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{Virtual} Coffee Date

Hi. How are you? I’m so glad we could find time to meet and catch up.

First, I would ask you how you’ve been and what have you been up to. No rush. We have plenty of time. Then,

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you I have learned that not only do I have a passion and insatiable curiosity about nutrition but also for creating my own recipes. Combining my favorite ingredients and learning what flavors and textures work well together. The trial and error. The great ideas gone terribly wrong. The successes. All of it. I love it!

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I finally feel like we’re back in a routine after the holidays. Then we would talk about why it takes so long.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I was so excited to contact the winners of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation giveaway, my friends, Nancy at Living the Dream and Glenneth at Lets Talk and Walk and that I hope they like it as much as I did.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you I am freaking out, excited and proud [all at the same time] that my son just got his driver’s license! I would also tell you that I have to not overreact with all of those feelings because that drives my son crazy. This is the same kid that has told me I use way too many adjectives and because I’m a grammar geek this always makes me laugh.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you I’m incredibly grateful to have an awesome treadmill in my workout room and that running on it really isn’t that bad. BUT, I’m so ready to run outside!

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that you should sign up to join Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe Challenge! Not because I have to say it for a sponsored post but because it’s an awesome challenge that focuses on the whole body.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you I’m debating another blog makeover and maybe even change themes. Then I would ask if you can recommend someone that can help me with that. I would also mention that the next thing I want to learn about blogging is the specific purpose for blog tags and blog categories and whether or not I need to do a little cleaning up of both.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you there is still time to enter the Core Power Fit Kit Giveaway because the prize really is amazing!

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you I would share this quote and then tell you that I have realized that, with nutrition and fitness, I don’t need the “experts” telling me what is best for me. Yes, I will always read and continue to learn but in the end I need to trust what I know and what I feel.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?




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  1. If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’m thinking about a “re-branding” of my blog as well. It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Fun blog idea!

  2. I think that the designer for your blog also depends on your personal style. Many designers have a style they seem to use so if you don’t like that style it wouldn’t be a good fit.

    How exciting that your son got his DL! It’s so many emotions for a mom rolled up in one!

  3. Congrats on your almost driver!!! I know time will pass quickly and I’ll be in the same place. Crazy!!!!

    Glad I stopped by to catch up and have some virtual coffee with you!

  4. Looking forward to the MNB challenge. If we were to have coffee I would definitely talk recipes and blog design with you 🙂 Love all the advice from this community.

  5. I would tell you that I’m super excited that I won the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation from GiGi’s site and I can’t wait to start!!!

  6. If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I love your blog design and think you should keep it as is 🙂

  7. I’d tell you how much I love how you started this post by saying “no rush” 🙂

  8. If we had coffee I would ask you what are some your favorite easy recipes. Then I would tell you I am a lazy healthy eater, and being a nutritionist did not make me want to cook more. Then I would pick your brain about your other job as I have always loved psychology.

  9. I’d tell you that I am so excited to be celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday in just a few short weeks. That while I doubted my ability to be a mom when we first brought him home, I feel like I have finally come into my own as a mom and it feels great!

  10. I’ve always done the blog design and updates myself, but that’s probably because I’m cheap. I switched to the Genesis platform & chose a custom theme late last year and it went pretty well. It does take some time though. 🙂

  11. I’d love to grab a giant hot chocolate with whipped cream while you enjoy your cup of joe! I’d tell you that I’m also thankful for my treadmill but REALLY want to get outside for a longer run. I miss the track and trails!

  12. If we were having coffee this morning, I’d just be thrilled to have adult conversation, hahah! I’ve been alone and snowed in with a sick toddler for THREE days. Ahhhh! The snow’s starting to melt, so I am about to bundle up my tot and get outside to walk. This is going to be a fantastic weekend!

  13. Congrats to your son! How exciting! If we were having coffee I would tell you that January was not the running month I had hoped for and I’m really looking forward to turning things around in February!

  14. If we were having coffee I would whine to you about my bum left knee that started hurting last week during my sprint 15 touches within a minute. I would tell you I am planning the next round of challenges for my online fitness group of ladies which includes Lorna Janes’s and Fit Approach’s MNB challenge. We are also doing Fitfluential’s 1,000 Burpees by February 28th too! Wahoooo fun times!!! I would tell you my half marathon training run is going good and that I tried the Vega One powder and it tastes pretty good.

  15. I was much more involved with teaching my daughter to drive than my son, because we lived further from school when she was learning. Maybe that’s why he’s had so many fender benders – usually parking lot incidents thank goodness! For blog stuff, I like Rita Barry at Blog Genie. She designed my header.

  16. Wow, congrats to your son!! There is always something to do with the blog, isn’t there? I’ve been thinking about changing my name but I don’t know if it will actually happen…

  17. Congrats on your son and his license! I took so long to get mine… and I agree 100% with you on this “with nutrition and fitness, I don’t need the “experts” telling me what is best for me. Yes, I will always read and continue to learn but in the end I need to trust what I know and what I feel.” If I always listened to what doctors or experts advice said, well I wouldn’t be where I am not!

    IF we had coffee together, I’d say, “I managed to mess up the link up cause I just put my name, not Amber @ Eats and Exercise by Amber. Oh well, I’m learning right?!”

  18. I would be bringing my cup of tea or mug of hot chocolate if we were sipping morning drinks together! I also would tell you that growing older does not add constraints as to what you can achieve. My daughter and I are also thinking about a name change for our blog…..seems like lots of bloggers are redesigning their blogs in the new year. Can’t wait to see your changes!

  19. I’m doing some blog redesign soon too. I’m actually going to make the switch from blogger over to wordpress. I’m pretty lucky though because my husband is a computer programmer and helps me with so much of the techy stuff!!

  20. I’ve joined the MNB Challenge. Now I have to remember to deal with it. I am going to put it in my calendar today so I have it scheduled.

    I read a great article on tags and categories. I knew, in the back of my mind it just had to be from Katy Widrick – since almost always turn to her site for blog information – so I went and searched for it for you as I couldn’t remember all the details. http://katywidrick.com/2011/09/08/categories-and-tags-how-to-use-or-not-them/

      1. I’m a bit behind but most of my activity this week has been in getting ready or dealing with snow. I am, though, heading out for a run soon and, then, working on the driveway some more. LOL!

  21. Aww Jill, I loved this! Although I have one request….can I bring tea as I dont drink coffee? 🙂 I will sit here with my chai tea and would love to have a chat with you! What exciting stuff you have going on! I would love to help out in any way to change your site!

    I totally agree with the last point, learning what is right for you is always the best way to go. I learned that with this gluten free challenge, for me, at this point in my running career, it just wasnt right. I think my high intensity training does make a difference, but for me, this is the wrong time to give it a go. So excited to support you though!

  22. If we had coffee I’d tell you to look into Tasha from My Cute Lobster for a blog redesign. She just did mine and I love it! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Angela, I contacted Tasha and we’re working on details now. Thanks for the rec!

  23. I’m looking forward to the MNB challenge too! Love the mug 😉

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