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13 in 2013 || Tackle the Miles Virtual Race Giveaway

13 in 2013 Virtual Race Series

Congratulations to everyone that completed the first 13 in 2013 virtual race! I’m looking forward to reading our recaps and seeing your photos!


13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

13 in 2013 Sponsor

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  1. My last great run was a couple of weeks ago. Been stuck with walking due to a heel injury.

  2. Congrats to everyone who ran–especially those with adverse weather conditions! Go ladies!

  3. My last great run was today. I love that even when I am tired I can’t pass my gym without going in when my clothes are in the car. I really didn’t want to run tonight but when it is done it is so nice.

  4. Nichole zemaitis says:

    I love FREE virtual races!!! U guys r awesome!!

  5. MY last great run was the one I did for tackle the miles. I made it 12.06 miles in 2:23. Almost ready for my half marathon!!

  6. Yay, first one done! Thank you for making it easier to get to 13 this year- no cost to do it and at your own convenience. I’ll actually be over by 3 if all goes as planned!!

  7. Thanks for the motivation to do this! I had a great time and I love having the opportunity to do virtual runs! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Tatiana t says:

    My great run was today. This week was my child’s first week of daycare and it has been stressful on this attached mama. I left the house with an overflowing mind and a heavy heart. Before even hitting my first mile I was already regretting even having set foot out the door, but the half ounce of will I had left made me keep going. Mile after mile, step after step, I emptied my head and my heart to the road and it listened and didn’t judge- like a good friend. Turns out, pavement therapy was what I needed. I left my gloominess behind that very minute I forced myself to keep going and I outran it.

  9. In a weird way, today’s awful run was wonderful. Steady 20 mph winds and cold, not my favorite weather to begin with. I ran with our running group, and we were doing 10 x 300… despite feeling out of it, gross, and all around out of sync with my body, I still managed to meet my goal time for each 300. It SUCKED, but being done and seeing that I can run well even when I’m not in it, that’s the kind of confidence booster I need as my next marathon approaches!

  10. This was awesome to help with the 13 in 2013 thank you so much


    I had a fun time doing it.

  12. Janet Serrano says:

    These are awesome prizes! Thanks so much for this challenge!

  13. My last great run was last week! I ran 5 miles with my boxer on the beach.

  14. Aimee Price says:

    I love 13in2013!!!

  15. My last great run was on Saturday. Even though it was really cold, I got 8 miles done in my average time.

  16. Angela W. says:

    My last great run was yesterday. It was finally above freezing and most of the roads were snow/ice free. I really can not wait till warmer weather!!

  17. Fun run!! Not my fastest, but completed a 10K in 1:07:12. Looking forward to the next one.

  18. I just ran a half marathon on Saturday with another blogger. It was such a great time 🙂

  19. My last great run was yesterday. I was going to run at lunch and it was raining, so reluctantly, I ran on the inside track at the gym. I hate tracks, but it turned out to be a great run! I even threw in speed intervals….yay!

  20. COngrats everyone! Looking forward to the other virtual races!

  21. I ran a great 8 miles this morning!

  22. I’ve had a lot of great runs lately, the weather has been fairly nice, cold but at least not too windy. It’s nice about mid way through to finally find that pace that’s working, breathing is good, and just enjoy being able to run!

  23. My last great run was this morning! The humidity was gone, it was a beautiful cool morning, and my easy pace was much faster than usual. I didn’t want to stop!

  24. I haven’t written the post yet but it was my Tackle the Miles virtual race. It was my fastest pace yet! I’m definately going to hit a ten minute mile by summer. 🙂

  25. My last great run was last night! I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis and that was my first run in a few weeks with NO PAIN! 🙂

  26. This morning I realized my running route was 3.6 miles instead of 3.1 which means I have been running further and faster than I thought I had been for weeks. It lifted my spirits during this mornings very cold run and pushed me to reach the 4 mile mark.

  27. Thanks so much for hosting and promoting the virtual race series! (And 13in2013) It so fun to feel like I belong with everyone and follow everyone’s races!

  28. my last run was a great one, 8.5 miles, last long-ish before my first officially timed half on Sunday in Austin… Congrats to all!!!

  29. My last great run was last night. It was a race against sundown. I was able to get 3 quick miles in AND I was able to wear a short-sleeve tshirt and capris!! No bulky winter running clothes!

  30. Last great run was with a few friends doing a new trail run in Oregon. We had the trails almost to ourselves and then followed it up with a trip to the hot springs!!!

  31. Tackled the 5K in 35:32. Not my best but after overdoing it for the prior 2 weeks, it was fine. It is still so hot and humid here in south Florida.

  32. I was so proud of my virtual 5k time, 38:35, not fast but great time for me. I am a bad blogger though and haven’t blogged about it so I can’t link up. Next time!

  33. I enjoyed the Tackle the Miles run! I PRd my 10K time by a whole 4 minutes and felt amazing! Thank you so much for hosting- I can’t wait for the next one!

  34. Nan Lewellen says:

    My last great run was a long time ago! But today I did a 6+ mile walk in 50 mile an hour winds, supposed to be about 40 degrees out – but it was cold!

  35. My last great run was some time ago. Sprained ankle this fall, then winter hit. Can’t wait for the weather to turn to get another great run in.

  36. My last great run was this past weekend’s long run. I’ve been feeling like I’m not strong enough and ran 11 miles in the cold and wind. I thought I was going really slow but when I looked at my mile times they were all around 8:30 which is pretty average for my easy long runs!

  37. My last great run was one lap at a time during Boot Camp. We did one minutes of weights, and then a lap around the gym track. It felt great to run sprints like that! LOVE it!

  38. My last GREAT run was this weekend at the Rock N Roll half St Pete. Went out with two amazing friends and the entire 13.1 miles included smiles, laughs, dancing, bad singing, and only 1 blister. It was so much fun! 🙂
    I also loved my Tackle the Miles virtual run that I set for myself to run the 5k in under 25 minutes (out side not on a treadmille) and I did!

  39. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof says:

    I am so new to running that at first I thought it was crazy. Well look at what I was missing. I wake up in the morning and look forward to my daily run. Yesterday I ran a 5K in 31:21 not lightning speed but my speed.

  40. My last great run was on Monday. a little speed work and finished feeling strong. I love when that happens. 🙂

  41. Running 13.1..no race just a long run…this weekend, faster than my last race…hooray for progress!

  42. Rachel Mano'o says:

    My last great run was a 5k run I did for 5 by the 5th series. Fastest time ever for me in 25:54. the only reason why I was fast that day was because I ran angry lol upset my sons bike was taken and that got me all fired up. I was no longer angry at the end of it lol

  43. This was a TOUGH race due to weather! I hope to not have to run in conditions like that the rest of the winter!

  44. My last run was on Sunday. I finally was able to run outside since it was warmer out and I ran a new personal best time!! a 5K in 29:20!!! Even better? I ran with my 12 year old son who helped pace me!!

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