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Mid-Week Motivation

I’m inspired and motivated by words and a collector of quotes. One of my recent favorites is by Kristin Armstrong, author of Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run and at one time a distance runner and triathlete and now a professional road bicycle racer. 

The words are so true. The feelings at the end of a run ARE addicting. Never do I recall ending a run and feeling bad.

Check out my guest post at Mommy Run Fast, Menu Planning Tips and Benefits.

What are your favorite quotes? Have you ever finished a run, ride, walk or workout and felt bad afterwards? What feelings do you associate with physical fitness?

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  1. I am using this as my weekend motivation! You (and Kristen) are so right! I need to get out there, because the feeling afterward is so great!

  2. I’m pinning that quote- I love Kristin, she’s a talented writer. Thanks again for sharing your guest post this week!

  3. I love that feeling at the end of a long run, too. That exhausted, exhilarated feeling that you can do anything. Totally why I run!

  4. Sometimes quotes is the only thing that pushes me through the end of a workout!

  5. That’s a great quote and I couldn’t agree with it more!

  6. i think i love that feeling toooo! love that book by Kristin Armstrong! she does such a great job of perfectly writing in a way that is easy to relate to and apply in your own life! love that:)

  7. No matter if it’s the runner’s high after an awesome sweaty run or a great lifting sesh at the gym, I love the feeling of feeling like I worked my body. I love feeling that I’m getting stronger, faster and more fit.

  8. GREAT quote! The long run is my favorite run, it helps me to clean up my mind and start the weekend fresh. Plus it always makes me happy!

  9. AHHH!i totally relate to that quote too! it truly is addicting. i call it the “runners high.” you feel so accomplished and awesome after a big run: part of the reason i love getting out and moving so much! SPA LOVE

  10. Im weights and I KNOW what motivates me is when Im done I feel BIGGER, stronger and as though I take up more space in the world…not less.

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