to dinner. They felt too good! My family got impatient with having to wait. It was interesting to learn that true graduated compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles to toward your knees. This design also helps reduce swelling and inflamation while providing critical support to muscles and tendons.

Key Features of ProCompression:

  • True Graduated Compression
  • Arch support with just the right about of compression
  • Stabilization zone thru the sides to mid foot. Helps provide foot bed comfort.
  • Open toe box so it will not keep your toes too tight.
  • Wide cuff for added comfort.
  • Moisture wicking materials
  • No blisters!

Feelings associated with running. jillconyers.com #quote #running #motivation

The post-run stretch routine seems longer than it is. I’m at the point now that it requires little thought and I’m done before I know it. The TV helps! Then it’s smoothie, compression and relaxing time!

Try this routine. You’ll feel great and rejuvenated…I [almost] guarantee it!

If you’ve considered trying compression now is the time. Use the discount code “PINK” for 40% off your entire purchase at the PRO Compression online store.

What is your recovery routine? Has it changed over the years? Have you tried compression?



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  1. I LOVE those socks! They are amazing! I was skeptical to buy a pair… they’re expensive and I couldn’t help but wonder if they actually work. After reading A LOT of reviews I gave in purchased a pair… instant massage! Wonderful!

  2. I just bought some procompression low socks. I have ongoing issues with plantar fasciitis, and I wanted to see if they would help. I really like how they apply light compression around my arches. So far, so good. I may just have to purchase a few more pairs!

  3. I love my PROcompression socks! I always forget to use them though….

    I’ve been making sure to stretch my hip flexors, I foam roll my quads and calves, I use my foot roller religiously!

  4. My recovery routine starts before the run with a good warmup, as that has been shown to reduce DOMS better than any cooldown. I also hope to reduce DOMS by properly progressing to any hard workout level, so the workout on that specific day is not too big of a stress.

    After any hard run I be sure to get plenty of calories and nutrients in during the rest of the day.

    I also plan rest and easy days before I need them and always around hard workouts.

    Rarely do I use compression, I’ve not noticed any affect on my recovery from it.

    In my opinion, everything other than proper training before the hard run, properly warming up, and proper rest/ez runs afterwards is fluff.

  5. I do not wear compression socks (maybe I should) but love the stretching examples. I always get stuck in doing the same ones and need to switch it up to stretch a bit more deeper.

  6. Mine has changed through the years, but I wish I could say it was a routine. Mine depends on my day and how much time I have after I finish my run.
    One thing I really should add is compression socks, or at least try them! Everyone raves about them, and I am probably the last person to try them!

  7. I try to foam roll after every run. It makes my hips slightly less angry about life. I also drink tea and get to yoga classes. I actually use my compression socks more during runs and than after. I have one pair of pro compression socks but it might be time for a new pair.

  8. OK so, i foam rolled for the first time a couple months ago after I pulled my hamstring and oh. em. gee. that thing is horribly horribly magical. Thats the best way I can put it into words.

  9. I follow a pretty similar routine and use compression after longer runs to help speed recovery as well! Works great!

  10. oh that’s perfect! i so agree, recovery routines are just as important as the real WORKOUT

  11. I need to be better about making time to stretch and foam roll after running but mom-mode kicks in right when I walk in the door! I do love compression gear.

  12. Too funny… Your post run stretches are almost identical to my squat warm up moves! Great stretches!

  13. Great post! I need to be more thorough when I do get back to running – I usually forget. Love the feet stretches you recommend. I need that.

  14. Ah, the infamous moment when you KNOW you need to stretch/foam roll but don’t feel like it! Turning the TV on is a good way to ensure that you do, I’ll stretch/foam roll but then sometimes I’m too cold to ice afterwards! I am actually wearing my compression socks right now, post leg day! And I order calf sleeves 🙂

  15. I still don’t stretch like I should but I have been using compression socks. I actually prefer them while running – especially when I do back-to-back longish runs.

