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Favorite Gluten Free Snacks and Popchips Giveaway

3 Months Gluten Free Update

This post is sponsored by Popchips. I was provided Popchips’ products in exchange for my honest review.

Next week marks 3 months gluten free. I’ve been asked whether or not I’ve followed up yet with my doctor and what I found out about being on a gluten free diet and being diagnosed hypothyroid. My next appointment isn’t until May and that’s when I will have the blood tests done and whether or not I will continue to see the doctor I’ve been going to for the past 5 years. I’m still kind of stuck on the fact that she has never, not once, mentioned my diet as it might relate to a thyroid disorder.

Thoughts on being gluten free:

  • I feel better overall. I’m never bloated, zero indigestion (this was a common occurrence in the past) and I never have that over stuffed feeling. I rarely, if ever, use words like never and zero because that typically isn’t the case. In this situation never and zero are true.
  • The biggest challenge is eating out. My family loves to eat out so we’re making this work but not without a few frustrating situations.
  • Regardless of whether or not I have to continue taking a prescription for hypothyroidism I see no reason and have no desire to stop eating gluten free. I won’t say never but why change what has clearly been beneficial.
  • The only other thing I considered a challenge in the beginning was unexpected, snacking. Nothing seemed to be satisfying.

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At first, gluten free snacking was an unexpected challenge. It was tough finding gluten free snacks that were satisfying, tasted good and didn’t have a weird texture. Now, after 3 months, gluten free snacking isn’t any different. I simply changed the way I was thinking about snacks and why I was snacking at all. I answered the question, what was the purpose of snacking? Challenge gone!

My go-to favorites right now are:

Sliced strawberries, mint leaves and lemon zest. Yum! This is a great make ahead snack for work.

Mary’s Gone Crackers and avocado. Talk about simple. Just slice in half and dip. The combination of flavors and the convenience makes this a favorite. It’s also a favorite of my husband. Didn’t expect that.

I’m picky when it comes to prepackaged bars and very specific about what I do and do not want to see on the nutrition label. Kind and Larabar both meet my expectations and are always on my grocery list.

I’m on a strawberry kick right now. I think it’s my way to stay in denial with winter weather in [almost] April and the fact that it snowed yesterday. Fresh strawberries and my favorite dark chocolate, Green and Black’s Organic – Dark 85% Cacao, are a perfect combination when you’re wanting something a little sweet. I read somewhere that Green and Black’s is one of the top 5 dark chocolates in the world. I didn’t know that when I bought a bar for the first time but now I can see why. Smoothest dark chocolate ever!

Thanks to Lindsay at Cotter Crunch, I’m Kombucha’s newest fan! Maybe not an actual “snack” but it tastes good, is satisfying between meals and it goes along with my new way of thinking about snacks.

When I want a crunchy snack Popchips is at the top of my list of favorites. The ingredient list is short and all natural!

Even if Popchips weren’t a favorite of mine they would still be on my grocery list. My family loves them and it’s a snack I can feel good about my kids eating.

About Popchips

Popchips are naturally delicious potato, tortilla and corn chips like you’ve never tasted before never fried (unhealthy). never baked (undelicious). we start with the finest ingredients, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! it’s a chip. the only thing added is a flavorful blend of seasonings for a snack so crispy and delicious, you won’t even notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. thanks to the magic of popping, popchips have all the flavor, and half the fat of fried potato, tortilla or corn chips. what’s left out are a lot of calories and all the trans fat, cholesterol, fake colors and flavors (and greasy fingers) that give snacking a bad name.

I’m celebrating my health, nutrition and simply feeling great with a Popchips giveaway!

