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Jill and Jen’s Birthday Bash Giveaway

The miles have been run and the finish lines have been crossed. It’s time to bring to an end Jill and Jen’s birthday celebrations for this year and celebrate your running joy and accomplishments!

Enter below for a chance to win prizes from our wonderful sponsors.

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Giveaway ends 9/7 at midnight EST. Open to us residents only. 


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  1. 27th birthday. Seems like an odd one but it was my first and last surprise party.

  2. 21st birthday I was introduced to the power of wine with family and friends.

  3. My favorite birthday memory was my 40th that my wife surprised me with and had my dad fly down for it in the midst of taking care of my mom who had Alzheimer’s. Seeing him when I walked in was a great moment and great present.

  4. This past year, my birthday fell the day before I was sworn in as an attorney at the Ohio Supreme Court. It was so fun, especially because my grandmother shares my birthday. We spent the night in Columbus with my grandparents because that is where the swearing in ceremony would be and we all went to an awesome dinner out the night before!

  5. The standard birthday party as an elementary school kid was go to the high school football/basketball game, get pizza, then stay up all night playing video games. Those were simpler times.

  6. Favorite birthday memory is the one where my husband threw me a surprise party on my 30th birthday.

  7. I had a lot of birthdays growing up in MN that were snow/blizzard days! Those were always fun! My favorite birthday may have been my last one….I got a pink beachcomber with a basket. I’ve been wanting one for years! It was better than the first bike I had! 🙂

  8. I think it would have to be last year. Just a few days before my 38th birthday I ran my first half-marathon. Didn’t expect to do well since I had just started dealing with a sinus infection & hadn’t slept for 2 days. I ran the whole thing…non-stop & surpassed the goal time I had originally set for myself (2:15). I ran it in 2:02:59!

  9. My favorite birthday memory is when my roommates threw me a surprise party in college and I did everything in my powers to not attend because I wanted to study. They had to drag me there!

  10. My 30th birthday was fun because my husband completely surprised me with a party!

  11. any birthday party at chuck e cheese!

  12. It has to be my most recent birthday that is sticking out in my memory. My boyfriend knew I wanted to run a significant distance and ended up going on a 9 mile run with me before breakfast. 🙂

  13. I have had lots of great birthdays, but last year when I turned 40, my hubby had a cake made that had my running shoes drawn on with frosting! It was very cute and so thoughtful!

  14. My favorite birthday memory actually happened this year…running a 5k with my dog on my birthday this year!! 🙂

  15. My favorite birthday memory was definitely my parents taking me to Hawaii in the 4th grade. It was amazing and I hope to go back one day!

  16. My favorite memory was a pizza party that my family had for me when I was 6.

  17. Favorite birthday memory was I think my 5th birthday when we had a puppet show put on in my basement for my birthday party! Like we actually hired someone to come in and produce a puppet show. We all loved it!

  18. My favorite memory was with my best friend from high school and I turned “sweet sixteen” within two weeks of each other and we threw ourselves the best birthday,pool party ever!!!

  19. I remember when I was younger and all my friends were over for a sleepover for my birthday and we were doing impersonations of celebrities and we just had so much fun.

  20. Sheryl Fisher says:

    My favorite birthday memory was my 21st birthday. I turned 21 on a Saturday and just had fun the whole weekend with friends and family. My mom was upset I didn’t get carded when we went out to dinner and made sure everyone there carded me *lol*

  21. OHHH! My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 30 last year and I celebrated my birthday for a month! Gotta make the most of my remaining days in the 20s. It was a lot of fun! 🙂

  22. My favorite birthday memory is when my husband proposed to me on my 20th birthday:)

  23. My fave birthday memory was running my first maraton in California and flying to New York to celebrate my 30th birthday for a week’s vacation. 🙂 A once in a lifetime experience for sure!

  24. One of my favorite birthday memories is from my 16th birthday. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party and I had no idea. So much fun!

  25. My favorite birthday memory is from my 10th birthday. That was the first birthday we were allowed to have a sleepover party and the entire night was just fabulous. My mom arranged a photo scavenger hunt where we used Polaroids! 🙂 We decorated balloons, watched scary movies, and had lots of pizza, cake, and ice cream. What 10 year old wasn’t in heaven!!!

  26. Carie Austin says:

    My favorite birthday memory was when I was little, I’m not sure the age, but I remember getting a plate, bowl, and cup set that was from The Little Mermaid! I still have it today and I’m 26 now! I still eat from them, too! And so do my three daughters!

  27. My daughter’s first birthday would be my favorite! She wouldn’t smash her cake because she didn’t want it on her hands, so my brother helped her out. I thought she was gonna cry all day! 🙂

  28. Meeting my friends and family at a park on the beach and kayaking and biking with them that day.

  29. I think I was 8…I got a purple scooter for my birthday. The kind of scooter with inflated wheels and a hand brake…and not motorized.
    I had so much fun with that scooter…

  30. Favorite birthday memory, when I was 16 my dad gave me a set of keys and said it’s out in the driveway. I ran down the stairs out the door with my best friend probably faster than we have ever run before. To see a beautiful silver convertible porsche sitting in the driveway.
    Of course it was a mini little remote control car, but it was a great laugh and we still talk and laugh about it today:)

  31. My 21st birthday was….well……memorable!

  32. When My friends threw a surprise Birthday party for me and my best friend when we were 30!!

  33. My 31st bday was awesome. My friends threw me a party at a club we went to often and the place was packed out and everyone had a great time dancing the night away!

