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What’s For Dinner Menu Planning

Staying On Track During the Holiday Season

menu planning

Welcome to Week 10 of What’s for Dinner menu planning and reminding myself to stay on track during the  holiday season! I can’t be alone in thinking what happened to November? December is here and it’s a wonderfully crazy-busy time of year in the Conyers’ home. We celebrate 2 birthdays, my daughter’s competitive cheer season is in full swing and my son’s robotics team is gearing up for the build season which translates into more team meetings throughout the week. Oh and of course we have the holidays and house guests to add to the mix. I promise, there is a point to all of this rambling.

I’m reminding myself that to stay on track during the holiday season [and avoid derailing my efforts of the previous 11 months of the year] it’s important to have a menu plan that:

  1. Is realistic [and without the expectation of perfection] with traveling, holiday celebrations and social commitments,
  2. allows you to enjoy time with family and friends,
  3. allows for indulgence but not overly so,
  4. stress free,
  5. and guilt free.

Menu Planning

As I write this post I’m also reminding myself the same little reminder also holds true for workout plans:

Monday: P90X, Newton Running transition run and form drills
Tuesday: Run, Ab Ripper, Newton running transition strength drills
Wednesday: Les Mills Pump,  Run including Newton transition run and form drills
Thursday:  Run, Ab Ripper, Newton transition strength drills
Friday: P90X,  Newton Running transition run and form drills
Saturday: Run, Ab Ripper
Sunday: Run, Yoga

menu planning
A glimpse of last week through the lens.

What reminders are you giving yourself to stay on the health and fitness track during the holiday season? What’s on your menu plan and workout schedule that is doable and will keep you on track?


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  1. Ooooh look how organized you are! I always make sure as I add up my calories/figure out what I’m going to eat the night before, that I leave 200-300 calories open for the unplanned! It helps a lot! And just scheduling my workouts period keeps me accountable. If it’s scheduled, it nags at me until I actually do it!

    1. A buffer of 200-300 calories is brilliant. Like setting your alarm 3-5 minutes ahead 🙂

  2. IM AIMING FOR NUMBER FOUR: low low low stress.

    1. How’s it going so far? Me? Could be better but better than last month 🙂

  3. I love your menu planner! You are so organized! This is a great way to stay on track! love it!! I may have to steal! 🙂

    1. Thanks Lea and steal away! Organizing relaxes me so writing the weekly menu is calming and almost effortless 🙂

  4. I think you just have to stay focussed and not stress about it. Pick and choose when to indulge a little and then get back on track.

  5. I love how detailed your meal plan is! I always plan out dinners for the week, but don’t go into much detail with the other meals. I might have to borrow your idea!

    1. Thanks Erica! Is it weird that planning my weekly menus relaxes me? You’re welcome to borrow away 🙂

  6. I like that you included allows for a little indulgence, and is guilt free and stress free. It’s definitely a challenging time to eat well when you’re not the one cooking at parties, events, family gatherings, etc.
    Your workout recap reminded me I’ve been slacking on core and weights! Need to get back on track this week.

    1. Thanks Laura! Giving myself that permission makes life so much easier. It’s a bit of a mental thing with me 🙂

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