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Fitness Friday || Run for Liberty 5K Recap

Good morning and happy Friday!

I know. I know. The heat comes every year so I should expect it. So not the case. It catches me off guard every year. I was caught off guard during the Heights Half Marathon 2 weeks ago but not this time. This time I beat the heat!

My July 4th started with the Run For Liberty 5K. My goal? Find a pace that I could maintain in the heat and set a 5K PR. I wrote the time and pace I needed to beat on my hand (should have taken a pic before I sweated it off) and SUCCESS!

Thoughts on the race:

  • Do I even need to mention how hot it was? The start time should have been earlier.
  • I wore my Skirt Sports running skirt for the first time. After wearing skirts for several recent races and I have decided I prefer running in skirts.
  • I met a running friend. I’m pretty sure this is the first race we have run together since the 2011 Chicago Marathon.
Many more thoughts (because I have a tendency to over-think things) but I’ll keep this short and sweet. Now that the sun is coming up I’m out the door for 5 miles before it gets too hot.
And because I’m excited about watching the summer olympics I leave you with this, Muse’s London 2012 Official Song, Survival.

Do you set a race goal before every race? What is your favorite summer olympics event? Do you wear running skirts and have a favorite?

Link up your health and fitness accomplishments, goals, workouts, successes and  struggles and visit a few new friends too!

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  1. Congrats on a great PR!! And I really like your skirt. Super cute!

  2. Congrats on a great race! Love the skirt 🙂 I have a couple skirts but really like my Nike one.

    I can’t wait for the Summer Olympics to start: swimming, running, gymnastics, diving are all great.

    1. Thanks Jen 🙂

      Love the Olympics. It’s the only time of year I watch TV and stay up late!

  3. At this point in my running I have only done 5K’s and I really just hope to finish it without walking because I have been consistant with running. But I have made a commitment to stay consistant so I hope to start setting goals for the 5K’s and hopefully 10K’s I run.

    I have not tried running skirts but would love to.

    I’ve linked up and look forward to visiting some other Fitness Friday posts.

    1. Hi Andrea! You’ll be running 10Ks before you know it 🙂 Good luck with your commitment to stay consistent. You can do it!

  4. I set goals most of the time. There have been some races I ran just to finish. Maybe I need to be more dedicated???

    As for skirts – love them! I think my brain thinks I’m cuter and faster in them. I’m not really, but it’s fun to imagine!

    And Olympics… I.CANNOT.WAIT!!! Track, swimming, gymnastics, and whatever else – I spend 2 weeks glued to the TV – staying up waaaay too late. We have a countdown going on here!

    1. I prefer to have a goal. It keeps me focused…or something. Me too! Totally feel cuter and faster in a skirt 🙂

  5. I love my athletic cut skirt from running skirts.com ! I run in it.
    , golf in it, and wear it out to dinner!!

  6. I’m still pretty self-conscious about my legs. I haven’t found a pair of shorts that I’m truly happy with. I’ve been thinking about trying out a skirt to see if I like that better.

    1. Hi Barb. The only shorts I run in are Nike because of the fit. Have you tried any of the Nike shorts?

  7. Congratulations! what a great race and knowing how hot it was, I bet you set another PR when the weather is more mild. Awesome inspiration, I have set my sights on a sub 30 5K.

    1. Hi Carrie! I’m looking forward to your sub-30 5K blog post. No doubt you’ll do it 🙂

  8. Congrats to you, Jill!! A pr in the heat is impressive… I bet you could pr again on a cooler day. I love that skirt, too!

  9. Great job!!! I’m so toast running in the heat! I love the skirt! So cute! I definitely love running in skirts….so comfy!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Does the heat seem worse this year or does it always feel like the hottest year ever?

  10. Love your skirt!!

    Great song by MUSE and I really love seeing a variety of sports during the Olympics. I don’t like when they only focus on the “big” ones.

    I haven’t ran a race since last year, but my goal is to break a 10 min pace during a 5K this year.

  11. First, I have to figure out how to get that really cool Garmin chart into my running posts. I should update my Garmin software, I suppose.

    I like to go into a race with a plan, but I always get disappointed in my race doesn’t go as planned. And yes, I love running in skirts, but I think I like running in shorts with built in briefs better. Of course, I love running in tutus. 😉

    I’m working on my 4th July race recap. When it’s finished, I’ll swing back and link up.

    1. Hi Denise. Do you use Garmin Connect? The chart is a screen shot from Garmin Connect.

      I need a tutu!!

  12. christine says:

    Yeah! Congrats! LOVE the skirt!! Will email you tonight in regards to team tough chic 🙂

  13. I don’t always set a goal, especially if I’m not feeling 100%

    I can’t wait for the Olympics: soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, marathon…too many!!

    I have a couple of running skirts, Nike & Athleta, that I like but neither one is a favorite. Still looking!

    1. Hi Amy. Have you tried Lulu running skirts? If I had to pick one it would def be Lulu.

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