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Ultramarathon Monday and a Vegetarian Challenge


Vegetarian Challenge

Congratulations! You completed 7 days of what has hopefully been a positive change.

Now what?

  1. We could stop.
  2. We could do the first week’s challenges again.
  3. Or we could continue for a 7 more days with new challenges.

Why continue? Changing eating habits…

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has found that it takes many people three weeks to drop bad eating habits and replace them with good ones.

…and experiencing the benefits of a plant-based diet.

  • reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle,
  • increase energy without coffee or caffeine,
  • increase strength,
  • increase endurance,
  • improve sleep quality,
  • improve mental clarity,
  • reduce sleep requirements,
  • improve resistance to infection,
  • quicken recovery from exercise,
  • reduce or eliminate sugar cravings,
  • increase desire to excel.

Source: Thrive. The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life by Brendan Brazier

How this works:

  1. Meatless for 7 days.
  2. Follow the daily challenges listed below.
  3. Enter to win!Take pictures throughout the week including your daily challenges. Using the hashtag #vegchallenge share them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for one entry each day. There will be a Vegetarian Challenge tab in the menu bar above that will include a link-up (open all week) to link your photos and blog posts or you can leave a comment including the link to your challenge photos.

If you didn’t join the first 7 days of the challenge go to Vegetarian Challenge to sign up!

Daily Challenges

Vegetarian Challenge

4/29 – Day 8: Plan a meal using the vegetarian food pyramid as a guide.

Note: There are almost as many food guide pyramids out there as there are diet books. I chose this guide as the one that most reflects my diet. To be used as a general guideline.

4/30 – Day 9: Prepare a meal using ingredients that fit the superfood criteria.
5/1 – Day 10:  Eat seasonably. Prepare a breakfast with a seasonal fruit.

Days 11-14 challenges will be posted on Wednesday.


Ultramarathon Monday

Over the past few weeks my mileage has been higher than ever before and my body felt it. That means it’s time to make some changes to my weekly training plan. More rest, fewer days of strength training and only 1 day of double workouts.

Training Plan

Monday: Core 1
Tuesday: Run 4; Core 2
Wednesday: Cathe Legs; Cathe Burn Sets Bi’s & Tri’s, Core 1
Thursday: Run 4; Core 2
Friday: Cathe Chest, Back & Shoulders, Core 1
Saturday: Core 2
Sunday: Flying Pig Half Marathon

Linking up with Marathon Mom.

Are you joining the challenge? Have you reached a point in your marathon training that your body feels noticeably more tired?

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  1. Great food pyramid! Love the training plan. Lot’s of core workouts! My fave!

  2. So you survived the ultra!? I still can’t wait to hear about it! I am following along with the vege challenge this week, although I did make a nice lentil and sausage stew. It will have to go in the freezer for later!

  3. Tell me your secrets about doing a double workout! Hubby and I are definitely thinking about doing a week-long vegetarian challenge thanks to you and Jen’s posts!

    Thanks for linking up. You are such an inspiration to me!

    Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

  4. Are you running the marathon as part of your ultra training?

  5. The peak of marathon training is like that for me. And I’m feeling exhausted right now too, but I think it has more to do with our crazy week of traveling and trying to get back on track.

  6. I definitely feel more tired in my marathon training right now. I’m at my highest mileage week before taper so I’m doing just like you are more rest, less heavy lifting.

  7. Taper week! I hope your half marathon goes fantastically this weekend. That’s my favorite distance. I signed up for the second week of the Veg Challenge. Thanks for sharing that food pyramid, looks like a good resource for a life long meat eater like me!

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