  34. celeste j says:

    When my daughter made me the funniest card a few years ago. It is still on the fridge.

  35. My favorite birthday memory was when my parents surprised me with a horseback riding excursion for my 21st birthday 🙂

  36. My favorite birthday memory was when I was in fourth grade, and I turned 9 years old. It was that birthday my parents thought I was responsible enough to get my ears pierced. I felt so proud!

  37. My fav bday memory was my mom making my fav dinner & bday cake.

  38. Alisha Trapp says:

    My favorite birthday memory is going to Disneyland as a kid wi my sister and my parents on a school day!

  39. My last birthday – shared celebration with my son at Disneyland 🙂

  40. Favorite memory is still a pizza party I had as a kid. we swam for hours and then pulled on pj’s to enjoy pizza and a movie!

  41. My favorite birthday memory was when I had my backwards party … I think I was 10 or so, and everyone wore their clothes backwards and walked backwards, we ate dessert before lunch, we had some backwards singing going on, and who knows what else! I thought it was so creative :).

  42. My favorite birthday memory is actually when I made a cake for my younger sister’s birthday. It was the first time I had made a cake all on my own (I’m sure my dad helped so that there weren’t any eggshells in it). I even spelled out ‘happy birthday Holly’ in chocolate chips on the frosting.

  43. My favorite birthdays were probably when I was a little kid! Weren’t those the greatest parties? I had a pool party one year that I loved!

  44. Favorite birthday was 2 years ago when my niece was born on my birthday!!! We’re forever birthday buddies 🙂

  45. My favorite birthday memory would definitely be when I turned 13 and could finally have a cell phone! I remember hearing a ringing box in my parents room the morning of my birthday and sure enough that was my big present! It was a very exciting day… If only I knew then how addicting that little thing would become!

  46. My favorite birthday memory was in elementary school. My mom made me a cake and had placed it in the oven the day before my party. Then day of the party she turned on the oven to make garlic bread for my spaghetti dinner, completely forgetting the cake was in there until she smelled it literally melting. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she sent my dad to the bakery to buy a replacement cake. He had them write my name on it. Nice thought, except he spelled my name wrong and didn’t know until he brought it home. Ha!

  47. My favorite birthday was my 16th. My mom and a group of my friends worked together to have me a surprise birthday party. I thought I may be having one, but they threw it a week BEFORE my birthday so I was still completely shocked when I saw them all there. Being a teenager, I thought they had all went out without me and felt terrible then they yelled SURPRISE 🙂 LOL!!

  48. I have so many great birthday memories but one of the best is when I was little having parties at the house with my moms cheese dip and dancing to Thriller.

  49. One of my favorite birthday memories was celebrating with my BF in a London pub! We’d been backpacking through Europe that summer and my bday was our last night before heading home 🙂

  50. Jen Govender says:

    My favorite bday memory is actually spending it in the hospital with my son, since he was born the day before my birthday.

  51. Getting to spend my 30th at Magic Kingdom with my daughter.

  52. Meredith N. says:

    My whole family use to go to Hot Springs, AR every year for my birthday when I was younger. I loved it. It was great being able to see everyone. I miss it!

  53. Jennifer Peterson says:

    No one specific favorite memory, but the most memorable one was the year I was super sick and spent the weekend in bed while hubby went deer hunting. An entire weekend to myself! It hasn’t happened since!

  54. I was 16 and my friends threw me a surprise party! For some reason I’d always wanted one, so it was cool to finally get it and not suspect anything at all.

  55. My favorite birthday memory would be when I turned 32 – my husband through a surprise party for me and it was a real surprise! All of my friends and family were there to celebrate.

  56. Im 21st birthday was one to remember, but drank to much to remember all the details. The pictures prove it was fun

  57. Rachel DeVaughn says:

    my fav birthday memory is when i had a surprise birthday party when i turned 5. my parents invited my friends over and i remember that I got some plastic jewelry and sandbox stuff!

  58. My favorite birthday memory is the year my hubby rented a limo and took me, my boys, and his parents and sister to my favorite restaurant to eat. The boys were little so we had them strapped in their car seats in the limo! It was fun!

  59. I remember the sweet 16 I had with a friend! It was in my parents garage and we had a DJ. It was so fun!!! Probably would have been much more ornate had there been MTV shows back then!

  60. My favorite birthday memory is my WNBA themed birthday. It was just when the WNBA had become popular and we held a mini b-ball tournament at our house with my friends. So fun! Hope you guys have a rocking Birthday!

  61. My 16th birthday was spent at a lake in Michigan with a whole bunch of friends. We ended the day with a huge bonfire at sunset, and it was one of my most fun days ever!

  62. My family & friends threw me a surprise 40th party on a trip home to Cincy. It was the best!

  63. My favorite birthday memory is having angel food cake with my sister (we shared a birthday and I was her 4th birthday gift! )

  64. My favorite birthday memory- I can’t pick one but I remember one year when I was younger (and my parents had no money) they packed my sister and I in the car and we took off- we ended up at my grandparents’ house. And then this year, this year I got to spend some quality time with my nephew on my birthday!

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