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Fitness Friday || October In Review

Welcome to Fitness Friday! 

Celebrate fitness. Celebrate good health. Celebrate friends. Celebrate your passion.

October was a whirlwind! Enjoying amazing running experiences and progress. Challenging my body and listening when my body is telling me to rest. Starting a new strength training program and new shoes. What else could a runner ask for?!?

October Fitness

Running – With wonderful weather for being outside, the Runner’s World Half and Festival and running 2 of my Twelve In Twenty Twelve half marathons,  October was a runner’s dream month! I say that even with taking off a whole week of running to give my body the rest it so clearly needed. There was  a time when deciding to take a little time off from running would have not gone well. And this month started my transition to a zero drop (or as close to zero drop as possible) shoe. Conservatively starting with going from a 12 mm to an 8mm (and loving it) I’m thinking I should have been a little less conservative. Better safe than sorry right?

I applied to be a running coach for a local running store. Yikes! Not sure where or how I will find the  time but I’m so excited about this opportunity!

Total Runs: 13
Total Miles: 79.63
Total Miles In 2012: 925.23

Twelve In Twenty Twelve:

#10 Runner’s World Half

#11 Halloween Half (recap coming soon!)

Strength Training – I started the month with my all time favorite 90 days P90X but decided to switch to  Best Body Bootcamp. Something new and different!

Total Workouts Strength/Abs: 14

Total Workouts Yoga: 14
Total Workouts: P90X Kenpo X: 2
Total Workouts P90X Interval X: 2

October Reading

October Eating

I teamed up with Laura at Mommy Run Fast to host What’s For Dinner Menu Planning Challenge. I’m excited that we’ve decided to continue the weekly link up beyond the initial 30-day challenge! Get the details here What’s For Dinner? and join us! Share what’s on your menu.

Looking Forward To In November

  • half marathon #12
  • a challenge that has proven to get me through the holidays and staying on track with healthy eating and staying active (DETAILS COMING SOON!)
  • Yoga-A-Day Instagram challenge at Grow Soul Beautiful
  • Pile On the Miles challenge at Run Eat Repeat
How was your October? Run any races? Tried something new? Read any good books? What are you most looking forward to in November?

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  1. Great job in October! Fingers crossed that you get the running coach gig with your local running store I think you would be a good fit for that!

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I really want to do the coaching! We’ll see 🙂

      How have you been?

    1. Hi Courtney
      It’s great but I don’t have a lot of time to read so I’m moving slowly to the finish. When I read at bedtime I’m asleep before I get too far. It really is good 🙂

      How have you been?

      1. i know what you mean! it’s so hard to find time to read. i’m great, just got back from Savannah and half # 8 of 2012!

  2. You had a great October! 🙂 I love the Halloween medal, can’t wait to hear how the race was.

  3. Great job this past month!! That’s awesome. I’m loving BBB so far and I had so much fun with Grow Soul Beautiful’s Yoga A Day challenge. The challenges are really a great way to help keep you accountable!

    1. Challenges are the best way to stay motivated and on track! There’s just something about adding the word challenge to it that makes me more determined to succeed.

  4. Whew! That does sound like a whirl-wind month! That’s so cool that you’re going to be a running coach! 😀 My October has also been pretty crazy. We are in the midst of moving and have some other big transitions coming up. In November, I’m mostly looking forward to spending time with family for Thanksgiving :).

    1. I’m hoping Nov is a little less of a whirlwind! What am I thinking? The holiday season is here. I’ll have to wait until mid-Jan for a low key month 🙂

  5. You rocked your October goals, Jill!
    I’d like to give Tina’s BBB a try next time round too. Always enjoy doing someone else’s workouts 😉

    1. Thanks Tamara! You should try it. I’m pretty sure Jan is the next round.

  6. As I look at your numbers it appears you might run one day, strength train the next. Is that correct?

    1. I occasionally double up depending on the goal but for the most part I alternate days. Add in yoga and stretching and that’s my typical workout habit.

  7. Wow..You’re doing great!
    Well, I’m new to all this running stuff and I have a long way to go to where you and the other bloggers on Friday Fitness are. I enjoy reading your posts and it is inspiring to see and hopefully I will be able and run as much as you in the future..

  8. Hi Jill! I emailed you throug ha contact form about Body Pump. Are you still a coach? I’m looking to ordering the program, but I’m not sure if I should order through Beachbody? I used to do BP when my gym offered it. SO bummed that I don’t have it now.

  9. Great month! I think it was the right choice to take a little running break. Sometimes this is needed to come back stronger!!

  10. Great month Jill!!!! I am looking forward to getting back into the groove this November!

  11. October treated you well! That’s awesome! I love Best Body Bootcamp so far. That’s my main goal for November fitness wise. Trying not to overwhelm myself with a million things. 😉

    1. Thanks Amanda! I wish I would have thought to NOT overwhelm myself with a million things 🙂

  12. Wow! October was a great month. I’m with you on the running break. There was a time when taking a step back from lots of mileage would have driven me crazy, but I’m really looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Carrie. The break feels like it was exactly what I needed. My body feels rejuvenated! Now to see how it feels with my run tomorrow.

  13. I have Gone Girl on my holds queue at the library but apparently everyone else is reading it too because it’s been on hold for some time!

  14. October was a fantastic month for you! Did you get through the RW book? I really enjoyed it this summer- so many tips that I’ll come back to as a reference. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Laura 🙂 I’m not totally through the book yet. I started by jumping to certain sections and now I’m going back and starting from the beginning.

  15. Jill, I have tried multiple times to add your link to my FF post on my blog, but for some reason, every time I add it, Google Chrome crashes on me. It is probably a problem on my end–my computer is old. I will try again later, but I just wanted you to know why, if you go to my post and see I have not linked to you. Sorry!!! 🙁

  16. Wow!!! Lots of great stuff you accomplished in October! Your November sounds just as awesome! GO GO GO!

    My October has been loads of fun! I competed in two fitness competitions and getting ready for my third tomorrow! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kierston. I’ve been following your competition posts. Amazing! Good luck tomorrow. I’m sure you will be awesome!

  17. Wow–you are motivated with all your challenges! Impressive. Good luck with the new coaching gig; sounds like fun!

    I loved Gone Girl–we’re reading it for my book club and discussing it next Friday!

    1. I like it for a break before going from Les Mills Pump back to P90X. It’s perfect for someone just beginning to strength train. I find that I’m supplementing to get the intensity I like. Click on the Best Body Bootcamp for more info and a link to Tina’s blog.

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