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How to Stay Active and Log Miles While Traveling

 Top 5 Tips for Staying Active While on Vacation

 Welcome back to Karen, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Running Coach, Personal Trainer and Founder of Active Accessories

It’s that time of the year again! Memorial Day Weekend marked the beginning of summer, and with summer comes traveling. Vacations are a great opportunity to recharge your batteries, but can make it difficult to maintain your fitness level.


While traveling, we often lose the time and/or the motivation to stay active and log miles. You may be so used to your home exercise routine that you don’t even know where to start in an unfamiliar place.

Exercising on vacation can be achieved with smart planning. Before you leave, set your workout goals for the trip and make it a priority to accomplish them. It often helps to complete your workout first thing in the morning. Plan to wake up 45 minutes earlier than everyone else and complete your workout in the hotel gym or take a nice run outside. This way, you are not missing any vacation activities and trying to squeeze your workout in the middle of a busy day.

Also, before you go, check what your hotel offers, such as free fitness classes, a gym, or a pool. If visiting friends or family, ask if there are any nearby parks, trails or tracks that you can easily access. This way, you can arrive at your destination with an idea for your workouts. Remember, vacations are always a great place to run tempos, negative splits and fartlecks.

What’s better than taking in a new place, with all its wonderful sights, on foot? My boyfriend and I did a running tour of Washington D.C., which was a 90-minute combo of running, walking and sightseeing. The excitement and novelty of a new place will distract you long enough that you won’t even realize you just covered 5 miles. You can also try to block out a brief part of your day to rent bikes and get in cross training.

Lastly, have an accountability partner back home. My clients always tell me how motivated they are to get workouts in, knowing I will be asking them for a full report when they get home. Knowing that you are reporting back to someone can help you get out the door.

Remember, every step, mile, rep counts so make the time to stay active!

Congratulations to the winners of the Zambazon and Viewsport giveaways!

Michelle @ The Lively Kitchen and Christine @ Dream Big Runner

How do you fit in exercise while traveling?

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  1. Travelling is one of the most exciting parts of everyone’s life. In the same way, this experience has the potential to be a fascinating topic for your writing assignments. travel agency in Georgia

  2. I am very behind in my blog work as you can see! 🙂 Greta post! I am an early workout person anyway so getting up early is part of it all for the workouts. Hubby is not so I compromise & do not do that every day. We typically go places where we can be active anyway so I get added exercise just having fun! 🙂

  3. People often laugh at me and tell me I don’t know how to take a vacation. Because wherever I go I either have a planned race, or hike until my heart is content.. I guess I am just one of those people who crave adventure and want to see everything I can on vacation. I rest and slack off for a few days when I return… (even on fitness at times, which is not good). That reminds me, I think I need to go camping:) LOL

  4. I love running to explore a new city. My husband and I had great adventures in Europe simply by taking off and running. I’ve run through Paris, Amsterdam, and Florence, and seen many things that tourists don’t usually get to see.

  5. Great tips! I agree, the planning part is so important. I took my TRX and bands with me to Florida last summer!

  6. I always pack my running shoes while traveling. It adds a bit of excitement to my everyday running routine when I get to do it in a new place. You gave some great tips for trying to squeeze in exercise on vacation! I usually try to wake up early so that it actually gets done and I won’t get side tracked later in the day.

  7. If I’m going somewhere that I know I won’t be able to run every day, I always take a couple of travel friendly workouts – Turbo Fire and/or Les Mills Combat are both very portable and I can always get a great workout in my hotel room!

  8. I always make sure there is a gym in my hotel. And then I always bring magazines and sneakers…. Those are FAR MORE important that bringing an extra pair of clothes just incase I go out one evening. I would rather wear my workout gear when I go out, because I know how much exercise means to me! 😉 This weekend I am actually going away and I made SURE the hotel has a gym… And it just so happens that all the rooms have fullsized kitchens too! ha ha.

  9. I agree completely that a change of scenery will make you not notice that you just ran 5 miles. I know that when I’m exploring a new area it doesn’t even feel like a workout!

  10. i often think I’m even more active on vacation which seems impossible, but we walk everywhere and I get so excited to run in new places!

  11. Love this Jill! That’s what I would usually look for first in a hotel – their gym or pool! 🙂

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  12. Great tips! I know I always plan ahead and rearrange my schedule so that I keep up with my fitness 🙂

  13. planning makes all the difference in the world! plus, i love working out on vacation.. i love seeing new sites and visiting new gyms!

  14. Some of my best runs have come while traveling. I always pack my running shoes on business trips and get up early so I can run before the work day starts. My husband and I love to incorporate exercise into our vacations. We went to Hawaii in January, and I got up early every morning to swim laps. It was the perfect way to start the day. We also love to hike, so we try to find local trails that we can take the whole family on. But my favorite vacation work out in Hawaii – definitely SUP (Stand Up Paddling) in the ocean!

  15. Great tips! For the past 2 weeks we’ve been traveling to see family and then to a marathon. I always like to walk or run in new/old places because I think you can see more than if you were in a car.

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