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A Day In the Life

The life of a married, mom of 2, psychologist and runner.

Angela and I welcome you to A Day In the Life!

Capture and share the little details that aren’t typically written about on our blogs. The details that are often missed. The details that tell your story. The photos that tell your story.

Awake at 3:00. My favorite time of day. Everyday starts with the computer and coffee. Starbucks, emails, blogging…..

5:00 run before work. Loving my new Newtons! I’m always surprised by how good new shoes feel.

8:00. Starting my morning commute.

8:30 – 4:00 Work.

4:35. Sweet! Time for a quick stop at Starbucks before my PT appointment. My right now favorite, unsweetened passion shaken ice tea.

5:00. PT appointment. Good news! The physical therapist suggested a few hip strengthening exercises and said I don’t need to come back!! It seemed like she wasn’t really sure what to suggest in addition to what I’m already doing.

6:30. Dinner. Greek Millet Salad. Yum!

On Tuesday it’s mom and son night. Chad is gone taking Alyssa to cheer practice. Alec kindly indulged my request for a pic.

8:00. Ended the day with yoga. Relax. Unwind. Turn my mind off.

That’s the day to day life of me.

be the best version of YOU,


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  1. lol sometimes my favorite part of the day is going to sleep! most days it’s my workout or playing with brad and the pups!

    1. Hi Laura. That’s how I feel about people that stay up late. I go to bed before 9:00.

    1. Hi Anna. Several people have commented about making passion tea at home. What tea do you use?

  2. WOW!! Thats an early riser!!
    I love my long run. but thats only once week.
    Love winding down my day with some blogs, facebook, and emails!

  3. Everyone’s day in the life posts I have been reading – everyone gets up SOOOOO early in the AM. I used to get up that early for work, but now I have the luxury of getting up at 6! 😀

  4. Woah 3 am!! I’m not evening functioning at that time! Kudos!! What a great idea! I’ll definitely add my link before Sept 25 🙂

    1. Hi Kristina. I’ve loved all the Day in the Life posts! Be on the lookout for another one 😉

  5. How did I not know that you are a psychologist?! So impressive! And a 3 a.m. alarm is amazing. I can say with certainty that I couldn’t do it.

    Your son is adorable.

    1. Amanda- I would rather be a running coach 🙂 3 am for you is like 8 pm for me.

  6. Rachel DeVaughn says:

    I love the morning time the best-thats when i exercise and get ready for the day!

  7. A 3:00 am wake up?!?!? Crazy!! I struggle every morning to get up and get my run in before I have to wake up the kids and get ready for work! That is incredible, and I hope I can get on a better schedule now that the kids are back in school. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow – 3:00am?! I thought 4:30 was bad!!! Love the picture of you and your son – I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of him before.

  9. You are a rock star for getting up so early! I just don’t know if I could do it!

  10. OMG, 3:00 AM!!! My favorite prat of the day is finishing a run as the sun comes up!

  11. Mine is in the evening when we are winding down with books and prayers!

  12. This was such a great idea!! I love these!!! You are certainly the earliest riser…however I’m thinking I could do a lot with an extra half hour!!! Great news from PT!!!

  13. What a fun post idea! I’ll try to do one soon, I’ve been thinking I should capture life with my almost-2-month old… stuff changes so fast with him these days!

  14. Wow, 3 a.m. start to your day! I rarely see that time on my alarm clock unless I have a super early flight for biz travel or am awakened by a little one. But it is nice to get an early start and get a lot done before the rest of the world wakes up.

  15. My favorite part of the day is the my morning cup of Joe! It’s amazing how much better my day is when I take the time to enjoy it 🙂 Glad to read your done with PT! Wooo Hoo!

  16. I love the snapshots of the days, fun linkup! I added mine. Wow, 3am wakeup. I had been doing great with morning workouts until my triathlon, now I can’t seem to get up. But I’m going to move it back to a.m. tomorrow!

  17. Great news about not having to go back to PT! I love that you end your day with yoga. That’s one of my goals.

    Thanks for doing the link up. It will be fun for me to look back on my own Day in the Life post in a few years when the kids aren’t at home with me anymore.

    1. Hi Angie. I try to end my day with yoga or a 10 min stretch more days of the week than not. It’s becoming a habit.

  18. It’s so fun to read about your typical day! I'[m jealous of your 3am-5am quiet time… if only I could pull myself out of bed. I am so not a morning person!

  19. I love the Starbucks Passion Tea, too! We also make our own version of it at home with Tazo Passion tea and a little lemonade.

    Yay for no more PT! Love the Newtons, btw!! 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole. I’m going to try making my own passion tea. I’m sure I can find the Tazo. I forget how good new shoes feel. And finally, I actually like the color of Newtons. That never happens 🙂

  20. Sorry I had to reread your wake up time… 3am. Huge props to you! And also to fit so much in, you apitomize superwoman! Ending the day with yoga sounds like pure bliss!

    1. Hi Arman. I don’t know about superwoman but I love what I can accomplish with the few morning hours of being the only person in the house that is awake.

  21. All summer I was a Passion Tea fanatic! Thankfully I found that you can brew your own so I saved some bucks. 🙂

    Great seeing how you spend your day. YAY for early birds, although you have me beat!

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