  16. I need to be more diligent about foam rolling after running. It’s so easy to skip after the shorter runs but I know that it makes a big difference with my knees!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  17. My routine on long run days is different from shorter run days.
    I make sure I give myself a good stretch.
    Lately I have also been including a yoga and a foam roller session. And it has helped immensely.
    I do love my compression socks, and wear them during my long runs.
    Now that my longer runs are actually getting longer, I’ll be including a recovery smoothie as well.

  18. MaryEllen says:

    Do you have links to the stretches? Specifically the groin, toes, and balls of feet? Thanks!!

    1. MaryEllen says:

      Never mind!! I found it all on the linked post!! 🙂

  19. Great routine!

    Sometimes I feel like I live on my foam roller. 🙂

  20. I definitely need a foam roller for marathon training. I tend to stretch but should add this. I don’t do compression sleeves often enough either! Good tips here.

  21. I absolutely love when I can recover properly – which is what I think you’ve outlined above. When I was training for Spain, I MADE time to roll and slip on my compression socks, after every workout that was longer then an hour. I stretch after ANY workout, but those longer runs and bikes really need the recovery time so you can start it all over again the next day! Love ProCompression and I’m wearing them as I type 🙂

  22. never tried compression before, but i definitely want too. and that foam roller – i’ve got a love/hate relationship with it!

  23. This sounds pretty similar to what I normally do. I come in, immediately get myself a drink (water plus a protein drink) and drink that while I stretch, foam roll, and plank. If it’s really long I’ll take an ice bath, otherwise i’ll shower, maybe ice, and read or watch tv a bit as I eat. It’s relaxing!

  24. Love your post-run stretch routine! I have to admit that I am TERRIBLE at stretching after a run and sometimes use a massage roller or foam roller. I always use my compression sleeves though and I have to say that make a remarkable difference in my recovery time! Absolutely love the benefits of compression!

  25. My post run routine is very similar to yours. This post actually made me really miss long runs and training! I haven’t really ran in months but am getting back in the game this week to train for a November half marathon 🙂

  26. So sometimes there s hype around a certain product that really shouldn’t be so hyped up but I swear Pro Compression socks live up to it. Like really. If I put those calf sleeves on after my shower following long runs, my legs recovery that much quicker. It’s fascinating. I have the marathon socks to and have run with both but I find it’s the recovery time where I feel the most benefits. I will never not wear those sleeves after a long run! It’s like magic.

  27. I have gotten worse about stretching because I have gotten so spoiled with my yoga class! I could really tell this weekend, though–I didn’t stretch as much, didn’t get my yoga, and then sat a lot a man, was I stiff!

  28. I do not stretch near as much as I should. I have never tried pro compression but have several pairs of the Z2U brand(I think it’s called) which is another kind of compression sock and love them. There’s nothing like putting them on after a long run and sitting in my foot massager:)

  29. I see everyone talking about these awesome socks! My biggest concern with socks is that they can’t be too thick or else I’ll get hot, and they need to support my feet from getting blisters.

  30. Your recovery routine is very similar to mine. If I don’t stretch immediately afterwards, then its likely that I won’t stretch at all. I get too hot running in compression sleeves, but always wear them after a long run.

  31. Yes! this is so appropriate right now 🙂 I have significantly changed my routine, and noticed a huge difference, especially with more yoga/flexibility in the afternoons, and a lot more stretching after my runs too. I have found the foam roller is a huge help, as is enduropacks for helping with recovery 🙂

    1. It feels so good after a long run!! And the difference in recovery time surprised me the first time I used compression.

  32. Our recovery routines look a lot alike! I don’t stretch as soon as I should, though. Great post. I rely on my compression socks for great recovery and think they’re essential.

    1. Hi Samantha. Compression has become a running must have! If I don’t stretch right after I run there is a good chance I won’t.

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