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Spring Gardening and Recipes

Spring Gardening jillconyers.com

Spring Gardening jillconyers.com

He designs and builds robots to compete. He builds his own computers. At first glance my son is as a computer, technology, science kind of guy but, if you look a little bit closer it’s actually the hands-on that is the most appealing to him.

Whether it’s helping his grandmother fill her bird feeders outside, exploring a creek, building a computer or building his mother a bigger, better garden, doing stuff with his hands is when he is the happiest and when he has a “life is good” look on his face.

Spring Gardening jillconyers.com

Thanks to Alec, I have a bigger and better garden this year. The past few years my gardening was limited to pots on the deck. I didn’t mind having a small deck garden but I’m so excited to have more space this year!

Spring Gardening jillconyers.com

Gardening is a lot of work and worrying about good weather, but it’s worth it. There is just something therapeutic and calming about it. Like mother, like son.

Spring Gardening jillconyers.com

In the past deciding what to grow was easy with gardening in a small space, tomatoes, cilantro and basil. This year, with room for more options, it was overwhelming and a bit intimidating to decide. It was like my brain couldn’t go beyond the limitations of the deck garden.

In the garden this year, Roma Tomatoes, Slicing Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes (we eat a lot of tomatoes!), Basil, Cilantro, Romaine, Red Leaf Lettuce, Jalapenos, Sweet Peppers and Strawberries.

From Garden to Plate. 10 Recipes Fresh From the Garden jillconyers.com

Good-for-you recipe brilliance from around the web (vegan and gluten free):

On the menu this week:

Morning Tonic

Berries and Greens Detox Salad
Loaded Sweet Potato
Raw Sprouted Salad
Rawsome Tacos
Garden Veggie Stir Fry

Berry Delight with Lemon Zest
Guacamole with Veggies
Coconut Trail Mix
Avocado Crunch
Chia Pudding

Sunday Meal Prep

  • Bake Coconut Trail Mix
  • Make smoothie packets
  • Chop veggies
  • Roast almonds and pepitas

Do you garden? What vegetables are growing (or would you grow) in your garden? What is it about gardening that makes it so therapeutic?


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  1. I do not garden but I would love to venture into it. I need to keep my new shrubbery alive first. Perhaps I’ll start with a container garden next year. Great recipes!

    I love the raised garden your son built you!

  2. There is something therapeutic about gardening. I like getting my hands dirty in the yard, although not in other places.

    I did my first raised bed this year, and I planted garlic, leeks, corn, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes (all kinds), peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. I’m beyond excited to see what I actually get.

    Your son is awesome for making you this.

  3. I will have to post the slow-cooker bean medley recipe sometime!
    We live on 5 acres, so I have a large garden. It is therapeutic! For me, I think it is digging in the dirt and just being outside in general.

  4. LOVE your garden and that it is a family project. You are such a good role model for your kids!!

  5. I wish I was talented enough to create and sustain a garden. Our weather is so crazy here in DC. As a vegetarian I’d love to grow my own veggies. Thanks for sharing all those yummy looking recipes I’m checking some out

  6. 1. It’s tough in Carolina red mud, but we manage to get strawberries, leek, a few herbs and we’re trying green beans this year.

    2. There’s something to not only having to go only to your backyard to get fresh ingredients, but seeing your daughter want to harvest cherry tomatoes every morning – and eat them like they were M&Ms.

    3. And pesticides add absolutely nothing to any of my recipes.

  7. We planted our garden last weekend and then it was super cold here on Friday– like big snow flakes cold.. so I am really hoping we are going to be OK. We planted tomatoes, kale, cucumbers, zucchini and squash… and some herbs in planters. We did strawberries last year and got a couple but from what I hear they come back every year and expand! We also planted a raspberry bush but it will be a couple of years before we see anything with that.

  8. I’m super impressed that your son made your garden – so awesome!!
    And, I love your choice of things to grow – especially the tomatoes (all of them!), cilantro and basil! I wish I could grow stuff – I’ve never had anything green live more than about 3 weeks.

  9. I love being able to go out my back door to pick fresh veggies for my meal. It’s so rewarding and way better than anything that comes from a store!

  10. I love eating from the garden. For the first time this year, I am planting herbs!! I am so excited. Those recipes above look fantastic!! I am excited to check them out. Thanks for also having a link up attached. Can’t wait to see what else you have to offer here. Great visit!! Smiles and good luck with your garden!

  11. Gardening brings back happy memories from childhood working alongside my dad. I haven’t created a garden space since we moved into our new house, but this makes me want to. Last year I tried growing tomatoes on the back patio, but it didn’t turn out very well.

  12. I posted a photo of our garden on the blog today too. Thanks for sharing all the recipes. I am ready to try some new things with my fresh herbs and vegetables. First up is a Caprese salad this week with my fresh basil!

  13. So sweet, the garden box. I am going to attempt to do one, but am keeping my fingers crossed. A green thumb I do not have LOL. I grew up in Lake Tahoe CA and digging in the dirt is second nature…:) Happy Sunday

  14. I would LOVE to grow a garden. But unfortunately any time I try my black thumb kills it all. I’m hoping maybe I can talk my hubby into it and I will just stay away..and maybe it will grow! 😉 I’d love to have fresh tomatoes at my fingertips!

  15. Jill! I am SO jealous of your garden! Fresh herbs and veggies are THE BEST! And it’s such a proud moment eating something, knowing your love and nourishment helped create it!

  16. God, I miss fresh produce from my and my own neighbor’s yards. My dad was raised on a farm and is a natural green thumb. My mom and I did not inherit this ability. Then again, I miss the rich soil in GA and the road stands of fresh peaches and tomatoes. Drool.

  17. I agree- digging in the dirt is grounding and therapeutic. I won’t have a big garden this year, but I’ll have a few pots with things in it, and I can’t wait! I’m tying to decide what sorts of edible plants I want- like basil…

  18. My boyfriend was raised on a farm and he is growing vegetables on our apartment patio. I believe he’s growing tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers…I let him do his thing! I’m looking forward to seeing what we can eat this summer!

  19. oh wow! can he come help me make my own garden? LOVE IT! Great round up too friend

  20. There is something about digging in the dirt that is very therapeutic. We’ve gone through phases of larger and smaller gardens, depending on space. We now have the space again but are keeping it smallish with a baby coming mid-summer… lettuces, swiss chard, carrots a variety of herbs and I need to pick up tomato and pepper seedlings soon!

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