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Fitness Friday || Red Legs Race Recap. A Goal and A PR.

Saturday, June 2
Cincinnati, OH

As part of training for my goal race in September, the Air Force Half Marathon, I’ve added 5Ks and 10Ks to my race schedule.  This was the first of my training races.

My goals for this race was 1. not allow myself 1 second of self doubt  and 2. a sub 1:00 finish. I ran this race as if I were the only runner. I kept my goals to myself and didn’t once voice my 100% confidence. SUCCESS! Met my goal and a 10K PR!

Thoughts on the race:

  • It seems to take forever for my legs to feel warmed up so a 15 minute warm up before the race is essential.
  • About mile 3 I felt like I could go faster. So, I debated do I run faster or do I run conservatively at a pace that I can, without a doubt, sustain?
  • I felt like it was just me out there. Oblivious to the 4000 other runners.
  • Except. I did notice the 2 [I assumed] dads pushing jogging strollers. The image made me smile.
  • Maintained a consistent pace.
  • The unwavering feeling of I can do this for the entire race took me by surprise.
  • I love the feeling of intense focus and determination.
  • I ended the race with tears in my eyes and an overwhelming sense of joy. You would have thought I came in first place 🙂

I will be running this one again next year.

I’m not a baseball fan but it was fun to cross the finish line inside the stadium on the field.

Another race together. We’ve run more races together this year than ever before 🙂 I’m sure it’s more street races Chad has ever run in the past.

This shot is for my daughter. She is very particular about how she thinks adults should and should not pose for pictures. Love you Alyssa 🙂

I looked at my Garmin repeatedly all the way home.

Lunch was a veggie burger lettuce wrap with grilled zucchini and spicy mustard and a side of sweet potato fries. It was the best veggie burger ever!


Distance: 6.2
4- Mile Split: 9:48
Last 2.2 Miles: 9:14
Time: 59:29
Pace: 9:36
Gender Place:  182
Division Place:  9
What are your plans for the weekend? Do you use shorter race distances as part of training for a longer race? What is your favorite race distance?

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to your FF Blog Hop. I’m looking forward to participating!

    I’m a Cincy native and that race looks so fun. A couple of my friends ran it this year. My last Cincy race was Thanksgiving Day last year, but I’ll be running the Hyde Park Blast when I come home for a visit in a couple of weeks. You should check it out!


  2. I am glad you enjoyed the race! I really enjoy doing shorter races; it makes me feel so fast! It’s to get a little confidence booster from time to time! I love that “inappropriate” photo of you! Man, parents are so embarrassing! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to you! It seems that you have achieved your goals and enjoyed at the same time. I guess we can safely say that you are in the right track to the Air Force Half Marathon.

  4. CONGRATS on your PR!! You’ve worked really hard and it’s showing! Brad would be so jealous, he LOVES the reds, it’s literally all he watches during this time of year. have a great weekend!

  5. Great job! 🙂 I love running shorter races for speedwork and to soak in the race atmsphere during training.

  6. Nice job Jill! Congratulations on a new 10K PR! It sounds like you ran a really smart race.

  7. Excellent job on the new 10k PR. I’ve only ran 1 as a race and desperately need to redeem myself!

    How awesome that 2012 is a year where you get to spend more race time with Chad— they say those who work out together stay together 😉

  8. Yay for your PR! Sounds like a great race for you on all levels 🙂

  9. Great job Jill, that’s awesome! So, did your daughter like the picture?:)

  10. Great job on the 10k pr! A sub 60 10k is on my big list of goals also 🙂

  11. Congrats on another amazing race! and PR! Looks like a fun day and a great lunch! 🙂 Blessings~
    thanks for hosting

  12. YAY, Jill!! Congrats to you!! I have done the same thing, continuously checking my Garmin after a surprise good race, wondering how that happened! 🙂
    I just did an Astros 10k a week or two ago that also ended out on the field… I had never done anything like that before, it was fun!

  13. Congratulations!!! What a fantastic accomplishment. I love your race goals. That’s what running is all about – setting goals and pushing yourself to achieve them. Great job! I would have looked at that Garmin non stop. Nice negative splits!!!!

  14. I’ll hopefully be spending my weekend outdoors soaking up the sun! Congrats on your recent race!

  15. Way to go Jill!!!! I use shorter races to see how I am doing speed wise leading up to a longer race. This weekend is all about a long run and the beach…perfection! Oh and there may be a treadmill purchase in there….can’t wait!

  16. christine says:

    Finally! Was waiting for the race report! GREAT race – you did everything right, perfect negative splitting. Plus the course was a little longer. So proud of you!! Yeah!!

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