First, on the menu for this week


(* Links to recipes found here Sensational Salad Recipes)
*Jalapeno Carrot Rice Salad with Charred Peppers, Pepitas and Avocado-Tomato Salsa
*Taco Salad Bowls
*Glow Miracle Bowls
Arugula Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Mango Spinach Salad
Garden Veggie Stir Fry
Vegan Hash Cakes

Strawberries with Mint and Lemon Zest
Granola and Blueberries
Crunchy Carrot Salad
Mary’s Gone Crackers and Avocado


Now the giveaway:

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And last but not least, the What’s for Dinner link-up!
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  1. Sanny Kim says:

    I wanna eat healthier 🙂

  2. Sanny Kim says:

    Almonds, peanuts, bananas, blackberries and pita chips

  3. I need to add more water in my diet!

  4. pirate booty, kettle popcorn, chips n hummus, apples n pb, trail mix

  5. oh, snacks are my favorite thing. currently, my top five are carrots and hummus, bananas, strawberries, kind bars (i’m obsessed lately!), and granola if i’m looking for a bigger snack.

    i really wish i could resist my sweet tooth, though. i have such a hard time saying no to sugar, even though the amount i eat is pretty bad for me.

  6. I’d like to eat breakfast more often. I am often in a rush in the mornings and grab a quick something like a banana or a yogurt to eat in the car but I’d like to make the time to have a proper one.

  7. My top 5 favorite snacks are:
    1. Nutella on anything especially apples or bananas
    2. String Cheese
    3. Pop Chips or similar types of healthier chips
    4. Jelly Beans
    5. Strawberries

  8. I enjoy snacking on peanut butter, trail mix, cheese, yogurt, grapes and cherries too. Thanks!

  9. I’d like to cut back on sugar in my diet.

  10. pure organics bars (better than larabars!), homemade granola bars, dark chocolate, peaches, and almonds!

  11. This is hard to choose just 5! apples, sweet potatoes, nuts, greek yogurt, carrots, quest bars

  12. Georgiana says:

    Favorite snacks include blueberries, almonds, peaches, string cheese and nut butters!

  13. Georgiana says:

    I’d like to incorporate more water in my day!

  14. Bananas, apples, almonds, air popped popcorn and protein shakes!

  15. I tried Popchips once, and really dug ’em! Unfortunately, my wallet has lost too much weight, and therefore I cannot spare a dime to buy them.

    Hmmm…. the BEST of snacks for me personally are: carrots/celery with hummus, a bowl of Rice Chex with almond milk, protein powder pudding, a handful of nuts, and almond butter spread on ANYTHING. Well, anything gluten/dairy/egg-free, that is. It’d probably even be sufficient on cockroaches.

  16. I keep walking past the popchips when I see them and have not picked them up yet to try. Maybe now I will. Strawberries and chocolate of course are always perfect and I love the avocado with the cracker..super fast and great combo 🙂

  17. I would like to cut down on sugar

  18. apple, banana, orange, almonds and raspberry

  19. Crimson R. says:

    I’d like to cut down on carbs a bit. I tend to eat a lot.

  20. Crimson R. says:

    Top five favorite snacks are apples, pistachios , grapes, sorbet and pretzels.

  21. I’d like to stop eating so much late at night. I can easily go until the afternoon without eating without really being hungry but at night time? I’m starving even if I force myself to eat a healthy, big breakfast in the morning. It doesn’t matter.

  22. Top 5 fav snacks: Navel Oranges, Dried Apples, Jello, Popcorn and Veggies with onion dip.

  23. Top snacks: veggie chips, pretzels with pb/ab, fruit, pita chips/veggies with hummus, & trail mix or dry cereal

  24. I want to cut down on my nightly snacks and sweet tooth

  25. Top 5 snacks would be medjool dates, fresh raspberries, raw nuts, dark chocolate and ginger chews!

  26. I would like to change my diet by getting more protein in my meals everyday!

  27. Ooh picking a favorite snack is super hard because I LOVE snacking. Lately I’ve been loving sugar snap peas, Greek yogurt with nut butter and honey, and chocolate covered almonds.

  28. Top 5 snacks: veggies & hummus, popcorn, chips & salsa, Quest bars, and tofu pudding

  29. I’d love to eat more vegetables. I tend to load up on fruit for healthy foods and shy away from veggies that aren’t my few favorites & stick with the ones I like like steamed broccoli or red peppers and there’s only so much you can eat of that. I’d like to eat a wider variety of veggies for sure.

  30. Top 5 favorite snacks? Hmmm.. apple slices w/ light peanut butter, dried pitted cherries, frozen yogurt/ice cream, dried mango & bananas.

