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Playing Favorites and a Menu Plan

I like reading surveys on other blogs but I don’t usually post them and I’m not even sure why. I came across Playing Favorites on Amanda‘s blog and while I was reading it I thought about what my answers would be.

My favorite…

Color – I love different shades of coral (image from Opi).

Name Your Favorite jillconyers.com

Food – This changes often, right now it’s a variety of raw salads topped with a nut-seed combination for crunch and drizzled with my favorite homemade dijon  or avocado dressing.

Raw Sprouted Salad jillconyers.com

Smell – Coffee brewing in the morning. It’s not the same any other time of day.

Book – I have 2 all time favorites, The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown and Times Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

The Gifts of Imperfection jillconyers.com

Movie – Watching Mama Mia with my daughter.

Time of day – Early morning is simply the best.

Day of the week – I can’t believe I’m saying this but my favorite is Monday. It has a fresh start feeling to it.

Thing to do when I’m bored – I don’t know. I can’t remember the last time I was bored with nothing to do.

Celebrity – I don’t think I have a favorite.

Drink – Smoothies

Name Your Favorite jillconyers.com

TV Show – Love to laugh with Modern Family. Very few shows have ever made me laugh as much as this show.

Fruit – Strawberries! Perfectly sweet and juicy! If they’re not part of the main course, then they’re served on the side for almost every meal.

Vegetable – Beets! Strange I know but raw beets on salads and sauteed beet greens are so good! I think part of beets being a favorite is because it’s so new to me. I rarely if ever have eaten beets in the past and I didn’t even know you could eat the leaves.

Store – I don’t have a particular favorite but in general, athletic and running stores.

Workout – I  running. Followed closely by yoga. Check out What Yoga Has Taught Me and see why it’s a favorite.

Favorite Workout. Yoga. jillconyers.com

Quote – I love quotes and have many that I consider favorites. The favorite of the moment depends on my mood or what I’m doing. Right now I’m a sucker for the Oprah-Starbucks quote sleeves.

Motivation jillconyers.com

Motivation jillconyers.com

Potato chip flavor – I don’t eat potato chips but a bag of tortilla chips is another story.

Meal of the day – I don’t think I have a favorite. Probably dinner because it’s the one time in our day that is almost guaranteed family time.

Ice cream – I don’t eat ice cream.

Season – I’m loving the spring right now but my favorite is fall. The colors, fall veggies, the crisp feeling in the air and perfect running weather.

Dessert – Lately it’s been chia pudding. I’m tweaking a Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe that is decadently healthy! I actually love lava cakes too but I haven’t found a gluten free recipe that tastes good…yet.

Berry Matcha Chia Parfait jillconyers.com

Lifehack – I recently came across 2 on Pinterest . One that I’m working on and one that is genius. (Source)

Working on….

Lifehack In the Kitchen jillconyers.com


Lifehack In the Kitchen jillconyers.com

On the menu this week:

Morning Tonic

Raw Sprouted Salad
Roasted Vegetable Medley
BIG Green Bowl (new recipe!)
Glowing Skin Salad
Zoodles and my version of Putanesca
Sweet Potato Slaw (new recipe!)

Coconut Trail Mix
Chia Pudding
Smoothie Bowls

Sunday Meal Prep

  • Bake Coconut Trail Mix
  • Make smoothie packets
  • Chop veggies
  • Make Salad and Seed Seasoned Crunch salad topping
  • Make salad dressings

What is your favorite lifehack in the kitchen? Do you have a favorite celebrity? Is it weird that I don’t?


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  1. nobody else understands my love of beets! i can literally eat them just on their own and be a happy camper.

  2. I don’t eat ice cream often now that I am trrrrying oh so hard to stick to paleo, but I have been experimenting with homemade, meaning no bad sugars, I use coconut milk, and fresh fruits/ingredients that we have around the house. It’s been awesome even though my recipes still need a bit of work, I still love eating something that seems like an indulgence, but is really just fruit. Plus, I can give them to my son and not feel like I’m being mean while all the other kids eat whatever 😉

  3. I am a big fan of Will Smith but I don’t normally follow celebrities too much! Your snacks for the week look really tasty–I’d probably save a ton of money if I made my own trail mix instead of buying it!

  4. I am a morning person, too. I love the smell of coffee any time of the day, though!

  5. I love the inside of the kitchen cabinet with the measuring cups and conversions!!!
    And, I’m with you – I don’t eat ice cream!

  6. ohh i am so similar to you! and i love your quotes. But ice cream, i don’t eat often, but when i do it’s Nadamo, which is amazing coconut ice cream. great in smoothies!

  7. Love that polish color! I love anything coral or pink. Modern Family is also one of my favorite shows- I’m always laughing out loud. That and Friends are probably the only shows that genuinely crack me up…oh and How I Met Your Mother!

  8. If my polish doesn’t always chip from work, I would honestly have fifty shades of coral! It’s so perfect for summer!

  9. I ADORE beets. I saw one the other day the size of a smaller football and wanted to take it so bad but realized that I didn’t have anything that could handle it!

  10. I definitely don’t have a favorite celebrity- there are plenty that I enjoy, but definitely not a “favorite”. I definitely want to try to make chia pudding this summer- it sounds awesome.

  11. I loved reading this! The lifehack of measurements is brilliant!!! There are several celebrities I like but I can’t really pinpoint a favorite.

  12. I’m so glad you said your favorite day is Monday – Monday is one of my favorite days as well! I guess that is a good sign that I don’t hate my job – I think most people who hate Mondays must not like their jobs very much 🙂 The strawberry trick is awesome. My favorite kitchen trick, but is probably well known but new to me, is to put eggs in ice water after hard-boiling them to make it easier to peel off the shell.

  13. So I’m not crazy!

    My favourite foods are salads too! Especially with some sort of texture/fat source to garnish the greens with.

    And what a fun post…maybe I’ll do it sometime too!

  14. My favorite kitchen lifehack is storing the all-natural peanut butter upside down in the cupboard. No stirring needed.

  15. Everything Oprah says is like verbal gold, I swear. She has so many great, inspiring quotes! What a good place to put her quotes! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend, Jill!

  16. Love this. I now want to try beets. Cant believe ive never had them before.

  17. My fave time of the day is also early morning. In fact, I love waking up before everyone else on the weekends. It’s just so quiet and peaceful

  18. Early morning is the best! Haha I am the only 18 year old I know who willingly gets up at 4:00am every morning 😉
    And beets rock! I have them raw on my big dinner bowl messes practically every day! I haven’t roasted them in a whole, since that takes a bit more work, but there is something so good about a nice roasted sweet beet (eaten cold is the best!). I don’t even bother peeling them any more when I have them raw, haha pure laziness!

  19. I don’t really have a favorite celebrity. The closest would be Ellen or Oprah just because I think they seem like kind, generous people. Fun survey!

    1. Would you count Jillian M and Tony H as celebrities? I say yes and they would be my favorite 🙂

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