  31. Apples with almond butter, celery with almond butter and raisins, lara bars, popchips, almonds.

  32. Congrats on getting to the 3 month mark being gluten free. I just finished my sixth week of (mostly) paleo eating… so I know what you’re going through. Not only am I not eating anything with gluten, I’m abstaining from almost all grain. The only exception I’m making is brown rice every other day. And I agree, when your family enjoys eating out, it makes it very hard to enjoy dining in restaurants!

  33. I would love to change my craving for sweets. I do pretty good most days but during certain times of the month the sugar monster strikes and I have trouble not binging on sweet junk.

  34. My top 5 snacks are fruit especially apples, greek yogurt, almonds, cheese wedges, and my weakness brownies.

  35. My favourite snacks (GF, since right now I am gluten, soy, and dairy free due to my son’s eczema):

    1) apple + pb
    2) ricecakes + pb (hmm, a theme?)
    3) clementines
    4) costco kettle chips – yes, they’re fried, but the ingredient list is minimal…I feel like I could make them at home and they have that GREAT crunch
    5) baby carrots

    1. As for the second question…I don’t know. I would like to pinpoint whatever food allergy is bothering him, but I don’t know if I want to reintroduce whatever isn’t an allergen. I have been gluten/dairy/soy free for 2 weeks now.

  36. 1. Popchips
    2. Yogurt
    3. Almonds
    4. Dried Mango
    5. Dried Coconut

  37. Pretzel chips, salted peanuts, popcorn, chips & salsa, and pistachios

    1. I sort of wish I could talk myself out of my sweet tooth! I restrain it, but it’s hard to deny it completely!!

  38. Mmm, popchips! I’m so glad you feel so good! And yes, it’s really sad that doctors don’t even consider diet most of the time with patients… they aren’t trained in it and often don’t even know all of the possible connections. Favorite snacks- smoothies, veggies and guacamole or hummus, nuts, and lately string cheese is a favorite. 🙂

  39. yay for kombucha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, its’ my snack for sure since it’s best on an empty stomach. But i also love larabars and hummus/veggies. <3 popchips of course too

  40. with regard to my diet, I need to curb evening snacking when I’m not really hungry.

  41. 5 snacks? Chobani, Cliff Chocolate Brownie ZBar, Apple, Salt & Vinegar PopChips, roasted pumpkin seeds.

  42. I love Popchips! My favorite is the sweet potato variety. I went gluten free while on an elimination diet and I agree, finding snacks was difficult at first. I stuck mostly to produce, yogurt, and KIND bars. Even though I’m no longer on the elimination diet, I still eat those snacks regularly. Great post! Top 5 snacks: greek yogurt, KIND bar, clementines, string cheese, and banana with pb.

  43. I’m glad to hear your doing well with being g-free! When our bodies truly need us to be g-free it is never that hard!
    My favorite snacks would be: raw unsalted nuts, Ola! Granola, Chestnut Crispbreads, Health Warrior Chia Bars, and fruit and veggies galore!

  44. I definitely notice I tend to eat more sugar from December-February or March, so I try to decrease my consumption about now…

  45. Top 5 snacks: almonds, chips and dip (salsa, guacamole, hummus, or greek yogurt dip), cupcakes, crackers, cheese sticks, and protein bars.

  46. Fruit!!! Carrot sticks with hummus, Avocado with anything and I do like some kind of a chip. Popchips sound yummy and pretty nutritionally sound. I would love to try them out. Thanks for sharing the 411 on the Popchips.

  47. I would like to eat less volume overall. I fill up on green stuff a lot!

  48. Bananas with yogurt and protein powder, dried fruit, raw nuts, chips of some kinds. olives – yes, GF for me too! Popchips are great!

  49. I am SO happy to hear this, Jill! YAY for feeling good! My top snacks are: apple and almond butter, veggie stick and homemade hummus, kefir with shredded coconut and cacao nibs, Popchips/ seaweed snacks/ popcorn, and cereal with almond milk.

  50. I’ve never tried pop chips, but I used to eat something similar from Trader Joes. My too 5 snacks: almonds, chocolate animal crackers, string cheese, hummus, and chocolate chips.

    1. To answer the second question: there’s a lot about my diet I want to change! It’s a work in progress and I’m all about lasting changes, so it’s a slow process but I’m getting there.

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